Comey and the Will to Power

From:,  by Patricia McCarthy,  on Jul 9, 2016,  see the article HERE. Emphasis is Garnet92’s.

Hillary and Comey

Just how was this so-called “investigation” into Hillary’s private server and her missing and deleted emails conducted?  Did anyone at the FBI or the DOJ really care that she sent all manner of national security information via unsecured servers or was it a pseudo-investigation?  We will most likely never know, but we can certainly guess, given the character of the principals involved.

It seems that the FBI and the DOJ did not care that  the Secretary of State was so bent upon enriching herself  and increasing her personal power that she put not only the nation at risk, but countless people who work to ensure our national security.  Ms. Clinton is not only incompetent, she is thoroughly unqualified to be President.   It is quite possible that her cavalier attitude toward cyber security got Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith killed in Benghazi.  It is likely as well that her dithering about how to spin the terrorist disaster while it was underway led to the deaths of Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, who could have been saved had the State Department not worried about how their potential rescuers were dressed!   This is what mendacity combined with ineptness looks like.

One possible scenario: there never was an investigation at all.  From the outset, the administration, the DOJ and the FBI knew it was a can of worms that must not be opened.  So they simulated an investigation when there was none.  For months we have been hearing that there were 150 agents working on it.  But Comey said there were “fifteen or twenty.”  None have come forward as yet.  None have resigned in protest of clearing a guilty target as some of the “leaks” suggested they would. Was the inquiry a sham for public consumption? Possibly.  We learned Thursday that Hillary was not put under oath for her “interview” with the FBI last Saturday.  Comey did not attend that interview and there is no recording nor is there a transcript.  Her lawyers must really have  pull.  The law says that the  FBI and other federal agents must now tape interviews with suspects.  So it is a safe assumption that the interview was just for show and completely unserious.  It had to happen so that Clinton could go campaigning with Obama on Tuesday.  She knew, Lynch knew, Bill Clinton knew and Obama knew exactly what Comey was going to say Tuesday morning.  There can be no doubt about that.

Scenario two:  the principals all knew from day one Ms. Clinton was using private servers in order to keep her financial shenanigans secret.  Her chicanery did not bother those who knew; they all operate similarly.  Then came Benghazi.  The stupidity of the lies they all told led to the to necessity for Congressional hearings at which the State Department was exposed as a self-serving mess.  The incompetence of Ms. Clinton became abundantly clear.  Not only is she money and power-hungry, she will do anything to cover up her tragic mistakes.  Libya was her baby and it was a catastrophic  blunder.  The CIA annex: what was its task?  Funneling confiscated Libyan weapons to the Syrian rebels?  Which “rebels”?  That question has never been answered.

Scenario three:  There was a semblance of an investigation into her server but the cloud over it was Benghazi. It was meant to be short and conclusive, to put the whole incident to bed.  The DC establishment was confident in its ability to shutter any inconvenient inquisition but Hillary’s lies are so shameless, so egregious, the scandal spun out of their control.  Lying to the families of the dead over their caskets is beyond the pale.  And that is what she did.

With taxpayer dollars, Hillary and Obama made an apology video for the Muslim world that aired throughout the Middle East.  They apologized for the YouTube video that no one saw, that some oh-so-clever staffer found and blamed for the murderous violence because it was two months before the election.   Enough said about Susan Rice who should be ashamed to show her face in public.  That is how vile these people are.  So determined to protect their own power, influence and affluence, they will lie, cheat, steal and blame innocent people for their own crimes.  They appoint and confirm people like James Comey and Loretta Lynch who know they must do their bidding to keep their jobs.  There is no honor in our government anymore.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where we find ourselves at this moment in time.  We are a crippled America; crippled by the success of the Marxist left and their mission to inculcate our youth with their doctrine of moral relativism, entitlement and anti-Americanism.  Two generations of our youth know little or nothing about the Constitution or the men and women who brought it to fruition.  When a sitting circuit court judge (Richard Posner) says “I see no value to a judge of spending decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, or seconds studying the Constitution, the history of its enactment, its amendments, and its implementation….” We are a nation in trouble, a nation heading toward the fate of Venezuela.   Posner is a man who swore allegiance to the Constitution but abhors its constraints, like Obama does, because it is a document of “negative rights.”

The Clintons are a money-grubbing criminal enterprise of long-standing.  The sycophants who work for them, lie for them, are traitors to the nation.  Clinton supporters know this and do not care.  They have been taught that there is no objective truth.  They will vote for her and never connect the dots as the country slides into tyranny, socialism and disintegrates.

The stronger becomes the master of the weaker, in so far as the latter cannot assert its degree of independence – here there is no mercy, no forbearance, even less a respect for laws.”   (Nietzsche)

Nietzsche would have loved Hillary, Comey, Lynch, Obama, and the rest of the Left.


I think that Ms. McCarthy has the right take on the Comey/Clinton matter. She correctly (according to me) recognizes the Clinton Crime Family for the conspiracy that it is and properly recognizes that Hillary is thoroughly unqualified to be POTUS for any number of reasons, the least of which is her complete lack of honesty and integrity. She used her position as SOS to arrange quid pro quo transactions with foreign governments and channeled the “contributions” through the Clinton Foundation to launder them and convert them into income for the family.

The whole upper echelon of our federal government are crooks. We used to think that Richard Nixon was a crook – not even close – he was a babe in the woods compared to the Clinton Crime Family, the Obamas, and all of their henchmen and “henchwomen.”

She says (and I agree) that “So determined to protect their own power, influence and affluence, they will lie, cheat, steal and blame innocent people for their own crimes.” This is what our collective apathetic stance on the qualities and qualifications of our “leadership” has brought us. We are getting, and will continue to get, exactly what we vote for.


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  1. Garnet, you’ve summed it up so well.
    We live under a government of crime in a banana republic. This is no longer the United STates of America that the world once respected and hated. The stink is horrible.


  2. Does anyone recall hearing a time span mentioned during this months long email investigation? Wasn’t her personal server installed prior to her taking the SoS job? That being the case, there’s no telling how much info on the Benghazi massacre was on that server that she didn’t want the world to know about. If there was info on there about covering for O then they’d all have good reason to want this to go away asap. That makes Comey’s and Lynch’s cooperation essential.

    Instead of being a republic run by an elected public servant, we’ve morphed into a mixture of royalty and mafia ruling the empire.

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    • Amazing thought, Kathy. This was a coverup operation for the Benghazi murders. Wow! and Squirrel!


    • “When Clinton was running for president in 2008, she had a private server installed at her home in Chappaqua, New York. The domains,, and, which were registered to a man named Eric Hoteham, all pointed to that server.”

      “When she was appointed secretary of state in 2009, Clinton began using the email address, tied to a personal server.” Interestingly, that email address doesn’t contain the “e” in clintonemail – it is apparently a typo since the article itself does confirm that she was using as her email address. Interesting typo, eh?

      Both of those statements came from THIS article.

      So, apparently she did start using the secret server on day one and Benghazi happened in September of 2012. I can only imagine how many “smoking guns” were among those deleted emails.


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