Politicus Interuptus

I am going to take a sabbatical from posting things political. Maybe economics, philosophy, or even religion, with a touch of humor. But first a parting shot . . .KneelTrumpus Terribulus has emerged victorious, as we know, but can’t yet accept victory. This is a quandary for the likes of Reince Preibus who sold his soul to stomp on the conscience of the RNC. Trump would have still won, of course, but those pesky conservative Party members, you know, the ones who pay the dues and man the phone banks and stuff envelopes for free, would have HAD THEIR VOICE HEARD FIRST! That could not be allowed!

So any semblance of an orderly, honest affair was quietly garotted on the birthing couch.

From there it was downhill, other than the singular light shining as a Pole Star, the Cruz “non endorsement speech”, where he voiced such quaint concepts as freedom, national defense, rule of law, freedom of speech and religion, voting your conscience, and spoke of that discarded relic, the Constitution. Sigh! But such concepts are scorned in the Trump GOP!

So this morning, as the battle is joined for the White House, what does Trump do? On national TV unopposed, he attacks, not Hillary, but Cruz again, and resurrects the disproven chestnuts of Cruz having attacked Melania first, and Rafael being in on the JFK assassination!

I mean, seriously, just how psychopathic IS this guy?? Genuinely!!

So, . . . I’m done with politics this cycle. There is no one worthy of support, even in the “lesser of evils” variety. So I’m not going to waste any of my limited candlepower on that topic any more.

I’ll take my 50 lashes with wet noodles, please!

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  1. I can dig it Curtis. Write about whatever strikes your fancy. We’re all just about supersaturated with politics and we still have over three months yet to go. I’m going to try to squeeze out some satire myself – it always helps me to flush rhetorical “waste” down the porcelain convenience and get on about my life.


  2. “Trumpus Terribulus”

    That’s perfect, Curtis. Love the visual too.

    I understand just how you feel. There’s no one to root for in this election. Any joy in seeing Hillary defeated will be torpedoed by the knowledge that Republicans sold their souls for a shallow, narcissistic, big-government reality TV star.


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