Obama Imitates Art


I can remember watching soap operas back in college.  Every show had its resident villain, an evil character who was always scheming and up to no good but who had just about everyone fooled with his or her lies and phony charm.  We at home would shake our heads at our TV sets as we watched them carry out their wicked plans, impatiently waiting for the other characters on the show to finally catch on so we could have that wonderfully satisfying moment of seeing them exposed at last.

I feel exactly the same way about Barack Obama.  For eight long years I’ve watched this evil man as he’s lied and schemed his way through the highest office in the land.  I’ve waited impatiently for Americans to wake up and see through the phoniness and dishonesty that’s so clearly transparent to so many of us, but it never happens, and in all likelihood it never will because in real life, just like in the soaps, some people see only what they want to see.  Others, sadly, are just as corrupt as Obama is.  Those are the character flaws that separate Left from Right.

Of the many things about which Obama has lied and schemed, perhaps nothing has made me more anxious for America’s wake-up moment than his barely disguised, purposeful agitations on race.  The Trouble-Maker-In-Chief uses his unique access to the national stage to draw the nation’s attention to selected local events in ways that he knows will unduly incite the black community and nourish the seeds of victimhood sown decades ago by a prior generation of leftists.  In contrast to better presidents who’ve been careful in these situations not to abuse their power and taint the process of justice, Obama often plods forth in a shameful, juvenile rush to judgment.  He can’t help himself.  He’s a leftist, and causing trouble is what leftists like to do.  Thousands of other Americans have been victims of crimes committed by blacks during the Obama presidency.  Does he take the time to opine on any of those?  No. Focusing on the epidemic of black violence in our cities wouldn’t serve his purposes and is therefore not worthy of Obama’s time or political capital regardless of how many lives – black or white – might be saved.  That strain of cold-heartedness would be worthy of the most calculating TV villain, and it shouldn’t take a genius to see it, yet time and again I’ve listened with amazement as pundits and “journalists” (are there any real journalists anymore?) defend or even applaud Obama’s rhetoric on racially charged events as if his intentions were good.  What does it take for these mindless chair-warmers to recognize deviousness?  The mind-dulling influence of liberalism, it seems, has turned too many people into children without the desire or capacity to identify evil when it’s right in front of their eyes.

Polls tell us that racial divisions have worsened considerably since Obama took office.  No kidding.  Those of us who aren’t part of the script can plainly see this for ourselves, and we can see who’s responsible for it, thus we are not fooled when Obama now reassures us, in his most patronizing performance, that we are not as divided as we seem.  Barack Obama is like a daddy who sexually assaults his child and then wants to sing her to sleep, and his devoted Democrat followers are the enabling mothers who look the other way because they don’t want to upset their lifestyles.

And me?  I just desperately want to change the channel.



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  1. I agree CW, in that perhaps the most damaging thing that Obama inflicted on the U.S. has been the part he played in creating more racial animosity.

    There are so many reasons to label Obama a failed president that they need to be assigned categories and subcategories, but the one that pegs the failure meter is his missed chance to bring the races together.

    Obama’s election was a monumental milestone in the history of the country. A country that once embraced slavery had evolved and matured to the point that a half-black man could be elected. Though I didn’t vote for him, I did think that his election was likely to improve race relations.

    Considering that blacks only made up 12% of the population, Obama’s election meant that millions of white people voted for a black president. The country was hopeful that racial problems were a thing of the past and we were on our way to a unification resulting in un-hyphenated Americans.

    But Obama whiffed on greatness.

    He had the opportunity to become an iconic figure among our presidents as the man who “brought the races together.” Future historians could have honored him as another Abraham Lincoln. He could have taken his place among the most honored names in American history.

    But no, Barack Hussein Obama was not interested in bringing whites and blacks together; he would follow in the footsteps laid out for him by his mentors and influences. He had liberal views steeped in communist and socialist ideas about what was wrong with the United States and he fully intended to take advantage of his power to reconstruct America.

    How can he maintain an approval hovering around 50% when he is directly responsible for so many of the country’s ills? Because a large percentage of our population is so apathetic and disinterested, they simply aren’t paying attention. Another part of that is that black people still refuse to hold him accountable for anything that hurts them. If anything, he has worsened life in the black community across the board. By any measure, things are worse for blacks today than they were when Obama took office. Yet, they won’t blame him – simply because he’s (half) black. That’s taking racism to the extreme.

    The thing that ALL Americans ought to hold him responsible for is that he squandered an opportunity – an opportunity handed him on a silver platter – an opportunity to improve race relations.

    And he’s failed; big time.


    • Thanks for the great comment, Garnet. It’s true that the shallow nature of too many Americans gave Obama a unique opportunity to strengthen race relations just by virtue of his skin color, which is sad. I have to say, however, that I never had any expectation that he would do so. There’s never been a leftist who sought to help improve race relations. Without exception they always do the selfish thing that serves only them at the expense of everyone else.


  2. I’m with you CW – can we puh-leeze change the channel?? It’s doubtful any of us are looking forward to six more months of this particular soap.

    In an interview with NPR posted July 1st, he said – “I- what I would say is that the Black Lives Matter movement has been hugely important in getting all of America to — to see the challenges in the criminal justice system differently,” Obama said. “And I could not be prouder of the activism that has been involved. And it’s making a difference.”

    Do you think any of this goes back to his disdain for his mother’s race, as he supposedly espoused to years ago? With so much muslim influence on his earlier years, that might be a driving factor to his dislike of whites in general. Add in the fact that he’s a flaming liberal, and this is the combo we get.



    • It’s always been pretty clear that Obama has a big chip on his shoulder towards whites. Who knows what the reason is? Obviously he’s not a big enough man to get over it.


  3. Hi CW, good post and I could not agree any more. Obama has only highlighted White on Black crime or Police on Black crime (although all the instances were not actually crimes, but people defending themselves). The result of Obama’s leadership: Racist groups like Black Lives Matter. So are we surprised that police are being murdered? The thing I do not get is that Obama’s approval numbers are above water even though a vast majority of people feel we are heading in the wrong direction. Until the media holds him accountable, the masses will not.

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    • “The thing I do not get is that Obama’s approval numbers are above water…”

      Gee, what’s not to approve of Patrick? The national debt has doubled, Obamacare is a mess, the world is on fire, every other commercial I hear tells me I’d better buy gold because financial catastrophe is right around the corner, the socialists (i.e. thieves) are gaining ground and we’re on the verge of a race war. Apparently this is all fine and dandy with Democrats, because 91% of them approve of the great job Obama is doing. So they’re either idiots or liars, take your pick (and yes, you can pick both). Only 8% of Republicans approve of Obama, which means they are actually Democrats who’re too stupid to know which Party they belong to. What’s wrong with this country all boils to those approval numbers and what they say about national conscience.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’ll give you a shout when I finish your latest series. 🙂


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