Another Sexual Assault by Syrian Refugee in the US

By Katie McHugh July 10, 2016 at Breitbart:

swimming pool

Emad Hasso, right, with defense attorney William Kittredge at his Lowell District Court arraignment on Friday. sun/lisa redmondAfter pleading not guilty via an interpreter to one count of indecent assault and battery, a Massachusetts judge has set a $25,000 cash bail for a Syrian refugee charged with indecent assault and battery on a victim under 16.

Emad Hasso, 22, allegedly harassed and grabbed a 13-year-old girl repeatedly on Thursday in a swimming pool until a lifeguard intervened, according to the Lowell Sun:

Prosecutor Sam Miller said that around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, the 13-year-old Lowell girl was at the Raymond Lord Memorial Pool at the North Common Park in Lowell when she said a man approached her, touched her upper thigh and asked her age.

The girl told him she was too young for him and walked away, Miller said.

The man, who was later identified as Hasso, allegedly began to follow the girl around the pool and approached her again when she was swimming, touching her upper thigh and again asking her age. (Ironic that he needed an interpreter when appearing before a judge, but not when asking young girls their ages.

The girl responded that she was a “little kid, leave me alone,” Miller said.

Other people at the pool, including the lifeguard, saw some of the interaction between Hasso and the alleged victim, and intervened, Miller said.

Police said the incident may have been captured on video security cameras at the pool.

Hasso was imported into the U.S. only two months ago at taxpayer expense, who are on the hook for additional court expenses, including an interpreter. It’s unknown if Hasso is employed.

The Lowell assault comes on the heels of a hideous sex attack perpetrated by Iraqi and Sudanese refugees who stripping a white 5-year-old girl naked, urinated on her clothes and in her mouth, and filmed her torment in Twin Falls, Idaho.

“He was likely resettled by the same federal contractor, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (the federal contractor in Lowell), wanting a toe-hold in your towns. USCRI is in charge of Twin Falls, Idaho too,” refugee resettlement watchdog Ann Corcoran wrote at Refugee Resettlement Watch. “What are the odds that this guy is going to become an upstanding American citizen? An afterthought: So is this the contractor’s fault for not telling their new charges that this sort of behavior is illegal in America?”

Anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller also condemned the Lowell assault in fierce terms: “Pool sex attacks are rampant in Europe. Pool sex crimes in Germany are rampant.  Widespread sexual pool assaults in Sweden have been by ‘unaccompanied refugee children.’ Things are so bad in Austria, Muslim refugees have been banned from public pools. And now Obama and his party of treason and destruction are insuring the same fate for our daughters, sisters, wives.”

The Obama administration is rushing to import thousands more Muslim foreigners onto U.S. soil under the Syrian refugee resettlement program, dumping 100 per day into American communities.


And so it begins here in the US as we start to see the consequences of O’s plan to save those ‘poor Syrian refugees.’ We’ve said for months this will happen here in the states as it has in Europe, but of course warnings like that never stop O, nor do they fire up Congress to stop him.

O and his cohorts have continually told us that the refugees are being strenuously vetted, and even if it were true, it does nothing to stop their cultural depravities. According to the teachings of the Quran this young girl is fair game for all muslims, and many girls like her, of all ages will fall victim to muslim attacks. They are savages who have no concept of our culture and civility.

At the rate of 100 imports per day, by the time O leaves office, we’ll be overrun by these animals and America will be unrecognizable. She’s almost there now.


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  1. If only … those people who would suffer at the hands of Muslims, like blacks, women, gays, Christians, etc. would wipe the scales from their eyes and see who they are welcoming into the U.S., we wouldn’t be so welcoming. What we’re doing are unforced errors, a conscious suicide that we’re committing through a false sense of brotherhood and religious tolerance. When the good Muslims disavow and disown those of their brethren who would impose Sharia Law on the rest of us, then we can talk – until then, they have, in effect, volunteered to be included in with the radicals.


    • The American citizens didn’t get to have a say in this decision and none of our representatives spoke up for us. Instead they allowed O to run roughshod over us and bring in the very people that mean to kill us all.


  2. Well “O” and his own family will never have to deal with any of this, Kathy, so it doesn’t matter to him. He’ll have his own private pool and taxpayer-funded guards to keep his imported riffraff away.


  3. Part of the problem here, and with this “immigration” policy in general, is that in the Islamic Middle East, ANY female who isn’t covered by a chador or burqa, or whatever the local variant is, is considered a whore. Literally “whore”, as in “prostitute”.

    So, according to THIS moron’s cultural “norms” he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

    And THIS is what we want to import into this country?

    I’ve mentioned before that I spent 5 years in Iran, and in fact went to high school there. When we shipped back out to home, I had an absolute and utter contempt for that country, in just about every respect, and for Islam in general.


    • So according to their standards, all non-muslim women are whores and can be treated as such. That means our jails will be full of refugees before long.

      The sad look on his face says he thinks he’s innocent and in his country he would be. It’s ironic to me that his English was good enough to ask the girl her age, but he needed a translator when he lawyered up. The creepy slimeball knew his actions were against our laws.


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