Mother Shot in Dallas Massacre: The Police ‘Were Really Heroes for Us’

From:,  by Lana Shadwick,  on Jul 10, 2016,  see the article HERE.


A mother shot during the attack on police officers in Dallas said of the officers, “They were really heroes for us.” Shetamia Taylor said during an emotional press conference that the officers saved her life and the lives of her sons.

Taylor was surrounded by her sons and other members of her family during the presser at the Baylor University Medical Center on Sunday.

She started her address to the media and others gathered, “First and foremost, I want to say my prayers to the family members of the officers who passed. I want to say thank you to the officers who were there for me and my sons, who watched over us during that time.”

Taylor said she wanted to say thank you and that she was sorry. Ms. Taylor said the officers saved her life, her sons lives, “all of them,” she added. She called the attacker “selfish” for affecting the lives of her family and others who will have to deal with the aftermath of living through such an attack and mentioned the mental, emotional, and physical, turmoil they will have to live with.

They were about to go back to where her car was parked when they heard the shots. She was obviously emotionally affected while she recapped what happened that night. She said she remembered seeing a “tall” “hefty” “white guy” “bald” officer. She heard a second shot, “and as he was going down,” the officer told her, “He has a gun, Run.” Ms. Taylor had to stop while she was telling the story to compose herself. This happens at about the 21-minute mark in the video.

“My kids started running,” she said. Ms. Taylor wanted to make sure her sons were all in front of her. She was running behind them when she felt the bullet hit her in the back of the leg. She grabbed her son Andrew and got on top of him. Police officers started coming up the block.

“That officer jumped on top of me, and covered me, and my son,” she tearfully relayed. “There was another one at our feet, and there was another one over our head. And there were several of them lined against the wall over there and they just stayed there with us.”

She broke down when she said, “I saw another officer, I saw another officer get shot, right in front of me, and there were two.” Taylor had to take a few moments to compose herself but continued. She wasn’t sure if the shooter had moved, she said, but the officers were able to help get her up and put her in the back of a police car. She said the patrol car “was riddled with bullets.” She was very thankful that they made it to the hospital, the police car was on its rims. She was praying the entire time because her other three sons were still at the scene.

She “just kept praying for everybody.” She saw the officer that had been shot in front of her when he went by her at the hospital on a gurney. She had never seen anything like that before. “There were shots all around us.” “There were hundreds of rounds.”

“I am thankful. I am so thankful for the Dallas Police Department, and whoever else, the ATF … [was there],” Taylor said. “I am thankful for all of them cause they had no regard for their own life. They stayed there with us. They surrounded my sons and I and I am so thankful for that because all I could do was just lay on top of him and just pray.” She was “so sorry they lost their lives” and kept saying she was “thankful, so thankful. “I have never seen anything like that. The way they came around us, and just guarded us like that.”

Taylor did not find out that her three sons were safe until about another hour. “Just the praise I gave to God. … I never stopped praying.” Taylor really broke down when she said, it was about then when she heard that the officer did not make it. “I was celebrating my kids,” she had to stop because she was sobbing. “I am celebrating my kids being alive and I am listening to them, telling each other how an officer didn’t make it.”

Her comments began about the 16-minute mark in this YouTube video.


NOTE: If you don’t have time for the full video, Shetamia’s narrative of the shooting and the officer’s actions start at about 20:00 in the video.

I’m so glad that this lady came forward and related how the Dallas police officers put themselves in danger to protect her. Although without the extreme visibility of this incident, these men and women of our police departments put themselves in danger almost daily in service to us, the public. I’m pretty fed up with the BLM-types fomenting violence and planting the seeds of distrust in the black community in order to further their black racist agenda. Micah Johnson, the murderer of 5 Dallas officers who also wounded another 7, was one of them – a militant white-hater who was loosely associated with several militant black groups. He participated in an exercise that’s been threatened by several black racist groups – it seems that more attacks like Dallas is what they want.

The actions by groups like the African American Defense League, the Black Riders Liberation Party, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, and South Dallas’ Muhammad Mosque Number 48, which is run by acolytes of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the People’s New Black Panther Party are all guilty of inflammatory rhetoric and are at least partially to blame for the shooting of twelve Dallas police offers and if my prayers are answered, they’ll all burn in hell for it.


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  1. Ms. Taylor will re-live that traumatic night over and over in her mind for years to come. The cop could re-live it over and over in real time and his reaction will be the same every time. I wonder if the members of BLM would have the guts to use their body as a human shield. Seeing as how they’ve lost, or never knew, the value of a human life, I’d hate to be in a position where I had to rely on any of them for protection.


    • Since posting this story, I’ve tried to be on the lookout to see where else it’s published. As you know, I visit maybe as many as 50 other sites daily, mostly news sites, and I haven’t see this appear anywhere else. It seems that no one else thought it important enough to expose it to their readers. Isn’t it telling that when a black is shot by a white, regardless of circumstances, it’ll be blasted all over every news outlet across the country, but when the heroism of white cops protecting a black woman is the subject – the story goes nowhere.

      That is so telling.


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