The Trump Cabinet

If The Donald wins in November (not a good thing, but still better than Hillary), he will be making a few appointments.  Most of these will be for positions that are collectively known as the Cabinet.

I have a few ideas for appointments, but I’d like to get some input from our readers as well.  How would you fill in these positions?

VP: Allen West

First SCOTUS justice: Ted Cruz

SecState: John Bolton 

Attorney General: Greg Abbott

Veterans Affairs: Dr. Ben Carson

SecDef: James Mattis

Homeland Security: Tom Tancredo

Labor: Chris Christie 

Interior: Sarah Palin

Treasury: Mitt Romney 


Health & Human Services: 

Surgeon General: 


Education: (personal preference is to eliminate this department) 

Energy: (eliminate this one as well) 


Housing & Urban Development:

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  1. Like I said, his #1 goal will be to NOT BE A FAILURE


  2. Well, he DID say repeatedly that he would get the absolute best people possible, because he couldn’t run everything. A couple of times he did admit to not having the knowledge of all departments, so there is hope.

    If he does get elected, his #1 goal will be to not be a failure.


  3. Excellent choices Craw! The unfortunate thing is that there’s no way that Trump would choose so many strong people – he’s not going to want to listen to them and, in turn, they won’t allow themselves to become “yes” men. What you’ve done is name a cabinet that would serve Trump well if only he’d recognize that they’re ALL smarter than he is and listen to their advice.


  4. That’s a pretty good list, Crawfish. Allen West would be a great VP or Secretary of Defense, which means he probably won’t be considered. If Trump sincerely wants to make America great again he’ll fill those spots with people who actually know how to serve the interests of the nation, unlike Obama who chose leftwing loons to help him destroy the country.


  5. That stuff I said about David Petraeus? Yeah, never mind. He’s teaming up with Mark Kelly to push international background checks. Our Vets don’t need more headaches that he’d bring on.


  6. Having John Bolton and Mitt Romney in the top 2 slots looks good for that consideration. Both could handle the job.


    • What is really frightening are Lurch and Jack Lew so close to ascendancy to the ObamaThrone, At least Jeh Johnson is at the bottom of the current list. But if it ever came down to that option, why bother? We would have already made the trip, and the hand basket we traveled in mere cinders.


  7. Perhaps it may be a bit “off the wall” thinking, but I tend to be the type who looks past the immediate problem, and consider potential ramifications from proposed solutions. While the prospect of the unthinkable is remote, we are living in very strange and dangerous times.

    With that in mind, I suggest listing Cabinet position as ranked by order of succession should that need arise. Then, look at your recommendations again, considering how each falls in line with your confidence in their ability to take on that momentous task.

    The order of succession** being Vice President, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and President Pro Tempore of the Senate, respectively first, second, and third, is as follows:

    4-Secretary of State
    5-Secretary of the Treasury
    6-Secretary of Defense
    7-Attorney General
    8-Secretary of the Interior
    9-Secretary of Agriculture
    10-Secretary of Commerce
    11-Secretary of Labor
    12-Secretary of Health and Human Services
    13-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
    14-Secretary of Transportation
    15-Secretary of Energy
    16-Secretary of Education
    17-Secretary of Veterans Affairs
    18-Secretary of Homeland Security

    ** Persons not ‘qualified’ to be President under the Constitution are passed over to the next ‘qualified’ person on the list.


  8. Fully agree on Governor Abbott.

    Judge Nap enjoys the celebrity without having a serious job.


  9. I like your choices, Crawfish, with one change and that is Ben Carson. I’d move him to Surgeon General and put a veteran such as David Petraeus or Jerry Boykin in charge of the VA. I’m not sure which slot she’d be best in, but I’d put Carly Fiorina into the mix somewhere, along with Rick Perry. Maybe DHS? In addition to eliminating the Education and Energy Departments, let’s add the EPA to that list.


    • Fiorina at Commerce?

      I put Carson at VA because that medical system needs an overhaul. Maybe Carson for the first term, followed by an ass-kicking vet for the second term.

      EPA is an independent organization that is not run at the Cabinet level. It should be severely reigned in, shrunk down, and put under the control of the Department of the Interior.


      • True about the EPA, I’d forgotten they weren’t cabinet. Carson would probably do a great job at the VA – I just wanted the ass kicking to come first.

        Greg Abbott would be superb at AG, but I’d hate to lose him as governor. Any thoughts on Andrew Napolitano? Would you put him somewhere?


    • Uh, Kathy, let’s remember that guv Perry gave Spain a lease of 50 years for a stretch of toll road down in texas, that is hardly being used because it costs too much and goes too far around to justify using it.
      Perry has had his days. He needs to retire, take it easy, lean back and remember when times were better.


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