Pray For Rain

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From my friend Hard Scrabble Farmer:

“. . .There is a constant ebb and flow, a cyclic movement from one thing to another in the world in which we all live. Sometimes the pendulum seems to stick at it’s apogee, the cold never seems to abate, the rain will never fall, the world cannot possibly become less hospitable more dangerous or factious. Schisms become movements, weather becomes climate, all things small become large and then fade once again back into obscurity. It’s hard not to grow angry at the things we cannot change, but it equally pointless. Our livelihood is dependent upon the weather, our success tied to it’s regularity and seasons.

It can be hard to face a drought when all you need is water, but even harder still to face disillusion when the most important thing you have is faith and so little is in evidence. The thistle is a problem, but if we keep at it, one plant at a time, the right way, it won’t matter . . . because the soils will be better than they were and inhospitable to the invasion. Our cattle can graze across green pastures as they have for tens of thousands of years, helping us build the soils on which they depend while we see to their safety and protect them from harm.

The young men who spent their Summers on our farm doing the mindless chores that annoy them today will one day integrate those lessons into their own lives and make the world better in their own way even as my friends and I pass on like every generation before us. . .”


Life is like that, and a rose wouldn’t be a rose without any thorns. The times we live in are thorny indeed, but the beauty of it, and the fragrance of its memories need not depart.

We face two noxious choices for national leadership. But that needn’t sway us from the love and dedication to our Republic, our freedom, and our own commitment to self responsibility. We must all do our part, and, with God’s help, we will prevail in His due time!


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  1. Thorny times indeed. Even knowing that whatever happens is His will doesn’t prevent twinges of doubt as to how the country will survive – with either of these two options at the helm. I’m sure we will survive, I’m just not sure of the conditions that will be prevalent after this coming term ends. Our America needs our prayers more than ever.


    • Fully agreed, Garnet! Thus the title! We can’t demand that a conservative constitutionalist get the nomination. Nor can we have fealty demanded to the orange hued, stubby fingered clown. Either may make an exemplary, or disastrous, president, now or in the future. Strangely, on some issues, Hillary seems more responsible than Trump. LOL!

      But the bottom line is, God controls history. We are merely along for the ride, while using our own free will only to influence our own lives, and those we directly interact with. My individual vote usually means nothing.

      None of us know what the future may bring. Look at Gov. Abbott, or President Kennedy. All the plans and dreams abruptly changed . . . c’est la vie!

      But I must strongly agree that America needs our prayers more now than ever!


  2. THANKS! I think each era self diagnoses itself as being the exception to the rule. I’m sure the Whigs felt that way, right before they were swept away.

    Right now, I can see both Parties being in jeopardy, for very different reasons, though the GOP seems closer to that precipice today. That might change tomorrow!

    We’ll see, won’t we?

    In the meantime, remember Ecclesiastes 3. Meditate on that, then remember Who it is that controls history, while still allowing free will within His will. It eases MY mind, I assure you!


  3. Good reminder, Curtis. Although seems to me to be a little different time..could be wrong though.


  4. A very poignant post, Curtis. Thanks for the reminder!


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