The Trump Dilemma

There’s nothing quite so uncomfortable as seeming to be on the same side as your enemy, but thanks to Trump & Company’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party, that’s where I find myself.  True conservatives and true leftists both dislike Trump, but for very different reasons.  Those few qualities that conservatives do appreciate about Trump, such as his refusal to be cowed by political correctness, are the very same qualities that the Left most despises him for; thus every day I am torn between condemning Trump and defending him.  That’s just one of the unfortunate consequences of foisting a non-conservative “leader” onto what purports to be a conservative organization, but let’s not sell that consequence short.  There are serious dynamics at stake in the outcome of this election beyond temporary control of the nation.  If Trump loses to Hillary, what will his rejection be attributed to?  Will it be seen as a failure of Republicans to nominate a candidate that conservatives could support or will it be seen as the American public’s rejection of Trump’s brand of so-called “intolerance” and defiance against political correctness?  The latter is surely how the liberal media would portray it, because the Left understands, as the Right never has, that perception – when skillfully manipulated – far outweighs reality.  If a Trump loss is sold as the Democrats triumph over “bigotry” and anti-globalism the issues that are seen as Trump’s signature issues – illegal immigration, refugee settlement, putting America first, etc., – will become an albatross around the neck of the next Republican.  Therefore it behooves those of us who don’t support Trump, or who do so with great trepidation, to be clear and vocal about both our disagreements and our agreements with him.

My reasons for rejecting Trump in the primary and refusing to commit to voting for him in the general election have been out there for some time but I’ll list them again for the benefit of any new readers.  Donald Trump is not a conservative, either by word or by the history of his deeds.  A tough stance against illegal immigration, as welcomed as it is, does not a conservative make.  The sound of someone being politically incorrect can be intoxicating, but if you sober up long enough to actually listen to Trump’s words and read between the lines you’ll see that he’s a proponent of big-government with no understanding of the basic, conservative principles upon which this nation is founded.  That is the person who will, by default, be the “conservative” alternative versus Hillary Clinton in this race.  His failures and infamous foibles, therefore, will taint conservatism long after he’s gone.  That, in as small a nutshell as I can make, is why am considering sitting out the presidential ballot this time around.

But despite my dislike of Trump as the Republican nominee, I will not conspire with the Left, through silence or otherwise, to politically crucify those who dare to challenge the Left’s insistence on censoring the truth.  I know there is great irony in the often truth-challenged Donald Trump being the champion of political incorrectness a.k.a. speaking the truth, but there it is.  The mental disease of liberalism excepted, illegal immigration is this nation’s greatest unacknowledged threat.  Trump, to his credit, has done what too many Republicans failed to do, and woken a country that was largely asleep with its collective head up its…..….well, you know.  And he deserves credit for not cowing to political correctness when it comes to Muslim immigration and terrorism.  Though I don’t necessarily agree with his specific proposals for addressing these problems, I will strongly defend his right and his rightness for raising them without apology.

Trump protest

This election, more than any I can remember, has become a referendum on free speech. But it’s also a referendum on conservatism.  Somehow we must find a way to preserve both.



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  1. Trump has already done so much for the conservative base just by keeping that crazy woman out of the white house and her Rapist husband, thank God we didnt get a True Rapist back in the White House. How can you be against him when he has made public the list he has for Supreme Court Justices; this is a great true conservative list of individuals. Just wanted to make sure you all thought about that. Have a great day rethinking what you know.

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    • Trump may have kept Hillary out of the WH, but he also kept the only conservative in the race (Ted Cruz) out of the WH as well. What did that do for the “conservative base?”

      If memory serves me right I believe my post was written long before Trump put forward his list of SCOTUS possibilities. I think it’s fair to assume that Ted Cruz would have had a good list as well.

      I’d be curious to know what it is you think I need to “rethink?” In the end I voted for Trump because the “conservative” betrayal gave me little choice, but I’ve been completely fair to him all along (as in I told the truth about Trump, good or bad). Day 2 is a bit soon to suggest that anyone should re-think anything, except for those who suggested he could never win, of which I was not one. But having said that, I rethink things all the time when new evidence suggests I’m wrong. I wonder if the Trump diehards will do the same if things don’t go as they hoped?


      • Hey I was a big Ted Cruz supporter too. But i always saw the potential of Trump and saw how we could never win by being so vile to our own canidated. Never Trumpers did not want to see the good in him. Just as Hilary supporter didnt want to see the bad in her. Yes it is early but it is still better than most day 2s. He is showing strong signs of keeping promises, thats better than most politicians.

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      • There is an epidemic of closed-mindedness in this nation, that’s certainly true.

        “Vile” seems like a harsh way to characterize Republican opposition to Trump, Rethinking. Trump isn’t a conservative, yet he was able to come in and essentially takeover the organization that conservatives helped build for what they hoped would be advancement of the conservative agenda. That rightly offended some people, myself included. We saw, in Ted Cruz, the possibility of taking the Party back in a conservative direction. Trump and his followers robbed us of that. Having said that, I do recognize that the Republican Party had long been commandeered by RINOs (what some now refer to as the “establishment”), and IMO Trump was, on balance, preferable to the status quo (and needless to say much better than Hillary).

        I applaud Trump for taking on the job of POTUS with seriousness and vigor. I like some of the people he’s surrounded himself with, others not so much. I will give him credit when he does right and I will treat him as harshly as anyone else when he does wrong. If Trump supporters want open-minded treatment for Trump than they should understand my reservations about a Republican POTUS who has a liberal past.


  2. Look it’s either Trump or Hillary. Yes Trump is kinda idiotic but he speaks the truth and does not politically correct himself like all of America does witch is a huge issue! That’s a positive quality since he cares about America and its patriotic people and all its American citizens. He’ll make America great again, he’s the only one that can right now. Hillary well we all know the lies throughout her career. Shes a bad person and on the same agenda as Obama and that is a dangerous agenda for American citizens.
    Kick Obama, Hilliary and Islam believers out of the western world. There is no place for there corrupt policy’s.
    Go Trump!


    • “…Idiotic but speaks the truth…”

      My, what high standards we have! And you tell ME not to be a zombie.

      You don’t need to remind me about the tragic choice the Trump followers have forced us into. I’ve never understood why people are convinced that a man who never talks about the Constitution, individual liberty, rights or the free market holds the magic key to making America great again, but there seems to be a lot of irrational exuberance going around these days.

      If you’re sincere about wanting Trump to beat Hillary and would like the help of true conservatives you might want to remove the word “Don’t” from your sign-on name.


  3. I truly feel your pain CW. I too fear Trump is a big government liberal. I also agree that this election can be a referendum on free speech. Like you I have made my feelings known about Trump such as I do not see him as an outsider – just the guy sitting at the other end of the table greasing the pockets of politicians to get his way – but part of the vicious cycle of money. However, like you, I decided that I will vote for him. But as Brian says, my big reason for voting for him is over SCOTUS appointments. Trump did release a list of SCOTUS names that seem to be true conservatives. If Trump loses, then SCOTUS is lost for the rest of our lifetimes. That is a risk I am not willing to take.


    • Very well said, Patrick. Just to be clear I have not yet decided whether to vote for Trump or abstain altogether on that one slot, but I certainly understand your decision and wouldn’t argue with your reasoning.

      It’s good to hear from you, as always. Are you and the misses doing well? I read your latest post comparing Trump to Andrew Trump. It’s quite interesting! Do you suppose that’s why they dumped Jackson from the $20 bill? 🙂


  4. My vote is on hold. Awaiting the convention in July. And my attentions and my $$/support and activity has been to the down voted senate and house candidates. Without GOP power in the legislature, with Trump or Clinton, we are dead for 4 years.

    Vote for Trump? Right now I think not. I’d vote for no one first or maybe a write in which is the same thing. As a Christian I will not vote for those who do what my God tells me is wrong.


  5. Well, it seems that we’re all in the same boat, and of a similar mind. I’m still not ready to commit to voting for “Hairboy” (as Brian has christened him), but I can’t see me voting for Hillary and I won’t just sit it out. If Trump wasn’t so obnoxious and egotistical – not to mention apparently uninformed on issues, he’d have had my support as soon as Cruz dropped out. In my mind, the man is massively unqualified by temperament alone to be our president, but electing a known felon who will likely name several SC Justices isn’t a viable option either. We are, between a rock and a hard place, yet we must choose.

    As I’ve said before, we’re not voting tomorrow so I don’t have to finalize my decision yet. I’ll choose to wait and see what shakes out at the convention. Maybe, as Curtis suggested, the delegates will come to their senses and elect a Walker/Cruz slate. I can hope, can’t I?


  6. This is the worst year to date for all my years as voting and like you, I’m still not sure I can hold my nose long enough to vote for Trump. Almost daily, I find myself defending his 1A rights while stating that I’m not a Trump fan. I give him credit for not being PC, but he is coarse and has no intention of changing. He needs some polish and he needs consistency, but nobody would dare point out his faults. His lack of those things and his prior support for all things leftist scare me. The only benefit he offers over Hillary is a very slim chance at decent SCOTUS picks. Conservatism as we envisioned it is a thing of the past.

    Another great piece, CW.


  7. Yeah, well said. As you know, I’ve had to address many of the same issues.

    I think it’ll be VERY interesting to see what happens at the GOP convention.

    I see a few additional issues that are on the table this time around. The biggest, I think, is SCOTUS appointments. Since Scalia’s death we’ve already seen an ominous shift in the actions of the Court in its new 4 – 4 makeup, and that REALLY worries me, maybe more than any other single issue, and it may well be enough to swing me to actually voting for Hairboy, though I’m surprised to see myself writing those words.

    But hell! This seems to be a YEAR of firsts! After all, I actually cast a vote for “the Bern”, even though it was only in our sorry state’s primary. Who’da ever thunk THAT could happen?

    I think, given the current confluence of events, that a Heldebeeste presidency would be particularly and uniquely disastrous for this country at this juncture in history. That may end up being such a profound truth that I may have to don a gas mask and punch the button for Hairboy, if he does end up being the GOP nominee.

    Holy guacamole…..


    • The SCOTUS appointments are indeed a concern, Brian. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so torn.


    • The SCOTUS appointments can be a game-changer. I think that we can survive another four years (maybe even eight) of Hillary if not for the SC appointments – those can impact the country for 20-30 years. A solidly liberal court could wreak havoc on our rights – cancelling some and creating others out of whole cloth. That could spell the end for the country as we’ve known it.


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