Both Parties Must Be Demolished Before America Can Be Rebuilt

By Suni Leinart

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not going to stop USS America from sinking. They are the iceberg. We must refuse to accept the lesser crook. It may prove an incredible feat, but until the citizens of this country band together to destroy both political parties, we cannot embark on the journey of rebuilding America.


I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I could care less whether the American Empire continues!

We were never intended to be anything but a North American one, who freely traded with the rest of the world. We were never to be the World Cop over disparate nations, cultures, and religions! But all who come here must desire to be Americans, adopt the American culture, and not devolve us into some hyphenated mess of cultural demolition!

Reestablish the written constitutional framework. Legally amend it to fit current needs as they can be nationally agreed upon. Discard tyrannical judicial legislation and the administrative state! We don’t need a military to do anything but defend our shores and basic interests. Work to dissolve alliances entangling us, designed to bleed our people of their freedom and the proceeds of their labors.

Then let’s get to work, and be proud Americans again!

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  1. Sometimes I get esoteric in effort to respond to matters that get brought up. So please bear me a little, this is my basic understanding of how I see our gov’t becoming.
    Using theory as fact to politicize the hammer of the laws to bludgeon you with
    This Is the way a friend of mine defined what I described to him of how the government utilizes the media to inform communities/ society about what is coming down the pike at them, even (especially) by the use of complaining about the very essence of what is going to occur.
    So, even conservatives themselves become the thrashing whip of announcing the very details of what will become the effects of what is being complained of.
    The essence of the democrats modem of operation; lies, while blaming any opponent of attempting to do whatever they are actually doing so as to project themselves innocent of any wrong doing.
    Therefore, as they portray themselves as protectors from those who would enslave people, in any capacity, it is the democrats &/or liberals who actually herd people into slavery.
    A system of slavery too subtle to apprehend, wherein so called victims of percieved enslavement become dependant upon their rescuers through the compliance of conditions in order to continue receiving their protection, while at the same time those being accused become subjected to comply to coditions in order to become free from the charges bringing them into the court’s purpose of enforcing their interpretation of “rule of law.”
    So, as the liberal democrat progresssive or which-ever-other accuser of any defendant continues to condemn the freedoms of Americans, it is (has) become the republican conservative rinos who present themselves as public defenders that only offer plea-agreements which admit guilt for actions not proved or tried in court but stipulate compliance to conditions otherwise recognizable as extortion.
    Our Constitutional Government has transformed into an insidious trial court that accuses its citizens of crimes tried only through the court of public opinions, which are scarcely opposed overwhelmingly, and then delivers its verdict in forms of payments in kind.


    • Excellent reasoning, WT! And they do it with the added benefit of the productive members of society paying the fee to maintain the entitlement conditions of enslavement.

      If one were of a scriptural bent, as I am, that scheme might just be described as diabolical or satanic!

      None of this would fly without the cover of willing accomplices in the media and academia. Heck, even the labor unions extort the “profit” of their skilled labor via dues for political action.


  2. Lest anyone think I am overly pessimistic, it is my heartfelt hope that when the next government inspired economic crisis occurs, as in inevitably will, I take great hope in the fact that the government is NOT the people. Instead it is a parasite preying upon the people.

    The collapse of our unconstitutional government will provide the opportunity for the clear-eyed judgement to create a fresh start, much like our Founders did in the period 1774 to 1787. Again a return to the written Constitution would stabilize everything. Fourth Turnings are traumatic like that, but this one is going to be a doozy!


  3. This is why I called for a return to strict constitutional observance, the elimination of judicial activism, and allowing the American Empire to fade away., while still reserving absolute military superiority for defense and real national interests. If you’re working on interior lines, that can be very robust relatively inexpensively. I’d prefer a system more like the Swiss for infantry, with naval and air cadres requiring greater technical training, support, and personnel stability.

    Overall, Progressivism, a bastard stepchild of Communism, has been an unmitigated disaster. This was mostly hidden by the wonders of the Industrial Age, and our trading competitors repeatedly destroying themselves. This allowed our egotists to construct the Empire, while we allowed our own economic dynamism to atrophy!

    By neutering Rome on the Potomac, power would devolve back to the States, Counties, & Cities, with only true national issues still residing in DC. The monies would stay more local too. A national welfare system is not desired in many States, and the distributions are necessarily unequal in funding and value of distributions due to the cross play of productive economies and costs of living. Obviously, control of the borders is an absolute necessity for population controls and defense.

    With power flowing back down to the more local level, greater attention would be paid to competence and efficiency at those levels, while the national office would not be quite as desirable. Also, pensions for all elective officeholders at all levels should be entirely eliminated. They must live on the same basis, under the law as regular citizens. Do you get a lifetime pension for merely showing up at work for one day?? A former President would likely have a funded Office for routine continuing functions, mainly ceremonial, which would decline annually as time passed. The honorary Title would be all the rest would have. This would largely eliminate the need for term limits.

    I don’t see how the PTB can prevent another economic collapse. This one will be a multiple of the severity of 2008, and will be global with each economic bloc having to confront their own systemic insanity at the same time. To some degree the national safety net will default, in whole or in part. That is a frightening concept, as unrest will be widespread in those classes. The elderly will suffer horribly. That’ll be me! The good news is that we are still protected by our oceans, and largely friendly, or weak, neighbors, and our 2nd Amendment.


  4. The problem is not with the concept of a “party.” If all formal parties were dissolved tomorrow, there would still be gatherings of people with similar desires for the direction the country takes. The problem is not with a party per se, it’s with the leadership and the power gathered by those leaders to influence and direct the doings of the party. They’ve become too powerful and , in many cases, aren’t doing what the majority of their members want done – it’s the same old story – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    We Republicans (at least those of us who USED to be Republicans) have allowed the party’s leadership and the RNC to directly influence elections by the level of support they provide to Republican candidates – not necessarily candidates favored by the majority, but those favored by the party leadership. The political parties have become like congress – those who rule get the spoils and control who helps them rule and the number one goal of them all is to gain and retain power. They’re not acting on behalf of their members, their constituents, they’re acting on behalf of themselves and their cronies.

    THAT’s what has to change.


  5. “We must refuse to accept the lesser crook.”

    I don’t see how we can do otherwise when they only allow us two choices, and I don’t think that’s how our Founders intended the system to work. We’ve sat by silently when both parties tried to rig things to their benefit but we’re the ones who lost in the long run.


  6. I have spent many an hour mulling over the whole problem of party politics, Curtis, and I don’t see a viable solution to it. There are always going to be opportunists who understand that elections are won by strength in numbers, and anyone – good or bad – who wants to go up against them must therefore also build a party to compete. We see this dynamic in countries all over the world, the alternatives being civil wars and coup d’etats . It is inescapable, so IMO talking about demolishing parties is like saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was world peace?” Sure, but since that’s never going to happen let’s deal with reality.

    The battle over the presidency is representational of the larger battle among the citizens of this nation. One side is trying to preserve what is theirs and the other side is trying to take what the other has. Each sees control of the presidency as a means to accomplish those ends. Presidents, especially those on the Left, have found ways to expand the power of the office far beyond what the Founders intended, which is why the battles for that office have become such a circus. The key to resolving that to any extent, IMO, is to restore the limits set forth in the Constitution. This requires the election of principled, constitutional conservatives to congress. But of course, this requires s a smarter, more moral populace than what we have today.

    I can’t say that I agree with the whole baby and bathwater attitude that’s swept through the nation this election cycle. They may be far and few between but there are good people in congress, and it’s not fair or productive to lump them in with all the bad apples. We wouldn’t want that kind of treatment in our own jobs, and those of us who aren’t there need to stop and consider what obstacles our elected officials are dealing with when they take office.


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