Why an Article V “convention of States” WILL NEVER WORK

Mark Levin first began promoting the Article V remedy to the breakdown of constitutional government that we’ve witnessed with his book “the Liberty Amendments”. In theory Article V is the last legal procedural means of reigning in our corrupt courts, corrupt executive branch and restoring the legislative branch to it’s fundamental role. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen from the Democrat as well as the Republican primaries and RNC Convention, prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that there can be nothing “constitutional” nothing “lawful” initiated by “we the people” through our state legislators that will amount to anything more than words cast wastefully into the wind.

The RNC/GOP/TRUMP convention is all the further one need look to understand just how meaningless Article V is. To the established Washington elites our Constitution is just so much ink-splatter on an old parchment. When you think of these corrupt, crooked DC bastards, think of the Mel Brooks film “Blazing Saddles” as the Mexican Bandito’s are being deputized to do evil on behalf of the territorial governor under colour of law… they (our elected government, bureaucracy and appointed courts) are being given “badges” (authorization) proving the legitimacy of their authority.

The leader of the Bandits, (el jefe, el Presidente, Portavoz de la Casa, líder de la mayoría…) laughs and with maximum incredulity says “badges?… we don’t need no stinking badges!” And that in a nutshell is the real superstructure of our current government and political system. No words, no properly filed grievances, no amendments to the Constitution passed by the people denying them their badges, will have any impact on this government because the politicos in power will simply refuse to recognize our sovereignty and will never submit to our will.

Remember, the institutionalized bureaucratic government has the all the really big guns as well as heavy equipment. But I digress… As a microcosm, the RNC convention should inform you exactly how the elites of DC view rules and procedures that threaten their power. The rules and procedures have effect only so long as the elites are served by them, otherwise there are no rules and they “don’t need no stinking badges”.

So, an Article V convention of states has as much chance of changing the government that IS, as the free the Delegates movement had of securing a roll-call vote on rules or on the nomination at the RNC convention. That’s how politics in this country work now and actually how they’ve been working for nearly a century. I’m afraid it will take something more extreme than words drafted on an amendment to have any chance of destroying this tyranny. Our choice is to accept what’s happening and endure it for generations to come or fight to save our children if not ourselves from dark times ahead… dark times such as none in this nation have ever seen. Read the Declaration of Independence, then pray for God’s guidance.


Addendum: I was a supporter of the Article V convention of States, however events over the past year, in the Presidential primary race, the RNC convention, acts of the Judicial branch, the executive branch and the legislative branch of the Federal Government as well as a realization that real “conservatives” are in fact an extreme minority due to a successfully dumbed-down-America, have convinced me that there are no “legal” nor political grounds upon which an Article V convention of States would have any meaning. We are in the current paradigm, putting it politely as I can, SCREWED!

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  1. Tanning, Mark Levin is of necessity as well as by his nature, an optimist.


  2. Well, I’m going to side with tannngl somewhat on this one because in theory it would work. The states might not need the feds, but the feds need the states. When the states realize they have the power to make a change, then change will come.

    But so far this has gotten batted around from one state to the other with some of them on board one minute and off the next. Much of the problem has been about what to put on the agenda and they can’t even agree on that. Lack of focus and commitment are what’s killing it.

    It was hard enough for our founders to get everyone in agreement, and it’s even harder today to get 50 states in agreement, especially when some are scared senseless they’ll lose their federal money.

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  3. Unfortunately, I tend to agree with your assessment. If there were any doubt about our (conservatives) ability to politically influence the power brokers that they must allow a conservative to compete fairly in the nominating process for the Republican candidate, that’s pretty evidently gone by the wayside. The convention solidified that they retain most control even though Trump has taken some of it from them. I know that it may be too simplistic to say it, but it seems that we who believe in Constitutional governance will have to either go along with whoever is elected or begin to prepare to undergo another revolution.

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  4. Great blog post, Aftershock.
    I’m a known pollyanna. I work physically and with my resources for what I believe though.

    I yet have the hopes that the individiual states can pull this off. There’s a saying that all politics is local. If that is true and locals get involved, I believe this will happen. But it still needs more time.

    If and when it occurs and the Amendments are passed and voted upon by 2/3 of the states, and the federal government refuses, then we will see a civil war


    • Garnet92, Tanning, Kathy — The problem is, the tax code. Thanks to the 16th amendment, virtually all our money flows to and is laundered through the feds, they spend on our behalf then let the states have leftovers through various subsidized programs and grants.. They use our money to blackmail our states, by withholding highway funds, hundreds of other subsidies and block grants none of which would have been necessary or possible in the first place but for the 16th amendment and such federal boondoggles as the New Deal, the Great Society, Medicade, Medicare the EPA, the Dept of Ag and of Diseducation… The welfare state is funded by the feds using the money they stole from us and if they cut off funding those programs leaving the States to fund them, there will be riots in local politics as local taxes skyrocket. So hope if you must, I’m convinced we’ve been checkmated.

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