What Rights Do You Have?

As California moves this week to further criminalize free speech, what will be the response of Californians? Unprecedented legislation aimed at criminalizing, as an act of fraud, any opinion that denies man made “climate change” is expected eventually to pass the single party tyranny masquerading as a republican form of government and become law.

“This bill — Senate Bill 1161, or the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016 — explicitly authorizes district attorneys and the Attorney General to pursue UCL claims alleging that a business or organization has directly or indirectly engaged in unfair competition with respect to scientific evidence regarding the existence, extent, or current or future impacts of anthropogenic induced climate change,” — says the state Senate Rules Committee’s floor analyst.

At what point will the people of California rise up and say enough? The freedom to speak truth to power is precisely why the first amendment (US Const) was added via the Bill of Rights. A State’s laws must not violate the unalienable rights of individuals, and when they do it effects a jurisdictional change, any violation by State government of an individual’s unalienable rights raises a Federal, Constitutional, question.

There is a maxim of sorts, that the only unalienable rights you possess, are those which you are personally willing to exercise, enforce and suffer the consequences of so doing.

Have American Citizens become so docile and servient to government bureaucrats that they will simply shrink from their duty as joint tenants in American sovereignty to accept such outrageous assaults on liberty without offering any fight whatsoever? Favoring instead a false sense of safety from their own government?

The words of fictional character Ra’s al Ghul (Batman Begins) sums up the right relationship of a people to their government succinctly — “People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people”.

When a government no longer fears retribution from the people, no longer sees the people as the source of sovereign power, then no Constitution, no court, no Congressmen nor Senators will ever offer an effective check on the power assumed by the executive, because they will also feed on and prosper by that assumption of power.

California has always been the most radical extension of the abuses we see happening at the Federal level. California is to the government in DC as N. Korea is to China. What they get away with in California, if they get away with it, will eventually come to your state. And when it does, what will you be prepared to do about it?


The first amendment is now dead in California: New California bill would allow prosecution of climate-change skeptics

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  1. I hope Brian’s right – that even if enacted, that it won’t pass Constitutional scrutiny. But it won’t stop there. As we’ve all seen for decades, the left never gives up. They’ll be back, again and again, until some watered-down version of a similar bill does become law and then they’ll attempt to strengthen it until Global Warming is a reality and Carbon Credits are a currency of the land.

    At least, that’s what the Gore army needs to make Al’s Carbon Credits scheme pay off. The left sees “Climate Change” as a cash cow that could generate trillions of dollars of income once they can write legislation to enact more taxes to prevent the ocean’s rise.

    Frankly, I think that the tide has turned and skepticism grows regarding the whole climate change caused by man concept. As more evidence seeps into the public’s view, fewer are worried about the catastrophes forecast by the proponents and their scheme is failing – slowly, but still failing.

    This may turn out to be a good milestone to gauge how the public will react to entities being stifled in their opposition to climate change. Maybe it’ll wake up the silent majority to the tactics the left is using to stifle free speech; climate change being only the catalyst.

    UPDATE: To further reinforce Brian’s comment, here is a link to an article noting that the CA Senate has refused to take up the bill and it has died (for the present).


    • Brian is an optimist, I do not suffer that malady! They don’t care about the Constitution, it’s a piece of old paper with faded words.When the people have spoken, constitutionally, via referendum, the Cal. AG just files suit or the Civil Liberties Union files suit, or the DOJ files suit… you get my point, and the 9th Cir. Ct of Appeals sides with the left, constitution be damned. Certainly the US Sp Ct is no check on State overreach unless of course they’re dealing with a conservative state. What the left attempts once, it attempts again and again until they win. I tried to tell friends and family in my State that because an eastern state decided they could tax homeowners for the rain, we’d see the same here. Guess what, beginning two years ago, we are now taxed for rainfall based on the square-footage of our roof tops, driveways, decks or patios. It doesn’t matter if rain gets channeled into our lawns and gardens, they tax it as if it’s all runoff, and needs to be treated. The peculiar thing is, I thought they were worried a few years ago that we needed to conserve water because there wasn’t enough treatable water to supply our needs. No, this is just the beginning… you’re quite right, they never give up.


      • Moreover, my larger point isn’t the bill, whether it is taken up or not, passed or not. I wrote this initially when it was scheduled to be taken up. My point is there are 17 AG’s across the country that support this effort. They WILL find a way to prevail, and the Constitution is nothing more than a speed bump to them, especially now. Actually, given the fact it legislated two wins for Obamacare when Scalia was still alive, I don’t think anyone can say this court as it’s configured now is going to actually put a stop to any of the left’s sacred-cow agenda items.


  2. Great post and great question in your title, AfterShock.

    You said, “There is a maxim of sorts, that the only unalienable rights you possess are those which you are personally willing to exercise, enforce and suffer the consequences of so doing.”

    That is unequivocally 100% correct. People can talk about their rights all day long if they want to, but such talk is meaningless unless you can actually exercise those rights.

    The Left’s assault on our rights has been in hyper mode ever since they realized that they can harness the power of our own local, state and federal governments against us, because as individuals we are ill equipped to fight back with sufficient force. It’s the Left’s version of shock and awe. This law may or may not ultimately stand up in court. But even if it doesn’t, what will it cost us in time and resources to put out this fire, and what other fires will the leftists start while we’re occupied with this one? The country is burning and we’re about out of water. The only way to quash the assault is to get conservatives back in charge of all levels of government. How we achieve that, I don’t know.

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    • Thanks CW! My main concern isn’t that they try this crap, it’s that people just take it stride… That’s why the left eventually wins. They never accept defeat, they retool and try again until they get what they want. There is no consequence, so why not? They at least know how to push an agenda. Republicans, and way too many average people, have no clue how to git er dunn!


  3. Actually, I don’t think this bill presents much of a real-world problem.

    First, it’s actually “inactive” in the state Senate. More importantly, even if ever enacted it won’t stand up to judicial scrutiny. The latest ruling in fed court regarding similar efforts by state AGs to do something like this has already found such efforts unconstitutional as being an infringement on the First Amendment.


    • Brian you’re just one a them annoying optimists! They don’t need no stinking constitution! And they never give up. This needs to be slapped down hard. At any rate, I would never have believed they could tax rainfall in Minnesota… but that’s just what they’ve done, so much for property rights, they just tax it away and as for the standing water in my swamp, well all I can say is EPA. Constitutional? Not so much but they aren’t deterred. The real issue isn’t whether they will succeed this time around, eventually they will find a way, the issue is how we respond as individuals. They get very little blow-back from ordinary people. Oh sure the usual suspects show up at town-hall meetings, but there’s no real push. Most go along to get along.


  4. I think the answer is yes, people have become docile and obedient, partly because they’ve seen others get smacked down after an attempted moment of resistance, and partly because there are so many issues that there is little focus on any one of them. Certainly not enough to counter and force the government to back down. Our silence has created a monster that’s gotten to the uncontrollable stage.

    California is following Lynch’s lead, but why? Maybe in hopes of more federal money headed their way. Lord knows they need it after wasting all of their own money.


    • They follow Lynch’s lead because they are progressive statists, that’s just what they are raised from birth to do — control the lives of other people even as they themselves are out of control.


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