White-on-Black Violence Is Everywhere, Says AP

From: americanthinker.com,  by Colin Flaherty,  on Aug 10, 2016,  see the article HERE.

FBI Crime_2013

There are a million stories in the big city. With a million ways to tell each one.

So when the University of Chicago told reporters that a new poll shows that 62 percent of young black people are more afraid of violence from “white extremists” than from ISIS, the world’s largest news organization had a choice:

1) It could produce a story scorning such a transparently false idea. Maybe even remind their readers that white people are 25-50 times more likely to be the victim of black violence than vice versa. Though many already know that from personal experience.  Or,

2) It could perpetuate the greatest hoax of our generation: The myth of black victimization — that black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere, that explains everything. Especially why cops are always picking on black people for no reason what so ever.

Don’t laugh: it’s called “Critical Race Theory”. Only today, it is an industry, taught to hundreds of thousands of students in hundreds of school districts across the country. Including virtually every university.

The Associated Press chose door number Two. “Poll: Young Blacks Fear White Extremist Violence More than Violence from Foreign Extremists,” said the headlines in papers around the country, including afro.com:

Sixty-two percent of young African-Americans and 55 percent of Hispanics surveyed said they were very concerned about the threat of violence committed by White extremists, compared to one-third of Whites and 41 percent of Asian-Americans.

GenForward is a survey by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

The poll is designed to pay special attention to the voices of young adults of color, highlighting how race and ethnicity shape the opinions of a new generation.

Gregg Higgins, 27, was one of the Whites who said he was very worried about violence by extremists in his own race. In fact, he said he was more concerned about “the homegrown White extremists” than the threat of violence from people outside the United States or people inspired by foreign extremists.

A social worker in Pittsburgh, Higgins said the growing political tension during the current election cycle has “shown a really ugly part of our past coming through and being more heard.”

He described it as “White males who are angry and who aren’t now afraid to show that anger.”

“That fear of loss of control and loss of privilege is what’s inspiring this vitriol and this hate,” Higgins said.

As you can see, critical race theorists are easy to find. AP loves to interview them. And hire them. Here’s a story from 2012: “AP poll: U.S. majority have prejudice against blacks.”

AP never really tells us how they know if someone is racist — other than: “When measured by an implicit racial attitudes test, the number of Americans with anti-black sentiments jumped to 56%, up from 49%.”

Ah the test: No one takes a test and says they hate a person because of their race. So the shrinks found another way to uncover our darkest secrets — which we covered at length in that scintillating best seller, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

Some tests are as short as six questions: If you do not like affirmative action, racial quotas, black criminality that is wildly out of proportion, and things like that, then guess what, you just failed.

Despite the AP’s explanation of rampant white racism that is everywhere and explains everything all the time, it is very difficult to find it. That is why Hillary and Barack have taken to talking about unconscious and subconscious racism.

Which Hillary, of course, wards off with some special hot sauce in her purse and some black friends to help her with her black musical choices.

The National Association of Black Journalists loves that.

But one thing the AP and this poll ignore is the level of black on white criminality that is wildly out of proportion — and you do not have to take some silly test to find it.

Could it be this relentless violence is indicative of black on white racial hostility? Could it be that white people have way more reason to worry about black crime that black people do to worry about white violence?

That’s a question you’ll never get answered reading the AP wire. But let’s look anyway. Within the last few days:

In Birmingham, Alabama, Tommy Shaw — a retired businessman who spent his spare time driving his RV around his state for Donald Trump — was in his home office when a black person came in and beat him to death.

In Augusta, Georgia, a group of black people beat and robbed an 87-year old great grandmother. They left her with broken bones in her hands and face. Then they returned and set her on fire. She’s still alive, if you want to call it that.

In Staten Island, a white newcomer to the area met with an old-time black gangster. The white newcomer is dead, and a black man with a long record of violence is under arrest.

In Amity Township, Pennsylvania, Michael Shields saw a black man trying to beat the owner of a motorcycle during a robbery. Shields came to help and he was murdered. Now police are looking for another black on white killer.

How many of these do you want? That’s how many there are. Easy to find in my books and YouTube channel.

Black on white, black on gay, black on young, black on old, black on man, black on woman, black on Asian, black on Hispanic, black on recent immigrant, and on and on and on.

Black mob violence, black mob car thievery from dealerships.

Thousands of examples. Easy to find. But when it comes to white on black crime, the solons at AP have trouble ginning up anything except the racial fantasies of an amateur Critical Race Theorist and some silly test.

And did I mention the Black Lives Matter leader who was just arrested for choking his pregnant girlfriend in Memphis? Or the black man who beat the white Trump supporter in New Jersey; or the hundreds of black people who rampaged through downtown Pittsburgh; or the many other examples of black violence that surpasses even ISIS for brutality and terror?

Never mind. Not in the AP style book.

Colin Flaherty is the author of Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry, an Amazon #1 Best Seller. He also documents racial violence and denial on YouTube at Youtube.com/ColinFlaherty712.


Yet another egregious example of the left-leaning irretrievably bent to the left, national media’s intentional miscasting of the news. You’d think that they have access to the same data that those of us among the unwashed masses have and can read and interpret data easily available in FBI and Bureau of Justice Statistic’s tables.

Those tables can be used for a number of interesting calculations. First, we find that during the 2012/2013 period (latest period available), blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. This figure is consistent with reports from 2008, the last year DOJ released similar statistics. Since Mr. Obama was elected president, they’ve stopped gathering that data. Why?

So, the brainiacs at AP choose to highlight and publicize the myth of black victimization while totally ignoring the actual, factual data which shows the opposite – that whites are the victims far more often – I wonder why that is? (That was rhetorical, we all know why).

We can chalk up another “swing and miss” against the AP. They are so determined to show blacks as being the victims that they’ll lie and obfuscate to make the false point, thus further eroding whatever precious credibility they have left. 

For anyone who really wants the truth, you’d do well to ignore the claptrap disseminated by the national media and do your own research.





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7 replies

  1. “Sixty-two percent of young African-Americans and 55 percent of Hispanics surveyed said they were very concerned about the threat of violence committed by White extremists, compared to one-third of Whites and 41 percent of Asian-Americans.”

    Isn’t it interesting that they capitalized ‘white’ all through that article. Just saying. White is to a national term that requires capitalization.


    • Tannngl, your comment prompted me to question about what IS the rule (if any) for capitalizing “white” and “black.” Here is about as good an answer as I could find:

      Most journalism-related style guides, like those of the Associated Press and New York Times, call for putting both “white” and “black” in all lowercase letters. Others, like The Chicago Manual of Style, allow capitalization if an author or publication prefers to do so. Dictionaries also allow both capitalization and lowercase versions. In other words, it’s fielder’s choice whether to capitalize “black” and “white” or not.

      So, apparently there really isn’t a hard rule about when to capitalize and indeed, I read several articles that argued for each side. In the end, most people capitalize as a term of respect and that’s why, in my writings, I never capitalize “democrats” or “president” when it refers to Barack Obama. That’s my personal choice denoting a lack of respect.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t even type my comment correctly. A common problem for me. Must have learning disability in my fingers.
        I meant to say you don’t need to capitalize white and black. Nothing proper there in my estimation. I’ve never seen white capitalized before.
        Thanks for the research!


  2. The AP used to be a reliable and factual news source, so a change in management of the liberal persuasion, and possibly a black person, is likely the cause for their decline in integrity.

    It’s amazing to see the number of news sources today that are no longer unbiased in their reporting, but I fail to see what their motivation is for reporting lies. Polls can be worded to produce any response desired, and false information like this only leads to more anger and division among the races.

    But then, being white makes me subconsciously racist I suppose.


    • B.O. (Before Obama), doing anything to actively encourage more anger and division between the races would have been unthinkable, but now, with the poster child for the “War on Whites” in the White House, all bets are off. I think that he’s bucking for the position of a latter-day Martin Luther King. If he can’t (at least publicly) be remembered as the American Muslim President, he’ll have to settle for Barack Obama, Champion of Darkies.


  3. Race War only works as a policy if it is against Whites!

    I shouldn’t have to explain this sh*t, Garnet!! (Disappointed in your cognitive ability!)[Sarc.]


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