Why I’m not voting for Donald Trump


Here we are about three months before the 2016 presidential election.

This election illustrates what happens when “good men do nothing.” We’ve got the two most flawed candidates that I’ve ever experienced vying for the presidency. By all rights, neither should have survived the primaries, but the fact that they did testifies to the quality of their opponents and the control of the DNC and RNC party bosses.

Everyone knows that these two are not the best the country has to offer. Hillary’s there because she’s had her coronation card punched ever since Obama beat her in 2008. And Trump is there because he had the name recognition and he shouted louder and said crazier things than his primary opponents.

The elite power players in Washington have determined that, for our own good, they are our only options and we must choose one or the other.

I will be voting AGAINST Hillary Clinton.

Hillary takes the Olympic Gold for being the worst candidate ever in my humble opinion. Even if her record was spotless (it isn’t) and she was as honorable and truthful as Mother Teresa (she isn’t), her positions on issues that are important to me would prevent me from voting for her. Here are a few examples:

  • I don’t want her naming any liberal Supreme Court Justice, much less several.
  • She would reestablish (and strengthen) an assault weapon ban; she wants to allow gun manufacturers to be sued and has said that she’s in favor of registering and licensing all handguns.
  • She’s expected to continue Obama’s importation of Syrian Muslim “refugees” and has promised comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship for illegals already here and she won’t commit to closing our Southern border.
  • She’s promised to expand Obamacare, expecting it to morph into universal health care.
  • She’s committed to “racial justice” (?), she says our criminal justice system is “out of balance” (?), she supports Black Lives Matter and she’s against ID being required to vote.

As if her positions on those issues weren’t enough, I’ve spent many years writing about Hillary’s criminal exploits and they don’t paint a pretty picture. She has lied and connived her way through Washington’s political arena for decades and has managed (somehow) to retain her unindicted status. In my view, she should be in prison.

In summary, I simply must vote AGAINST Hillary (so should everyone else).

Understand that I can’t, in good conscience, vote FOR Donald Trump; he has his own boatload of negatives. He’s a serial liar and exaggerator, he’s an egotistical narcissist, and he can’t accept criticism without striking back via imbecilic Tweets. His temperament doesn’t belong in the Oval Office, in my opinion.

So, if anyone sees me pressing the Trump button on a touchscreen voting machine in November, don’t worry, it’s just misdirection – a ploy. I’m not voting FOR Trump, it’s just a covert way of voting AGAINST Hillary.

Who’ll be the wiser?


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  1. Yeh, I’ll agree with you. Im just bit buthurt having hoped there’d be a chiuce, this time, between a better and worse, not a worse and a worsest.
    But, OMG, could there be any corollary similarity when satan offered a choice to Eve in the Garden?
    Who is it that says, “Any choice between two evils, is still evil.”


    • But there IS a choice, WT! We have a choice between one evil (Hillary is certifiably evil) and the other. But I don’t think that Trump is evil like Hillary. He’s just full of himself to the exclusion of anything else. He’s an egotistical narcissist, not smart enough to realize that he’s a dumbass, he’s a bloviating bully who, without his dad’s money and support would be selling male enhancement stuff on TV. So, I guess what I’m proposing is the our choice is between evil and a dumbass egotist.


  2. I don’t see that we have much of a choice either, but I’m still praying for divine intervention.


  3. As with AfterShock, Garnet, I can’t argue with your reasoning. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all shakes out in the end.


  4. “So, if anyone sees me pressing the Trump button on a touchscreen voting machine in November, don’t worry, it’s just misdirection – a ploy. I’m not voting FOR Trump, it’s just a covert way of voting AGAINST Hillary.

    “Who’ll be the wiser?”

    Yup. Exactly. I’ve had to write the same kind of sad commentary, and it REALLY sucks. Really, really, really.

    But here we are…


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