The Apprentice Trump

Donald Trump Jr.

Well, here I am writing another Trump piece, but this one isn’t about Donald Sr., the nominee, it’s about Donald Jr., his son.

There’s no need to reiterate my displeasure with The Donald, I’ve written thousands of words about my disdain for him and specifically the concern that I have for the country with him at the helm of our ship of state. I still think that he is entirely unsuitable for the presidency. But that’s enough about him; his eldest son is the subject of this essay.

While listening to a talk show this morning, I happened to catch a short cut of Donald Jr.’s convention speech last night. It piqued my interest. It sounded like a typical fire and brimstone conservative speech and he delivered it flawlessly – meaning that it was totally unlike what I’ve come to expect from his dad.

And then I happened across an article by Erick Erickson on the Resurgent titled, “Donald Trump, Jr. for President.” After reading it, I had a new perspective on the junior Trump. I hadn’t really thought much about Trump’s family. I know we’re seeing and hearing a lot from them at the convention, but I didn’t really have any interest in The Donald’s family since he seems so self-centered and we’d expect them to sing his praises in their speeches.

But the Resurgent article sort of reinforced what I thought I’d heard in Donny’s (that’s what the family calls him) speech.

And so I found a video of his speech (16:32) and watched the whole thing.

I was impressed.

So much so, that I located an article in the New York Magazine that covered Trump’s three eldest children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. I decided that perhaps a little more digging would bring the children into focus – and yield some insight of their dad as a father. It was a four-page article and went into some detail about the upbringing of each of the three eldest kids.

While none of what I’d read or seen changed my mind on The Donald, I still think that he’s a self-absorbed, egotistical, bully with the attention span of a gnat. It did show the children to be about as “normal” as one could expect under the circumstances.

I came away from this mini-investigation of Donald Trump’s children – and Donald Jr. in particular – finding myself agreeing with Erick Erickson. Given the opportunity this November, I’d vote for Donald Jr. over Donald Sr. for president – and do so with some enthusiasm.


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  1. It’s good that as kids/teenagers they had to work but much of the credit for their wholesome (?) upbringing goes to the nannies and the grandparents, I think. They are now giving their dad more credit than he deserves, but that’s typical politics.

    Since we are stuck with Trump as the R candidate, we are hoping for the better outcome and the speeches from his kids boost that, but there’s still the petty little man that can’t resist sending snarky tweets or badmouthing losers. His kids are the lipstick, and Trump is still a pig.


  2. I didn’t hear the speech but I’ll assume that if you liked it I would as well. Still, I have multiple problems with the role that the Trump kids have played in this whole campaign and what it portends for us as citizens. We’re not supposed to be a nation that elects a political family – we elect individuals. It’s a given that any POTUS will have lots of people around who exert their influence on him (and therefore on us), but unless we’re a third-world banana republic those people ought to be independent men and women who’ve earned those positions by virtue of their experience and achievements. No one will ever know whether any of the Trump kids would have achieved anything notable on their own. They may have turned out well but they’ve had silver spoons in their mouths their entire lives and now it looks as though they will have the privilege of exerting political influence that none has necessarily earned. The rest of us will never enjoy that same privilege.

    It’s also troubling to see a parent who turns to his kids for counsel, especially when that parent is running for POTUS. The parent should be the wisest person in the room and any parent that I’ve ever known who is influenced by the kids rather than vice versa is usually giving in to his liberal side.

    Finally, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see where this family dynamic will take us if Trump wins. Can you say, “President Trump – Jr.?”


    • Yep, it’s true that Jr. has political ambitions, he’s stated that he might like to be Mayor of NYC. The only saving grace in the kid/father gumbo is that the kids appear to be more grounded in reality than dad and less prone to egotistical narcissistic treatment of others than their dad. I really would be more apt to vote for Donald Jr. if the only option was between him and his dad.


  3. I watched Donald Jr. speak live, and must admit to being very impressed. I could not help but wonder what brought him to this place (bedrock conservatism) at such a relatively young age. Was he the family fluke as I was? (A teenage Goldwater supporter reared by yellow dog Democrats) Or, was there something else?

    Looking to Ivanka, and Eric, I see two more well centered, “normal” young people, who live by a set of values which I hold dear. One may be a fluke, two could also be a coincidence, but the three eldest children all professing, living, promoting, conservative principles tells me it must go deeper. Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric all obviously love and admire their father. I have to consider they learned those values, at least in part, from Donald Sr.

    Much has been made of how influential these young people are, and how much sway their opinions hold in many of The Donald’s decisions. I still have reservations about Donald the Elder, but my instincts tell me to trust in those who are closest, and in whom he places trust. Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but I suspect they will be te first to call him out if/when he flakes out on his promises to the American citizens. I have visions of Junior holding one arm, with Eric on the other, while Ivanka gives him a swift kick in whatever body part will best get his attention.


    • Saltwater, I found your take on the Trump children to parallel mine exactly. I see them as providing a mitigating influence and being a source of reasoned advice to him. I see them, especially Donny and Ivanka, as trusted advisers to Donald Sr. and that thought comforts me.

      The three eldest children also had the influence of Ivana’s Czech parents to help them. The “kids” were exposed to Milo and Maria Zelnicek for six months out of the year while they stayed in the Trump Tower as part of the family.

      Donny (Donald Jr.) visited his grandparents in a town west of Prague for several weeks every summer where he did father-son things with his grandfather. Donny was exceptionally close to Ivana’s dad who taught him hunting, fishing, and boating during his summers in Czechoslovakia.

      So, while I’m not discounting their dad’s influence in their lives, they did have other influences. Some events, like the divorces, forced them to rely on each other a lot. That has also been a strengthening factor in their maturing into the well-adjusted, reasonable adults that they’ve (apparently) become..


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