The Democrat Party Playbook

NOTE: This was originally written and published in May of 2012. A number of visitors have been accessing it recently – enough to convince me that it may bear republishing. With the exception of the reference to President Bush in #15, and a reference to ACORN in #16, nothing else has become dated, it seems that the democrats still follow the rules just as they have for decades.


Seventeen (17) Rules for Winning At All Costs

The sun rises in the east, water is wet, and (almost) all politicians lie; three generally true statements. Another true statement: Democrats (especially hard left liberals) can’t be trusted. They will say and do anything to accomplish their goals – in their eyes, the end really does justify the means, so anything goes. That theme is at the heart of their philosophy and is evident in their playbook rules.

Too often, we conservatives want to fight our political battles on a level playing field – one intentionally leveled by us. We are quick to introduce fairness and truth into our arguments, many times to our determent, while the liberal left resorts to any means to win. They will conceal and obscure, deceive and deny any statement or action that would show one of their own in a bad light. And they will lie – lie without a twinge of guilt because in their heart, lying is not bad, it is simply a tool to be used.

Most conservatives don’t feel that way about lies. We are reluctant to tell a falsehood and feel guilty when we do. In short, conservatives are more honest than liberals.

I know that is a statement that will be vigorously challenged by the brainwashed Democrat faithful. But for them, the challenge is simply a reflex action. They would never admit that they are less truthful than conservatives even if confronted with irrefutable evidence. Their reaction is automatic, it apparently comes from decades of liberal inbreeding. An introspective analysis to see if they really are more or less truthful than conservatives is not necessary – it’s not necessary because they just know that they are more truthful.

That mindset was recognized by Ronald Reagan back in 1964 when he said, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

That challenge is to be expected. In fact, it is mandated by the Democrat “Winning At All Costs” playbook. Along with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, the two books reveal the Democrat’s strategery for winning and staying in power.

Pesky Truth has secured a copy of the eyes-only, ultra-secret political field manual for Democrats. Selected rules from the Strategery section follow.

Rule 1: Never admit to an error

Admitting to an error, even a small one, might seem to be a trivial matter, but it creates a weakness, a crack in the armor and may lead to the perception that we are not infallible. We must avoid admitting to even the smallest mistake. Nothing is to be gained by admitting that we are not perfect.

Rule 2: Never allow a Republican error to go unnoticed

In order to maintain the “Democrats = TRUE, Republicans = FALSE” axiom, we must make sure that any error or misstatement by a Republican is immediately publicized as typical of the party of lies and falsehoods. Ensure wide distribution by encouraging our accomplices at the networks and print outlets to incorporate news stories detailing the intentional deceit and moral decay of Republicans.

Rule 3: Never allow an attack on a Democrat to go unchallenged

When we allow any attack to stand without challenge, it implies that the attack is valid and may be true. For this reason, every attack, no matter how small and seemingly unimportant, must be met with an immediate and vigorous counterattack to refute the accusations. If necessary, also combine with other techniques, such as: lying, blaming someone else, etc. Consult a party strategist to be sure that a challenge is appropriate, rather than simply instructing our media accomplices to refrain from reporting on the issue (see Rule 9).

Rule 4: Never admit guilt

Deny, deny, deny. As long as we continue to maintain innocence, the most rabid faithful will rally to us and help to create the impression that we are the aggrieved party. Even if we are faced with irrefutable evidence, we should continue to deny even while shifting to another technique to mitigate the effect of the evidence (it was taken out of context, selective editing, it was illegally obtained, etc.).

Rule 5: In the case of an error or guilt, blame someone else

Always predetermine a guilty party who will fall on his/her sword for the party if it becomes necessary. Evaluate each participant’s “culpability” factor when selecting individuals to head up a team or implement a plan. Have the scapegoat identified beforehand so blame can be placed immediately if a quick reaction becomes necessary. Be sure to place blame on a team member who is easily replaceable, and NEVER allow blame to be directed at ANY of our elected representatives.

Rule 6: When all else fails, lie

When it becomes necessary to lie, lie with conviction. Lies are neither good nor bad, they’re just another tool that may be used to achieve a desired result. It may be helpful to practice lying in everyday situations in order to polish our skills as professional prevaricators. Remember to keep a fabrication as simple as possible and be sure to make others aware of the “facts” so they can confirm the authenticity of the details if it becomes necessary.

Rule 7: Use intimidation

Intimidation can force our enemies to retreat from an accusation, it can eliminate the necessity to refute it and we can use the attempted accusation itself against them. Better to be on offense than defense, and no one is more offensive than we are. The  Opposition Research team can secure damaging information available to leak to the enemy describing what could happen if he/she pursues an ill-advised course of action. Our legal supporters can also threaten legal measures unless the matter is dropped.

Rule 8: Obfuscation is our friend

Our president is a master of obfuscation. It is his natural communication style. It is natural for him to refrain from making definitive statements and instead rely on his natural verbosity to unnecessarily complicate and confuse the perception of what he actually said. This is why the masses all seem to hear what they want to hear. In order to polish this skill, practice rewording a statement by using two or three times as many words as necessary. Draw on a good thesaurus to help in saying the same thing several times during the exercise with minor variations so as to muddle the perception of the vital point of what was said. In other words, talk like an ivy league intellectual.

Rule 9: Depend on our media associates

Many times, simply ignoring a negative story will allow it to run its course without any lasting damage. This technique is a companion to challenging an attack (Rule 3) and the determination of which method would be most successful should be made by a party strategery specialist. Communicating our strategery (sic) to our media associates will eliminate any chance of stories inadvertently appearing in print or electronic news when we want them suppressed, buried, or ignored.

Rule 10: Change the rules

When it becomes evident that we can’t win a conflict, change the rules. We should always obfuscate when negotiating any agreement with Republicans. It will be easier to prevail when we are able to redefine the rules after-the-fact. We should take advantage of our alliance with the media to leak our version of the redefined “rules” to them. Once printed or presented in the electronic media, the previously unaware public will apply the “new” rule to the contested positions and interpret our actions as following those rules – resulting in a win for us.

Rule 11: Constructive reinterpretation

Our plans and/or policies must never be distributed as definitive statements. If redefinition becomes necessary, it is more difficult to adjust our position when archive versions exist that contradict later contents. Therefore, talking points must contain certain subtle variations from version to version to allow for later constructive reinterpretation to yield the desired result. Once again, a timely leak to our media associates will allow us to maintain that the “final” version is consistent with what was originally said. This technique can counter any accusation of “flip flopping.”

Rule 12: Cultivate a faulty memory

Use the time-honored Clinton/Pelosi defense (“I don’t remember”) when accused of any action that could be viewed as detrimental to our cause. No one can prove otherwise. Facts can prove that a memory is faulty, but facts can’t prove that an event or a conversation is remembered when we maintain that we don’t remember. Selective memory is a time-honored political technique and will not result in any negative repercussions.

Rule 13: Tell them what they want to hear

Focus groups and opinion polls are our friends. They tell us what the public wants to hear and that tells us what we should say. We will always tell them what they want to hear. It is not productive to incorporate our real motives or objectives in our statements or press releases, only to assure the target group that we are the party to give them what they desire, regardless of what that is. Given the attention span of the average inert citizen and the reluctance to admit an error in judgment, the voters will never require us to account for previous statements or promises.

Rule 14: Pander to our base

It is important to retain our core constituency. We must say whatever it takes to influence gays, minorities and unions to believe that Democrats are their only choice. Reinforcing a distrust of our racist Republican enemies and their big business fat-cat enablers is part of our strategy to keep the unions, gays and minorities voting Democrat.

Rule 15: Depend on The Formula – it works

The formula that won the 2008 election will be valid for years to come. Commit it to memory and use it often. It is:

  • Bush = Ignorant, lying, racist, homophobic war-monger
  • Bush = Republican
  • Therefore, Republicans = Ignorant, lying, racist, homophobic war-mongers.

Rule 16: NEVER concede an election

If we appear to be on the losing end of an election, it is important to immediately identify how many votes will be required to win. Once known, we can call on our associates at ACORN’s subsidiaries to apply their creative resources to find those votes that were “initially overlooked.” The Legal Group can also file legal challenges disallowing the other side’s ballots for cause. As a guideline, any election that is within 20% is subject to creative reconstruction.

Rule 17: Play the “race” card

Republicans are afraid of being labeled a racist. Even the threat of calling someone a racist can be intimidating. We should use the racist label to demean our enemies whenever possible. Overuse is not a concern, there is no such thing – use it as often as is necessary. Another advantage of the racist label is the immediate negative reaction by African-Americans to anyone labeled a racist. Therefore, all Republicans should always be labeled as “racists.”


If there is any doubt about the accuracy of the playbook, just pay attention to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC Chair, and watch her flawless deployment of the rules. She is the walking embodiment of the playbook. It is said that she has stone tablets displayed in her office with the rules chiseled into them.

And here is another quote from a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, who defined an intellectual as “a man who takes more words than are necessary to tell more than he knows”.  Little did he know that he was describing our 44th president, Barack Hussein Obama to a tee.


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2 replies

  1. Unfortunately we’re all too familiar with the strategy.

    I believe #6 has been amended to remove the words: “When all else fails,….”


  2. Good one, Garnet. All points are spot on and timeless. The Dems have been using that playbook for decades and most of our republican representatives still haven’t figured out how to counter it.


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