Hillary Clinton Ought To Be Eternally Grateful To Donald Trump

From: theresurgent.com,  by Jason Taylor,  on Aug 13, 2016,  see the article HERE.


I have a question for all the Donald Trump supporters who see him as a courageous man who has the guts to say things that others won’t: Why does he always backtrack what he said in the heat of the moment at his rallies? And afterwards why does he send out his handlers to hit the airwaves to “explain” what he meant? Why doesn’t stand by the position he articulated in front of his adoring supporters? Where’s his courage when he’s questioned on his positions? Or does he only have “courage” when speaking in front of a like-minded crowd? That’s not courage, it’s pandering.

Trump’s most recent comments in re: the “very long vacation” indicates his resolve that his loss will be very large. Trump will then become the “biggest loser” in America which will haunt him and his family for a generation.

Hillary is going to win in November, but the DNC would be wise to not view it as a victory, rather avoiding a big loss. People are seriously tiring of the political class double-talk; promising conflicting goals to appease all voting blocks, in other words, lying. It’s past time to speak plainly: dispense with focus group tested slogans, and bluntly speak to the facts. Focus on the economy and terrorism. Tell us they’re going to tackle the big things that are existential threats to the US. Be brutally honest; no more PC, incremental, patronizing fluff politics. We are running out of time.

Here’s the bottom line: Trump has no interest in being president. He makes these constant ludicrous statements at his rallies because he’s all about the reaction he gets from his supporters. He says something, they go nuts, the media gets all riled up then he walks it back as a “joke” or “sarcasm”. He loves getting attention and that’s it. I’m sure when the election is over and he’s lost, he’ll say he never wanted to be president anyways and that it was all just a big joke. I would be very surprised if there will even be debates. Again, Donald doesn’t want to be president.

I’ve always disliked it when someone would use the term “hater.” Understandably, for all of us there are people or things we just can’t stand. Yet to use hater seemed hyperbolic.

I have, however, come to the conclusion that Trump’s followers perfectly exemplify that word. They are haters. Their hate eats away at them and at the threads of unity that should bind us all together as Americans. Donald Trump is the worse candidate for office in the history of our republic because he exacerbates that hate on a daily basis for his own gain. It’s not enough that he just lose to Hillary; he has to lose so that the vast majority of Americans let the haters know that their kind of angry vitriol and intolerance of others will not rule the day. That is not who we are.

At the start of recess, when the bully trips one kid, a fair number of kids will laugh.

But as recess goes on, and all the bully does is keep bullying over and over, by the time recess is over, fewer and fewer kids are finding it funny. By the end of recess, there are only a handful of kids who still find the bully amusing.

Simple playground politics.

Trump said today republicans had a difficult path to the White House but stressed that wasn’t his fault. Does this man ever take responsibility for anything?


My early disclaimer: I can’t envision any way that I would vote for Hillary, thus as much as I dislike Trump, if he’s still in the race, I’ll vote for him in November.

In my opinion (and I’m not alone), Trump is the WORST candidate for president in my memory (and I’m an old dude). Practically every word out of his mouth is: [pick one] a lie, an exaggeration, something derogatory said about someone/something else, or the all-inclusive “all of the above.” 

Like the article’s author, I’m one who believes that The Donald never really saw himself as president. I believe he entered the race simply to enhance the “Trump” brand. I believe that his end game was, from the beginning, to make a seemingly valiant run for the White House, but always assuming that he would be overcome by the entrenched political powers and cheated out of a realistic shot at the top job. He always intended to be pushed out (involuntarily) and then he could claim that the election was rigged and he was prevented from competing fairly. But a funny thing happened on the way to Trump’s expected climax – against all odds, he beat out all of the other candidates for the Republican nomination and now, he’s got a tiger by the tail. What does he do?

He doesn’t really want the job. Yes, he wants the power and prestige, but he damn sure doesn’t want the headaches and the aggravation that come with the job. Trump revels in adulation, he loves being loved. What he doesn’t like is for people to demean him, dismiss him or call him a “loser.” 

That, I believe, is the quandary facing Mr. Trump right now.

He’s facing the weakest democrat candidate in years, the eminently beatable Hillary Clinton. I believe that Mitt Romney could beat Hillary, in fact, I even think that McCain/Palin could beat Hillary. But Donald Trump is doing his level best to lose to her. And there’s the quandary. If he loses to Hillary, he becomes “a loser.” Even if he shouts “fixed” and “rigged” from the rooftops, he still will have LOST to Hillary Clinton. But he doesn’t want the job – the responsibility – the stress – the opposition – and people making fun of him. What to do? What to do?

Here’s what Garnet’s crystal ball tells me will happen:

Trump will get a note from his doctor specifying that the bone spurs in his feet (that kept him out of the military) would prevent him from executing the job of president and that, for health reasons, he should retire from the race. So, he’ll get a “medical discharge” from the presidential race and retire with grace. Simultaneously, Hillary will fall (again) and suffer another concussion. Her doctors require that she quit the race and spend more time convalescing with her grandchildren.

So, my friends, we are no longer faced with the option between cyanide and arsenic, we get a reprieve of sorts.

But WHO will take the last leg of the race? Who should represent the two major parties in the race to the finish?

Who would YOU nominate?


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  1. Still not sure whom I will vote for. With that said, I have turned this election over to God Almighty. I think we are being punished for our huge unrighteousness and we’re circling the sewer drain. I have no idea who should be prez this year. I just don’t feel I have the discernment to choose.


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