Trump’s Kobayashi Maru for Conservatives

Donald Trump IS running a third Party candidacy within the Republican Party, but his policy positions are not derived from republicanism nor from conservatism. Many people have asked if Trump has ever even read the Constitution let alone understood it, the answer is probably not. He more than likely gets his ideas from a third party source and I think which one isn’t all that hard to determine.

Trump’s candidacy is Republican In Name Only and his policy positions appear to have been ripped directly from the “Constitution Party”, which is neither a constitutional nor conservative party but a nationalist isolationist party that motivates its’ voter base by promoting themselves as populist.

The Constitution party takes the same positions as the so-called “populist nationalist-agrarians” presently supporting Trump, most of whom would be more likely to vote for a “constitution party” candidate than a Republican or movement-conservative candidate in the first place.

Just as Donald Trump, the Constitution Party is against most strategic alliances such as multi-partner trade treaties and mutual defense treaties with foreign nations; and to the extent they might support any trade deal, their position is no trade without heavy US import tariffs; buy American first — or else; and no property rights for corporations and certain other individuals, using the tax code to punish violators of their isolationist policy.

Trump’s candidacy appears to me at least, to have been a scam from the beginning. I’m betting that when he initially threatened way back in the summer of 2015, to leave the Republican race and go third party should party faithful fail to kiss his big orange ass, that the Constitution Party was the next stop of Trump’s “Hillary 2016” campaign.

The Donald’s big orange idea has always been to do exactly what he’s done — split the Republican conservative base; fracture the party into easily suppressed factions and hand the election to the most beatable candidate ever to be nominated by either party — Hillary Clinton. Vote for Trump and you compromise your soul, your principles and the future of conservatism. Don’t vote for him and Hillary becomes POTUS, you will be accused of not being a Conservative, of not being a Republican, of not caring about our future and that of our chidren… and so on and so forth. It’s a no-win. What to do?.

Well first, only fools believe this bum actually intended to be POTUS; only fools believe not voting for Trump is same as voting for Hillary, I’m not voting for her either soooo… and only a fool would take the word — on any important political matter — of a life-long liberal Democrat, an intentional liar, slanderer, misogynist and thin-skinned narcissist, just naming a few of his attributes. Playing by these tried and failed “party” rules is what got us into this mess. I refuse to play by those rules any longer.

I understand that many who read this will vote for Trump not because they want to, but because they sincerely believe that’s the only choice they have, and to those that do I really mean it when I say…

Good luck with that.

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  1. It’s completely possible that I’m a fool but I can’t see any benefit to Trump by clandestinely helping Hillary get elected, and this certainly would be a convoluted way to go about it. In the years leading up to this election I would hear Trump occasionally when he would call in to ‘On The Record’ with Greta Van Susteren, and he struck me as a shallow man who would generally be on the right side of the issue de jour but who was not inspired by deep convictions. It was my sense that he was a self-centered opportunist who’s used to having his way and who got frustrated that his personal clout didn’t give him sufficient influence over government policy, so he decided he’d run for POTUS giving it about as much forethought as he gives his tweets. Far from having a plan or following a platform he looks to me like he’s making it all up as he goes along. Ultimately we’ll never know for sure but we agree on at least this much: Trump’s never read the Constitution. More importantly, he doesn’t understand its significance. He has no deeply held principles about what our basic rights are as human beings and as citizens, nor does he feel any moral obligation with respect to honesty. I don’t believe he’s evil like Hillary is, but based on both his deeds and his words he certainly could not be counted on to do the right things as POTUS from a conservative perspective. If he succeeds in becoming POTUS I suspect that he will be a great disappointment to his fervent supporters, unless I have overestimated them yet again.

    Again, I fully understand and cannot argue with your decision not to vote for Trump. Whether Trump fails to beat Hillary because he was the wrong candidate or wins and doesn’t lead like a conservative, it’s all on the Trumpsters.


    • Sorry, not ignoring you CW and wasn’t telling you that you’re a fool. That was a broad statement and of course there are many exceptions, I replied to your comment, or thought I did a few days ago, but as I can see, it’s not here so I don’t know what happened to it. Donald Trump has been friends with the Clinton’s for decades. He may be as compromised by Hillary’s emails as THEY are. Trump was a Big donor to Bill and Hill, and much of his money may well have been laundered through the Clinton foundation to avoid problems with the FEC. There are hundreds of scenarios by which Donald Trump is a winner if Hillary wins. Given his position on eminent domain I think that’s one area of benefit he would retain should Hillary win. But there’s a laundry list of potential benefit from a Hillary admin vs that of a constitutional conservative admin. Trump — as are the Clinton’s — is the ultimate crony capitalist. The last thing he wants is an ethical administration running the country. Less access and less profit. I think the only plan Donald Trump had for his campaign is to do exactly what he has done. Hit two or three emotional hot-button issues to secure enough of a base to stop the conservatives, then proceed with off the wall political anarchy. Make himself as undesirable as possible to all but his 30%. Keep feeding his minions what they want from him and to hell with everyone else. Knowing his base of 30% is steadfast, Trump continues to fan the divide within the conservative wing of the Party to divide them along moral/ethical lines vs expedience and anti-Hillary. The whole vote for Trump or the Sup Ct will fall into Hillary’s hands, is a false choice based on a false narrative. The truth is, the Supreme Ct has been lost to the left well before Justice Scalia died. And as for the 2nd amendment, that’s been chipped away slowly by every congress in modern times and the NRA — acting more like the AARP — lobbies through the back door for compromise in lock-step with the Republican establishment, so 2nd amendment will continue being diluted regardless of the courts. Our right to own, carry and use firearms in defense of our lives liberty and property is already a mere shadow of what it was less than a hundred years ago. Really, all Obama would have to do is what he did to the coal industry and you wouldn’t be able to buy ammo. Congress could put a stop to this at any time without tinkering with the Constitution, but they refuse. Donald Trump is simply not trying to win this election, he’s spending paltry amounts compared to Hillary on ad-buys during the Olympics and for the upcoming NFL season. He’s going to return to a very good life once Hillary is POTUS, he just admitted he won’t mind if he loses for just that reason. So the Party doesn’t need to rally and unite around him, it needs to rally to conservatism and look to the future.


  2. Like so many others, I firmly believe that Trump never intended to be a serious candidate, it was just a brand-building exercise. There was no way he could lose. Even if the RNC dumped him or he lost to one of the other candidates, he would claim FOUL and complain loudly that he was robbed. But imagine his surprise when he beat the other candidates and became the nominee! Once he won the primary, he became overcome with the confidence that he, The Donald, was unbeatable because the media would sweep him into office.

    Well now, in the general, he’s been surprised that the media has turned on him and anointed Hillary instead and his bluster, bullying, and inane Tweets aren’t playing anymore and polls show him losing to Hillary. He is incapable of being anyone else except who he’s always been and the masses aren’t flocking to him anymore. That’s got to be playing hell with his psyche.

    Unless he gets a LOT more “presidential” in the next three months he’ll lose in a landslide to witch Hillary and become a LOSER. How appropriate. He will have brought it on himself.


  3. Months ago, we needed a Captain Kirk to reprogram it into a winnable situation. Now our choices are to vote for the Klingon or lose the ship we’re trying to save. Either way, we’re going down.

    It was all a game for Trump and he never expected to get this far, but so many people bought into his BS that he’s stuck now and so are we. He has to finish playing the game – the giant reality game.


  4. Hey curtmilr, I read a very good expose of the Constitution Party over at Red State a while back, I think you’d probably see there’s little if any difference on policy when compared to Trump. I doubt seriously that Hillary voters care one way or the other about her criminality, that probably makes them feel better about their own miserable lives, making them all the more likely to vote for her. That same phenomenon kept Bill Clinton in office amidst scandal after scandal. And unfortunately, Republicans are always at an electoral disadvantage whenever we nominate a RINO. The Republican base just won’t turn out in swing states in numbers strong enough to carry bad candidates to the top. If Hillary gets too sick to carry on they’ll just plug Elizabeth Warren in who will motivate the Sanders voter and the outcome will be the same. The next four to eight years are probably gonna hurt way more than the previous eight.


  5. Right on, Aftershock!

    I’m not sure of the tie to the Constitution Party, as Trump has no understanding of the Constitution. I was always of the opinion that he was on a brand-building operation, but obviously the goal was more tailored for the destruction of conservatism.

    Events could still elect him, as Hillary is so noxious, corrupt, and apparently ill, that anything could happen. More Wikilieaks are on the way, and Lord knows what the Ruskies and Islamists are up to. But it isn’t good, and neither of this pair.


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