Brexit vs. Trump Turnberry – which is more important?


Trump in Scotland June 2016

This man’s shallowness never ceases to amaze me. On the day after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union – what could be a monumental moment in world history – when asked to comment on Brexit, Donald Trump took the opportunity to extol the amenities of his newly revamped hotel and golf course property in Scotland instead.

While standing on Scottish soil – literally IN the United Kingdom – and at a watershed moment in the history of the UK, he was asked about the Brexit referendum and after a superficial touch on the issue, he went into a self-promotional sales pitch for his resort.

Instead of offering informed, insightful comments about the vote, perhaps his opinion on why the “leave” forces won, and what he saw as the future of the United Kingdom and the European Union, he chose to talk about his Trump Turnberry resort in Ayrshire, Scotland.

That vote wasn’t a referendum on fixing potholes on Main Street in Flyover, USA; it was a serious matter of historical significance that could impact politics, economics, and international relations across the globe.

And yet, Donald Trump chose to talk about his new commercial resort, zoning problems, the “incredible suites” on the property and how he was spending £100m on renovations.

It seems to me that we were given a little glimpse into the psyche of The Donald and where his priorities lie. Obviously, his renovated Turnberry resort warrants more of his valuable interview time than a monumental decision by our closest ally and America’s best friend in Europe.

What a colossal, single-minded egotist.

I wasn’t the only one with that opinion. I read articles from Fox & Friends and Morning Joe, both taken aback at the commercial misuse of Trump’s celebrity as the U.S. Republican candidate for president. They interviewed him to get the thoughts of a man who could become America’s next president, and instead, what they got was an infomercial for his Turnberry golf resort.

Following is a 7:51 video of the Morning Joe antics during Trump’s press conference (in case you’re interested). They all took their shots at him and the inappropriateness of his infomercial.

This illustrates exactly what worries me about Donald Trump. He was apparently oblivious to the optics presented by spending more time talking about his commercial venture than an issue that would have a certain impact on our next president – a position for which he is auditioning.

Whether Trump’s Turnberry Resort is successful or fails will have no impact on the United States or international relations, yet he expends much more time talking about something that could affect him personally than he does the possible fracturing of the European Union and how that could affect U.S. foreign policy and world affairs.

Where are his priorities? I think this occasion makes that plain.




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  1. The members of the Trump Booster Club would be very upset that you’re interfering with their pompom shaking by addressing this, Garnet. Far be it for them to take an objective look at what THEY have given us for a candidate.

    Having said that, once again I find myself wanting to both condemn and defend Donald Trump. While he certainly comes off as tone deaf for extolling the virtues of his new golf resort at such a historic time, where was the giggling and scoffing from the pundits when Hillary was fumbling at the podium, lying to their faces about her illegal server and her brazen attempts deprive us of our right to see what she’s doing on our behalf as S.O. S.? Though the point on Trump may be valid, I don’t want to laugh along with those who treat a scheming, leftwing liar with more respect than they treat the clueless Donald Trump.

    Now back to Trump. I’m not sure if the purpose of his visit was to open the golf course, in which case it might be understandable that he would spend some time plugging for it, or if this was a press conference for a political candidate using the golf course as a backdrop, in which case the timing of his remarks is dumbfounding. Knowing these details might change my opinion. Mitt Romney, when he ran for POTUS, put his assets in a blind trust and, as far as I know, wasn’t overseeing business ventures during his campaign which seems the wisest and most responsible way to avoid conflicts between the job of promoting one’s business and running for the highest office of the land. Trump should have handed the reins to someone else when he chose to run for POTUS to prevent this very problem. The fact that he did not means that he’s a man who can’t delegate and needs to micromanage everything or it means that he does not know how to set priorities. Neither of those speaks well for Trump.


    • I really see two distinct factions in Trump’s camp. One consists of the Trump sycophants who really would support him no matter what he does or says – they’re the brain-dead ones. The second group (and the one I think is largest) is the bunch who hates Hillary and will reluctantly vote for Trump just to keep Hillary from becoming Clinton the Second (or Barack the Second).

      Like you, I do think that Trump has had some positive moments and issuing a middle-finger salute to the RINO establishment on one of them. He’s raised another couple of issues, like our Southern border and immigration in general, and his stance on Muslims (though apparently fluid) is also one with which I agree. He’s not totally bad – my beef with him is that he seemingly knows or cares little about important issues – at least he can’t talk intelligently about them, and everything he addresses ends up being about HIM, not the issue itself.

      I don’t trust him, I don’t think that he is exhibiting the intelligence that he (supposedly) possesses because if he did, he’d be approaching the presidential race much differently. He appears to believe that he’ll win based simply on the force of his personality and what he says doesn’t matter – I think that’s bullshit.

      I agree with your point about mixing presidential politics and personal business – so far, he’s been reluctant to do that. If he doesn’t turn over his operations (and stay out of the details) to his children, it’s going to be a massive mistake. It won’t be easy for him to keep his hands out of the action, but he’d better do it and quick, else he’ll be seen as not devoting 100% of his time and energies to the needs of our 317,000,000 citizens.


  2. Trump was not in Scotland to speak about BREXIT. He was there to promote his new golf course. He was asked about BREXIT by the media and responded.

    What was wrong with that? There’s nothing he stated that wasn’t true. As far as optics he wouldn’t get a fair shake no matter what he said, especially from trump haters left and right.

    With all due respect, I really wish sites like this would devote energies exposing Hillary and her criminality instead of denigrating our nominee. Trump has a lot of warts but he is “America First” and I see nothing wrong with that considering the alternative. Hillary is total evil.. Trump wasn’t my first choice either but I see no value in trashing him now considering the primaries are over.


    • I understand what you’re saying Rudy and I honestly appreciate your opinion. I know that Trump’s reason for being in Scotland wasn’t the Brexit issue, but it was an opportunity for him to burnish his statesman credentials and instead he chose to talk primarily about his golf course. Those should have been two separate issues and interviews. You can see how the media responded and frankly, I agree with them. He missed an opportunity to appear more presidential – that’s my problem with it. Of course, they’re not going to give him a fair shake – he’s the Republican candidate – that’s to be expected – shouldn’t be a surprise. He fed their preconceived notions by wearing his salesman hat a lot longer than his presidential candidate hat.

      I know that it’s obvious by now that I don’t like Trump, but he is the Republican candidate and will likely nominate better people for SCOTUS than Hillary. I hate Hillary with a white-hot passion, but without the SC Justice issue, I’m just about as uncomfortable with Trump who I believe is in the race to feed his ego more than serve his country. I don’t believe his words, his actions belie them and that’s at the heart of my dislike for Trump – I don’t think that he can be trusted.

      If things stay like they are, I’ll probably vote for him, BUT I’ll probably go outside and barf up lunch afterwards. That’s my honest opinion.

      Thanks for commenting, Rudy.


  3. His priorities are Donald. period. His staff of the best and the brightest may be good at some things, but it’s not politics. Either that, or he doesn’t listen to their advice because he thinks he’s so much brighter than anyone else. Sound familiar??

    One of the guys at MSNBC suggested that maybe Trump stayed away from the Brexit topic because he knew Scotland wasn’t pleased with how the vote went. He gave Trump too much credit. Had he been as bright as he claims to be, that would have been the perfect moment to explain to the people of Scotland how it would benefit them.


    • Right on, Kathy – my opinion as well. His massive ego has convinced him that he’s the smartest guy in the room no matter who else is present and that same ego is also his insulation against all of the negative feedback that surrounds him illustrating how wrong he’s been on so many subjects – he just refuses to accept that he screwed up. He shows, for all to see, how ignorant he can be, by ignoring suggestions about his statements and activities. A few tweaks to his demeanor and some education on issues could have all but eliminated most of the dislike that a large majority of the public holds for him. He just refuses to take advice from knowledgeable people that could have made his entire campaign so much more effective. Dumb.


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