Paul Ryan Sent Me an Email


You can tell it’s election year when you’re getting emails from every Republican candidate in every state. Well, Paul Ryan’s no different and receiving his email yesterday confirms that all candidates share the same lists of people. Rather than spamming his email, my normal procedure, I thought I’d share it with y’all, in case you weren’t a lucky recipient like me (cough, cough).


This week’s convention is a time for us to unite behind our core values of limited government, free enterprise, low taxes, and a strong national defense.
But the convention also marks the official beginning of the 2016 general election.
And while the media is solely focused on the presidential election, we must not forget about the House and Senate – our last lines of defense against the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency.
No matter what – we must do everything in our power to protect our majority in Congress. 
As Speaker, it’s my personal mission to protect our majority in Congress. That’s why, effective immediately, I’ve authorized the formation of the official 2016 Speaker’s Fund.

The goal is simple: to preserve and protect our conservative majority in Congress.
Are you in?
Make an immediate one-click contribution:

>>> Pitch in $25 Immediately <<<

>>> Pitch in $50 Immediately <<<

>>> Pitch in $75 Immediately <<<

>>> Pitch in $100 Immediately <<<

By making a one-click contribution, you are agreeing to our terms of service.
The consequences of losing the House would be dire, and the danger we face this election cycle is unprecedented.
To combat Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, I’ve set an ambitious goal of raising $1 million into the Speaker’s Fund by the end of the week.
Will you join me in the fight by contributing $50 to this incredibly crucial fund?
Kathy — if we unite around this important mission, I am confident we will be successful.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan

P.S. A group of generous conservatives have pledged to double every single donation to the Speaker’s Fund if we receive 5,000 donations by midnight tonight.
We can’t let this incredible opportunity pass us by.
Just use this secure link to step up today:

Kudos (sort of) to whoever wrote this for him because it makes Paul Ryan sound like one of the most conservative guys in the government and like he’s practically fighting the battle alone. When in truth, we know that Ryan is turning a deeper shade of blue every day he holds this position. After House members passed over real conservatives who were willing to accept the job, then begged Ryan to take this job, he’s given in to O more often during his term than Boehner ever thought possible. Ryan’s list of Democratic appeasements is so long we may as well call him Harry Reid Jr.

No doubt that lonely battle he’s fighting is the reason he needs a ‘speaker fund.’ Won’t you join me in letting this ‘incredible opportunity’ pass us by?


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  1. Paul Ryan is one in a long string of disappointments. The fact that he seems to believe there’s a “conservative majority” in congress underscores the problem. There may be a Republican majority (for all the good it does us), but there certainly is not a conservative majority.

    I just gave money to the Senate Conservatives Fund. That’s a group that picks actual conservatives to assist.


    • Agreed, CW – Ryan has been a huge disappointment all the way back to the days when he was chosen as Romney’s VP. He lied to us then about defunding O’care and has been lying to us ever since.


  2. Good old Paul. He left out one option in his “Pitch in” choices: “>>> Pitch in the Trash Immediately <<<.” That'd be my selection. Thanks for sharing – I feel left out, like he wasn’t my friend and calling me by my first name as he did with you. Ya’ll must be really good friends. I’m jealous.


    • I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you, or myself. I received two personally addressed emails from Paul. They had different subject lines, but contained the same spiel about how “we” can save coruptocrat butts, “if we unite around this important mission.”
      As much as I piss and moan about this stupid ‘puter doing exactly what I ask instead of what I need, I must give it props on this one occasion. The blessed thing had already punted Ryan’s requests into the spam box before I even saw them.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Garnet, I’d be more than happy to fish it out of the trash & forward to you. 😉


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