Obama says Hillary is more qualified than he or Bill – really?


Don’t anyone tell her I said it, but Michelle’s butt is this wide – about a full meter.

Barack Obama made a statement in his speech last night that illustrates the utter disregard for facts and truth that are standard operating procedure for the democrat party and the left in general.

No, I didn’t watch Obama’s speech. I become physically ill when he speaks. It’s a combination of his mannerisms, his cadence, and most of all, his lies that cause distress to my stomach and insult my intelligence.

His goal: tell the people what they should be thinking, it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or false, plant the seed of an idea and then feed it, nurture it, and pretty soon it’s perceived as a “fact.”

To the democrats, truth is an impediment to achieving their goal of perpetual control of the power structure, so they recognize that they should avoid the truth at all costs – just tell the people what they need to hear.

Here’s the statement: Obama said, “And that’s why I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman, not Bill not me, more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States.

Can you believe it? Of course, we can believe it that he said it. It’s factually false, but when has that ever stopped Obama from making statements?

Obama knows full well that Hillary isn’t qualified to be president, and absent political motives, she couldn’t get a mid-level department manager’s job at any sizeable company – a thorough background check or polygraph would doom her (Barack couldn’t have passed one either).

Which brings up a serious question: shouldn’t we require that every candidate for POTUS be able to pass a comprehensive Top Security clearance investigation?

But back to Hillary’s qualifications: how could anyone who hadn’t already served as president be more qualified to serve than someone who has already held the job – the two mentioned were president for two terms each.

But Hillary is more qualified?

That statement implies that neither Clinton nor Obama learned anything in the eight years that they held the job so that even when they they’re compared to a rookie, Hillary Clinton, she is still more qualified?

And Obama is confident of that “fact.”

Obama lies with every other breath (sometimes with every breath), and we’ve learned, or should have learned, that we can’t put any weight in anything he says, he’s always lying. As Hillary once said of General Petraeus, believing him requires a “willing suspension of disbelief.” And so it is with president Obama.

It’s my position that when the top democrat makes statements like that one at a nationally-televised democrat party convention, nothing is sacred and nothing said during this national lie-fest should be accepted as factual. In other words, just don’t believe anything that’s said during the democrat party convention in Philadelphia and you’ll be better off.


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  1. I think Obama may have meant that candidate Hillary was more qualified than Obama or Bill were when they ran for their first terms as POTUS. Either way it’s like saying George Clooney is more qualified to be POTUS than Sean Penn, i.e. completely meaningless given the lowness of the bar.

    A leftist measures the term “qualified” by the amount of time one has spent learning to lie, spin and manipulate. Given that this is nothing like what the Founders had in mind for a POTUS, none of them are qualified.


    • My point is: if that’s what this most brainy and intelligent man on the planet meant, why isn’t that what he actually said. His whole history is predicated on people interpreting what he actually said into what a listener thought he meant to say – and he’s benefited greatly by that leeway. I was responding to what he said, not what I perceived his point to be.


  2. Garnet92: I LOVED your “Trump University” article!

    But your radical, rabid hatred for the U.S. president (“I become physically ill when he speaks. It’s a combination of his mannerisms, his cadence, and most of all, his lies that cause distress to my stomach”) has killed your objectivity toward him.

    In saying that Hillary was the most qualified person to BECOME president, he was obviously referring to the QUALIFICATIONS of people (including himself, and Bill Clinton) who RAN for president.

    Of course Obama and Bill are NOW more qualified since they’ve already held the nation’s highest office. Obama is talking about those who have APPLIED for the job. Hillary’s resume IS extremely impressive: New York Senator, Secretary of State, and activist First Lady for 8-years.

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    • Thanks for visiting Pesky Truth, fascinater! You correctly describe my “radical, rabid hatred” for Barack Obama. He’s done nothing to improve life in the United States and in fact, has damaged our American “way of life” in ways too numerous to mention.

      He has displayed his disdain for our laws and especially our Constitution by essentially ignoring Congress (a supposedly equal branch of government) and implementing his own “law” via Executive Order. He’s flaunted our immigration laws and policies and continues to allow an unimpeded flow of illegals across our Southern border and now he’s importing (without proper vetting) many “refugees” from Syria and other hotbeds of radical Muslim activity. They aren’t assimilating, they’re not even learning English (his policy doesn’t require it) and are self-segregating into enclaves that are not part of our great “melting pot.”

      As far as Hillary’s qualifications go, she was ineffectual at any of her previous jobs. Look up her record as Senator and examine her accomplishments as Secretary of State – I suspect that you know that she wasn’t successful in either. And as First Lady? C’mon, she’s been groomed for the POTUS job for years. As Bill’s wife and a female, everyone fully expected that she would be president one day. She was “cheated” out of the job in 2008 by Obama.

      His quote, “And that’s why I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman, not Bill not me, more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States,” doesn’t say that – it’s true that he may have meant that, but that’s not what he said. Most of us have been taught to “say what you mean, and mean what you say.” Not Barack Obama, remember his “you can keep your doctor, your plan, etc.?”

      If you’ve read any of my writings on Donald Trump, you’ll find that he isn’t my cup o’tea either. I don’t think that he’s qualified (by disposition) to be our CIC and I think that he’s in the race to embellish his own portfolio.

      Sorry for the long rant, but I did want to respond to your thoughtful comment and make sure that you know that all opinions are appreciated at Pesky Truth.


  3. I try to avoid watching & listening to him for the very same reasons. You know my theory about the payback for Benghazi, so I’d bet that it irks him somewhat to say such flowery things about her, but he has to in order to hold up his end of the bargain. The only thing worse than listening to him is seeing the picture that’s floating around of them hugging each other. Seeing that will make people hurl.


    • I’m sure you’re right about Omammy. He is about as enthusiastic about saying flowery things about her as I will be voting for Trump – that should give you some measure of his repugnance.


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