This Ted Cruz speech illustrates graphically why he should have been our candidate for President

You’ll note no hysterics, no screaming or ranting, no boastful rhetoric, only a man acting as a leader should act. He speaks in full, well constructed sentences that are easy to understand and they describe precisely the message he’s trying to convey. He conveys the country’s condolences to the families of those murdered or injured and tells them that we stand with them in solidarity and lift them up in prayer. He doesn’t once mention himself or his personal fortune, nor does he insult any individual who has recently displeased him. His demeanor is, in short, presidential. It is factual, concise, and to-the-point, and stands in stark contrast to the classless and clueless diatribe we’ve come to expect from Donald Trump.

Take a good look folks – this is what a REAL leader looks like.

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  1. Cruz is good and by far the better candidate, but perhaps he’s too calm considering the state of things these days. Voters wanted to see and hear a more emotional involvement from the candidates this year, and as a result we got haystack head for the presumed nominee.


  2. Thanks be to God that Ted Cruz exists. But I’m so saddened that He did not allow us this man as our president…yet. It seems like it’s almost too late.
    I’m still waiting for the executive America NEEDS, not the one she DESERVES.

    Until then, I support Convention of the States. I think our ownly hope right now.


    • I guess it’s times like these when our faith is challenged. We have to accept what’s happened. We don’t have to like it, but we (somehow) need to remain confident that God had a reason for allowing this travesty to happen. Maybe it’s a lesson – one that after four years of Trump or Hillary, we’ll finally elect Cruz and right the ship of state, returning it to its Constitutional core.

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  3. It’s hard to watch Cruz’s speech knowing that he won’t be president but Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will. This country is insane.

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