Donald Trump Is A Hero, Just Ask Him

From:,  by Derek Hunter,  on Jun 2, 2016,  see the article HERE.

Trump angry with hand up

Donald Trump is a hero. Just ask him.

He’s a champion for everything popular and is opposed to everything unpopular. If you support him you are smart. If you don’t, you’re a moron.

It doesn’t matter if he contradicts something he’s said years, days or even minutes ago. He is going to be the greatest president ever. At least that’s the depth of the intellectual argument his supporters make for his candidacy.

Make no mistake, if elected, Hillary Clinton will be awful. Yet I’ve seen nothing to lead me to believe Donald Trump would be any better.

Some of what Trump says sounds good – but only if you don’t listen closely and he’s telling the truth. There are few things more painful than listening to Donald Trump attempt to talk about policy. He doesn’t know much about it, and given the fact that we’re a year into his candidacy, he doesn’t care about it.

If, after a year of campaigning, he can’t answer basic questions without going off on self-aggrandizing tangents or contradicting himself from days or hours earlier, he has no core beliefs. He has no principles.

I believe if he were to become president he’d be as dangerous as Hillary Clinton. The difference is congressional Republicans would go along with his bad ideas and excuse his abuses of power simply because he has an R after his name. I’m not willing to trade the other team’s despot for one on my team.

On the issue of the money raised for veteran’s groups, as with all criticism, Trump is quick to martyr himself.

His press conference Tuesday was an exercise in hero self-worship. He proclaimed he was being forced to take credit for donating $5.6 million to veterans groups because the mean old media made him, when he’d been sitting on most of the money until people started asking where it was. Moreover, he nearly blew out his shoulder patting himself on the back for raising it in the first place when he chickened out of a Fox News debate.

Then he made it sound like he’d personally written a check for the full amount, when all but $1 million was raised from others, and he wrote his $1 million check only when he was forced to by media inquiries. No wonder he was so mad at the press; they held him accountable and made him give away .01 percent of what he claims as his net worth. Giving $1 million to charity is great, don’t get me wrong. But to pretend he’s a hero for keeping his word is like demanding credit from your wife for not cheating on her.

After praising himself, and to feed his fragile ego, Trump ran to his safe-space: his favorite sycophantic radio and TV host for a pre-taped lovefest where he once again played the victim. For a self-proclaimed religious man who’s never asked God for forgiveness, he sure is quick to nail himself to the cross.

On the one issue which matters more than all others, the Supreme Court, Trump released a list of judges from which, he said, he’d choose his nominees. It was a glimmer of hope in an otherwise hopeless election cycle. Yet within hours, after basking in the praise of originalists for the list, he added a qualifier – he’d pick from the list or someone else not on the list. Why? It was like Nancy Kerrigan kneecapping herself.

Trump was, once again, self-destructive. The list either means something or it doesn’t; it’s either THE LIST or it’s just a group of names compiled as an attempt to placate skeptical conservatives. That’s the problem with Trump – there is no way to know.

That’s why I can’t vote for Donald Trump. I can’t vote for someone who could be worse than Hillary but would do it with the approval of the party to which I belong. Many in the media, particularly the pro-Trump media, seem to believe opposing Trump was something that would end when he secured the nomination. That may have been the case for some people, but for many of us it was, is, and always will be based on principle.

I can’t vote for Donald Trump because there is no Donald Trump anymore than there’s a Holden Caulfield. He’s a character created to be whatever he needs to be at any given time. I can’t vote for that. I have beliefs, I believe in conservative principles…and no candidate on the ballot does.

I won’t advocate others follow my lead, it’s a choice everyone has to make for themselves. I will be critical of Clinton and of Trump, and I’ll defend Trump when I believe he’s being wrongly attacked, but I can’t vote for him because I do not trust or believe anything he says.



I can sympathize with the author.

Like him, I don’t trust or believe anything Trump says. For the record, I wasn’t born this way, I didn’t learn it in school and I didn’t feel this way a year ago. This distrust of Donald Trump has grown from a seedling of doubt to a full-blown towering oak of complete disdain over the past year of watching him and listening to his statements. The man is a serial exaggerator, a serial liar, and an egotistical narcissist of the highest order. I see little to like, much less trust and it will be difficult for me to vote for a president whose actions have proven that I shouldn’t trust him.

I feel sorry for him. The man has no real inner core set of beliefs that guide him through life – except self-aggrandizement, and that is truly sad.



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  1. We’ve just survived eight years of a petulant man-child, so we sure don’t need 4 more of the same thing, and from a guy’s whose ego is so yuge it makes O’s look small. On the other hand, Hillary’s been clear that she doesn’t believe the 2A is constitutional and she owes a lot of international favors, so ruin is in our future for sure with her. What’s a voter to do? I don’t know yet.


    • And, as my brother is fond of saying, “neither me.” Others have characterized our quandary as “damned if we do, damned if we don’t,” or “either we take the arsenic or the cyanide,” which speaks accurately of the choice that we’re going to have to make come November. I don’t want EITHER of them and I’m hoping that some other more palatable choice is available then. I could’ve leaned towards the name of SC Justices as a determining factor, but Donald Trump keeps displaying that he is totally and completely unfit for the office and I’m not so sure that the Supreme Court nominations can negate the harm that he’s capable of doing to the country. Like you, I’ll wait and hope that a miracle happens and a white knight rides in and saves the day (yeah, right).


  2. You said it ll in your commentary at the bottom of the piece Garnet92… Agreed!


  3. After what he’s been saying about Judge Curiel, I think we must undeniably add racist to the list. All I needed to disqualify Trump was “bully”. I don’t want to help a bully become President. I’m not saying HRC won’t make mistakes, but she does at least appear to understand what presidents can and can’t do, the laws and limits they must operate within. Trump thinks he can order the military to commit torture (if he wants), that the US isn’t bound by international treaties and alliances if HE doesn’t like them, that one can negotiate a “haircut” on foreign debt without economic consequences, that other countries could be forced to pay for our border security, that we somehow have the necessary police in place to deport millions, and that all his pipe dreams can be paid for without having to offer any hints how. It should be common knowledge the man is unqualified for the office, outside of being over 35 and a native citizen.


    • Thanks for your comment and your insight, Mikey. If you’ve been frequenting PT for any time, you know that we (collectively) have similar views on Mr. Trump. What he said about Judge Curiel is S.O.P. for Trump – if you offend him in any way, he’ll retaliate and in this case where Judge Curiel has added insult to injury by releasing some of the “Trump University” internal materials, that just infuriated The Donald all over again. I love it! It looks like the “parent” has finally slapped that petulant child on the bottom when he acted up. That is exactly how Trump acts – like a petulant child who throws a fit when he doesn’t get his way. He needs a good old spanking.

      BTW, thanks for visiting – stop by any time!


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