How Muslim Migrants Devastate a Community

From:,  by Pamela Geller,  on Jul 26, 2016,  see the article HERE.

Geller - Muslim migrants

In my report at Breitbart about the appalling official mistreatment of the Twin Falls, Idaho family whose five-year-old daughter was raped by Muslim migrants, I wrote:

“The victim’s family has received no assistance — no financial aid from federal or state programs to help them relocate. It is almost impossible to find a place to rent because of the housing shortage due to the sudden crush of refugees. Rents have gone way up as well. The five-year-old rape victim is still living next door to the ringleader of the Muslim mob that raped her.”

That family’s story is terrible, and it is just one of many that illustrate the devastation that the Muslim migrant influx is bringing to American communities.

Julie Ruf, a close friend and supporter of the family of the little rape victim, has informed me that they are ready to move, but can’t because it is so difficult to find a place to go: a great deal of the available housing in the area is filled with Muslim migrants. The family’s entire house has been packed for two weeks. They look for a new place every day. But whenever something is for rent, scores of people are ahead of them. Victim services should have moved the family and paid for it immediately; but apparently they don’t care to help when the perps are from a politically correct protected class.

By bringing in these migrants, we are creating an American refugee crisis. The Twin Falls victim’s family is packed up with nowhere to go – just as if they were American refugees. The homeless camps filled with veterans and addicts and families who have fallen through the cracks look just like refugee camps in the Middle East and Europe. These are American refugees. That Twin Falls family needs a house to rent with a private yard in a safe neighborhood. They have until the end of this month to leave – and they have nowhere to go.

The Muslim migrants have devastated Twin Falls. The refugees in this community are often living in squalor; Twin Falls has repeated bedbug epidemics at their low-class motels. A Twin Falls resident who is a friend of the victim’s family and wished to remain anonymous told me about the wake of the Muslim migrant invasion: trashed apartment buildings, cockroach infested with broken lighting in the stairwells, broken stair banisters, and more.

Ruf and other Twin Falls residents have seen prostitutes going in and out of one of the migrant’s apartments; Ruf also recounted that one Sunday afternoon, she was with a group of Twin Falls residents that encountered a repellent prostitute soliciting outside of the local public library in broad daylight, three blocks from the police station. She was an older harlot who had already attracted a line of Muslim immigrant males waiting in their cars for their turn.

Another group of people trying to release females and children from sexual trafficking in the Twin Falls area run a sting operation through Craigslist; they say that their primary responders are migrant males. Ruf told me: “In the last four months the demographics of our area have dramatically shifted and we’ve been profoundly affected by what we suspect is secondary migration. We locals intend to survey the population to discover the source of this massive influx. Thank you, Refugee Resettlement Program, for increasing prostitution and undoubtedly the STD rate in our community.”

This is just one aspect of a much larger problem. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is one of the few voices that have been trying to get the word out about this, but so far he is essentially a voice crying in the wilderness. Sessions has expressed his concerns “about the expanding number of individuals now qualified for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)” – including refugees. He also questioned “the basis for many of these individuals’ disability classification, where the inability to speak English is a determinative factor.” And he revealed that it is Obama administration policy for SSDI payments to allow individuals to qualify for benefits more quickly if “they are incapable of communicating in English.”

This is madness. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. How many more American communities have to suffer this devastation before we elect sensible authorities who will call a halt?

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here. Like her on Facebook here.


This is yet another example of our closet Muslim president opening America’s door wide to accept anyone, regardless of their suitability for assimilation into a law-abiding, productive society. He has essentially overturned our immigration laws and policies in order to dilute our American spirit and pride in our country. I believe that this is his way of “teaching America a lesson.”

Try as I might, I simply cannot envision any benefit to the United States by welcoming “migrants” who have no sense of pride, no sense of civility, and no expectation that they will blend in with other Americans. I wasn’t aware that we were short of people, jobs yes, but short of bodies? Do we need more nonproductive freeloaders? Don’t we have enough already?

He even rewards them for NOT speaking English. That ought to ensure that they form communities made up of others like themselves, resulting in segregated Muslim enclaves – where English isn’t spoken and Sharia is the law – is that what Obama really wants? Perhaps he could host one of these Muslim migrant communities adjacent to his new home when he retires from the White House – any chance? Just think of how much the Muslim migrant boys would appreciate chumming around with Sasha and Malia – I’ll bet that they’d be popular.

It appears that many of these imported diversity pawns don’t really expect to assimilate with Americans;  they don’t want to be “Americans” they want to remain as they were in the “old” country, but exist that way in America, where they are free to do as they please.



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4 replies

  1. Pamela Geller continues to show braveness in her determination to expose what’s happening in our local communities as a result of the policies imposed upon us from on high. The leftists never live with the consequences of what they’ve dictated, they make sure of that.

    Thanks for helping Geller spread the truth, Garnet.


  2. What O is doing is intentionally seeding America with muslims and there have been numerous articles written about it over the past few years. When the cities and counties push back, the feds don’t listen; instead they created a plan to deal with the pushback and basically force cities to accept more refugees even when they complain of being at or over capacity.

    Americans are fearful and allow the muslim bullies to take over and at some point there will be enough pushback the feds will have to listen, unless of course, the Wicked Witch of the West is elected president, then it will be business as usual.


    • Kathy, I’m glad that you provided that link. I think that it needs to be re-publicized. While I’ve seen the information before, I’d forgotten about how the government and aligned groups (some financed by Soros) are, as you say, “seeding” the U.S. with “refugees.”

      Even though the article is over a year old, it’s still strikes at the heart of Obama’s secret insertion of more Muslims into the country. The whole plan seems to be operating under the radar at present and I haven’t heard much about cities pushing back recently. It needs to be reinforced that WE, the American taxpayer, it paying for the importation of people who, in a few years, will be working to implement Sharia Law in their segregated neighborhoods.



  1. Who’s Helping Obama Seed America with Muslims? – Pesky Truth

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