Thoughts on the GOP, Trump and Principles

gop-splitThe following is an opinion piece I wrote expressing my views. It is not necessarily the view of Garnet, who’s graciously allowed me to post on his site, nor is it necessarily the view of the other contributors. For a while now some conservative blogs have maintained that the GOP is indeed the perpetually stupid party or PSP and I have to agree.

It’s true the establishment republicans are the PSP. For decades, they’ve been slipping more & more to the left, to the point where there is barely any difference at all. Nothing proves that more than the agreement they signed in the 80s with the democrats not to ever challenge voter fraud.

During O’s excruciatingly long reign, Congress put the remote on fast forward by agreeing to almost every demand he made. John Boehner handed him money so fast it made your head spin, only to be outdone by Paul Ryan who’s all but handed him the purse. Mitch McConnell put up so little struggle he could have passed for Harry Reid’s twin.

At the beginning of this election cycle, they were so confident they could shove Jeb Bush at us, that they put all their eggs in his basket, never giving a thought to having a Plan B if the voters rejected him. When the voters said no more Bushes, there they stood with those eggs all over their faces, an empty basket and a lot less money in their pockets.

The RNC was completely unable to regroup and support one of the other umpteen candidates in the race, and the idea of supporting Cruz was never an option. He’d bucked the system and refused to be one of those go-along-to-get-along players.

While they were busy washing the egg off their shocked faces, enter one blustery Donald Trump into the race, who really threw a monkey wrench in the works. Instead of forming that Plan B, the RNC sat there watching the angry sideshow that he was, and while they were dithering, all the little Trumpbots were being fired up by the anger he brought along. The bots were seeing a non-politician candidate who’s mad about the same things and promises to fix it, and heck, with his money, why not? He’s loud, rude and has lots of money, so it was easy to jump on his bandwagon. It never mattered that he wasn’t a conservative; all that mattered was he was angry. And loud.

It wasn’t long after Trump entered the race that many of the Cruz supporters began turning on him in favor of Trump. All of a sudden Cruz’ warts were bigger and much worse than Donald’s were. How quickly they forgot that Cruz, along with a handful of other conservatives, had been the one doing battle on our behalf with the establishment leeches. Never mind the fact that Cruz was basically saying the same things Trump said and he had a much better idea of how to make it happen than Trump will ever have. Never mind their claims that Cruz was the only one who could best Hillary in the debates and beat her in the race to the White House.

All these months later we’re hearing the Trumpbots bludgeon the non-bots with that worn out phrase that if Hillary wins it will be their fault for not throwing their support behind Trump. Now the non-bots are accused of sulking on the sidelines, being un-American and not caring about their country. Really??

Well, let me tell you what. While there are some conservatives who have come around to the thinking of supporting the lesser of the evils since Trump got the nomination, I understand, but I’m not one of them.

Yes, I’m a non-bot and I have a message for the Trumpbots. Do not attempt to wipe your boots on me. I’m not the one who early on so willingly sacrificed my principles for the louder and angrier bandwagon you all jumped on. You are the ones who chose to support a weaker candidate – the one who will likely lose to Hillary. The one who is now whining and waffling about the debates. The one who, after all these months, is still switching back and forth between ‘being himself’ one minute and being ‘presidential’ the next. Why? Because he doesn’t know how to play the game.

Should your golden boy lose in November, then it’s not on me, it’s on you. You chose the lesser candidate, and you are the ones who decided to grab the bigger and shinier ring and compromise your principles.


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  1. “Do not attempt to wipe your boots on me.”

    Spoken like a true Texan! Take a bow, Kathy – well said on all of it.

    The betrayal by the Trumpbots (and those who sided with them) cuts deeply. I don’t think I will ever forget how they trashed a good man to justify their support for Trump.

    There is no such thing as an effective army that doesn’t share a unified mission. That should be the lesson learned from this whole fiasco. I’m angered by Trump supporters who plead for unity. Where were they when we asked them to unify behind the conservative candidate? At that point it was every man for himself, but NOW they demand unity. The hope for unity was lost when some let personality take precedence over principle.


    • Thank you CW and your comments are spot on. It is indeed a betrayal – to the country, to the other worthwhile candidates, and to the conservatives that stood their ground. As we’ve come to expect, their go-to tactic is to bully the ones who disagree with them. In fact, reports of bullying are still making the rounds. They want unity, but just so long as we come to their side. Sounds a lot like the democrats to me.


  2. Thanks to everyone who has commented on Kathy’s excellent post. There’s little that’s been stated that I’d disagree with.

    I’m made my feelings known on numerous occasions and my vote will NOT be a pro-Trump vote, it’ll be an ANTI-Hillary vote.

    Like Brian, my topmost concerns are the SCOTUS picks, the 2nd Amendment issue, and immigration in general (amnesty in particular).

    I don’t put much stock in Trump’s list of nominees since he did say that “we’re going to choose from, most likely, from the list.” That matters little to me because I don’t trust anything he says anyway.

    The difference is that we KNOW what we’ll get with Hillary. We’ll get far-left liberal nominees, and who knows how many.
    We KNOW that she’ll go after our guns – that’s etched in stone.

    She’s likely to continue Obama’s preferential treatment of Syrian Muslims allowing them to (covertly) invade the U.S., bringing with them Sharia Law and the prospect of terroristic activity nurtured on U.S. soil.

    And Hillary’s stated intention to give amnesty to the illegals already in the U.S. is well known.

    There are countless other reasons why I would never vote for Hillary, she is against just about everything that I hold sacred and while I may be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the voting booth to vote for Trump, I won’t be happy about it.

    The difference between Trump and Hillary is that we KNOW what we’ll get with Hillary. We don’t know what to expect from Trump, but that sliver of hope is reason enough for me to vote for him and against Hillary.

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    • All good reasons Garnet – like the others you have presented valid reasons for voting for the lesser of the evils; I understand and agree with all of them, and I don’t want to see the vote split because of votes for 3rd party candidates.

      My problem is being forced to vote for a candidate that’s been dumped on us by folks who so easily and so early tossed aside all the principled candidates we had to choose from, in favor of the guy who played off voters’ anger and hasn’t a clue how to make his promises a reality.


      • I feel your pain. It still pisses me off that we had a real Constitutional conservative in the race this time and the celebrity starstruck faux conservatives copped an attitude and decided (against all evidence) that Trump was, in fact, the “Second Coming” and was worthy of an all-out assault on anyone who disagreed with them. To say that he’s a flawed candidate is the understatement of the decade. Against a stronger candidate, he’d already have been sent home with his tail between his legs. There’s still a chance that he could win, but if he doesn’t, the fault will, as you say, belong to Trump himself, aided and abetted by his faithful Trumpbots.

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      • I think we also need to remember that the Establishment’s favorite son was “Jebbie!!”.

        Would ANYONE feel better about voting for HIM?


  3. Trump disavowed the SCOTUS list the following week! His habit is to betray every principle he espouses to neutralize any blow back. Simply disgusting!!

    If Texas is close, the national election ISN’T! So I won’t betray my conscience by voting for anyone who I feel is not worthy of the office. That eliminates, Clinton, Trump, & Johnson. I’ve done very little research on any others, but they’d be a mere protest vote anyway.

    I may just pass that line on the ballot.


  4. My only disagreement with this column is that if the race in Texas is close, I will mark the box for Trump just to keep Hillary from winning. If not, I’m writing in Cruz.

    For me, the biggest issue is SCOTUS, and the list Trump put out is a good one. If Hillary wins, the next 3 Justices will be clones of Kagan and Sotomayor, with at least one being black and one being muslim (both goals accomplished if one of her nominees is Obama). The Constitution will be forever lost, and the GOP will be to blame because of their stupidity in this election cycle and their lack of cojones in the Senate.

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    • I agree with Craw.

      I’m happy to say that Kathy saw fit to originally publish this essay as a comment at my own blog, and I’m very flattered by that. I’ll also take credit for coining the acronym “PSP.

      Now that I’m done patting my own back (for now, anyway) I’ll say a couple of other things. I haven’t run into many (any) “Trump-bots”. The conservatives I know fit into the same mold as the rest of us: stuck in a deplorable situation with a candidate who’s the equivalent of a lifesaving ring made of lead. I don’t know ANYONE who likes Trump, or the idea of voting for him.

      But it’s absolutely undeniable that there are other issues in play that are of fundamental importance. To me, the key elements are SCOTUS (like Craw), gun rights (my #1 issue), and amnesty for illegal aliens.

      And with the Hildebeest we can expect to see the destruction of our social systems and mores continue and expand, as our traditional cultural norms come under increasing attack, abetted by a court system and administrative departments dominated by dedicated “social warriors”.

      In many ways we’re in a situation very similar to 2008 when McIdiot was running against Obozo. I refused to vote for McAmnesty because I saw him as little different from Obozo, a view I still hold to this day. I think there ARE very fundamental differences between Trump and the Beest.

      However, and again like 2008, I’m not going to criticize any conservative’s decision on how they decide to cast their vote (unlike some others back in 2008) because I understand the conflict in principles involved. I’ve had to wrestle with them myself, and have done so very publicly.

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      • You haven’t run into any Trumpbots? Look over at Hardnox’s site. They kicked all of the non-bot out (myself, Garnet, Kathy, CW).


      • They did?

        Huh… That’s weird.

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      • Yep, called us all sorts of names, spewed lots of rage, then gave us the boot for not supporting the dictator wannabe. When Nox claims he was for Cruz initially, ask him why he allowed the bots to bully the Cruzers, but slapped us down if we fought back. He’s as conservative as Bill Clinton.


      • Brian, thanks again for letting me spew on your site. Those key elements you mentioned are also important to me.

        For clarification’s sake – the group I’ve dubbed as Trumpbots are those conservatives who jumped on his bandwagon back in March & April, while he was still building up a head of steam. Until his loud boisterous non-politician campaign kicked off, those folks were focused on conservative values and which candidates best fit the bill.

        They forfeited their values for what looked like the obvious winner, while knowing practically nothing of his values. Their exuberance has since carried him to the nomination and foisted him onto the rest of us, thereby forcing us to set aside our values. Now we have no choice but to choose him over the unthinkable Hillary, when we could have picked a winner AND held on to our conservative values, had they stuck to their guns.

        We all know the Democrats play dirty, we’ve seen it time and again, so there’s a good chance that he will lose in November. Those Trumpbots will blame us (they already are) instead of accepting the responsibility for selling us all out.

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      • Kathy and Brian,
        the bots have been blaming us since the day after Sir Orange first called Cruz “Lying Ted”.


    • Crawfish, I agree that the SCOTUS choices are a huge issue – a turning point that will affect our nations for many years to come.

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