Hillary Clinton’s eyes

Part of this serious medical consideration of Hillary Clinton’s health was taken from the American Thinker, one part is taken from a YouTube video that is attributed to Conan O’Brien. The following is brought to you as a public service by Pesky Truth. H/T to my friend, Rock.

It should be a really simple question: what color are Hillary Clinton’s eyes?

However, eagle-eyed Lee Cary spotted something strange.

Today on Drudge, we see her with blue eyes.

Hillary with blue eyes

However, a quick look at Google Images reveals hazel eyes to be the norm.

Hillary with hazel eyes

Does the prospective president of the United States actually switch contact lenses to make her eyes match her outfits?  Is this a matter of pure vanity?

Perhaps we should worry more about the aftereffects of Hillary’s concussion – see for yourself:

Our Pesky Truth investigative reporters have learned that Hillary had her eyes “fixed” that way so she could catch Bill groping any female with his reach.


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2 replies

  1. Ha! Her best look yet! It would be funny if her eyes actually did that every time she told a lie. 😀


    • That would be hilarious! It would also be a serious “tell” and she couldn’t exist if she identified every lie with crossed eyes. It’d be like when my mom used to tell me to stop that or one time my eyes would remain that way and never again be normal.


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