Let’s Talk About the Most Vile Person Walking the Planet


By Brandon Morse at Red State:

There is no end to my disdain for many a person in the public eye, and my readers will probably know this from following me for just one week. There is one that has a special place in deepest recesses of the blackest part of my heart, and it’s a woman named Cecile Richards.

Many of you already know her as the director of Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant. I like to refer to her as the most unelected official in America.

She who gets half a billion dollars a year from the taxpayers to not only carry out the most vile practice in the world, but also to use her industry as a partisan influence in politics as she stands on a soapbox to tell those same taxpayers they’re bad for not getting on board with her views, as her “non-profit” sold off baby parts.

This woman is responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 children a year.

So naturally, CafeMom (note: it’s a lefty blog site) wanted to recognize her by counting her among the “moms who inspire,” and sat down with Richards for a Q&A that dripped with pre-prepared puff piece propaganda. You can read the entire interview if you’d like – if you can stomach it – but there were a few parts that really caught my eye.

One part in particular was brought to my attention by LifeNews.com, where Richards said “I’ve always been interested in social justice, and there is no more fundamental injustice than the lack of access to health care.”

I can think of a few things off the top of my head that are more of a fundamental injustice than something that’s not even remotely a fundamental injustice. Slavery, racial segregation, mandatory U2 albums on iTunes, and slaughter of the unborn to name just a few. It strikes me that Richards puts everything – and I mean everything – below abortion, or as she likes to call it, “women’s health,” or “reproductive health.”

This includes your rights. Like in the instance of Hobby Lobby, where Richards flat out lied in order to push the narrative that Hobby Lobby was attempting to strip birth control from women, when that wasn’t even remotely true. They still provided birth control, just not specific kinds – the kinds that caused abortions.

Despite this being an obvious fact, Richards spun lie after lie in an attempt to sway the public into a frenzy that would make sure the fight to keep businesses under the thumb of government – which would then in turn mandate birth control that you could get at Planned Parenthood – good and strong. Essentially, Richards wants you, business owners and taxpayers, to keep her business booming, and she’ll boldly lie in order to accomplish that goal. Especially if it means stripping you of your religious rights to do so, as Christians are the primary group standing in the way of her lobbying.

She believes in social justice so long as it keeps Planned Parenthood deep in the black with your forced tribute.

ann richards

Cecile’s mom, Ann Richards, Democrat and former Governor of Texas, who opposed conceal carry and tried to give Texas waterways to the federal government.

There’s also a bit in the CafeMom interview where Richards talks about taking a financial hit because she signed on as President of Planned Parenthood. She plays it off like she’s doing this, not for the money, but for the public good.

What is one piece of advice from your mom that will always stick with you?
She encouraged me to take this job at Planned Parenthood. Mom had a lot of good advice, but the most memorable for me was that public service was a noble calling.

She told me, “You could go somewhere else and make a lot of money, perhaps with less stress. But you will never have the kind of reward you get when someone looks you in the eye and says, ‘Thank you for making my life better.’”

I am so honored to feel that gratitude from our patients, supporters, volunteers, and staff every single day at Planned Parenthood.

What she’s not telling you is that her “noble calling” nets her a $590,928 salary. That’s over half a million dollars a year to kill children, lie about services Planned Parenthood provides, and lobby the government to strip your rights so Sally can have birth control.

Oh, and this is a 40% increase in pay since 2011, even though Planned Parenthood’s business is on the decline.

There’s a man getting shot at in the line of duty, and another man currently running into a burning building right now who don’t make a quarter that much. I’d also like to remind you once again that half a billion of your taxpayer dollars are going to this organization.

She finishes the interview with something that I can only assume was designed to make people cringe. Upon being asked about her own abortion…

You have been vocal about your own abortion. Why do you think it’s important for women (many of whom are moms) to talk about it in a pragmatic way?
The majority of women who have abortions are mothers already. In fact, often being a mother already factors into a woman’s decision to have an abortion when thinking through what is best for her and her family. I had an abortion when I already had my three children. My husband and I had decided that our family was complete.

Then finishes by answering this question, I assume, with a straight face.

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment?
My children are the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I just imagine her family photo. She and her husband, and three grinning children underfoot. There were supposed to be four, maybe a little girl in a pink dress, with a flower in her hair. But Cecile Richards thought that kid was inconvenient, so she had to go. I put it lightly. She had to die.

And she’s proud of this. She thinks its great that she had the ability to kill her own child, then turns around and says that her children are the best think she’s ever done with her life.

If children are the highlight of her life, how does she square taking away that joy from so many? How does she justify looking into the smiling eyes of her own children that have allegedly made her so happy, and preside over an organization that rips children like these from the womb, where if they don’t die via the process, they die soon after.

This woman is horrifying. A walking, talking terror film that consistently appears as a celebrated individual in my news feeds. My heart breaks whenever she opens her mouth, because every word that comes out means more children will die. But what is horrifying for the average person is something Cecile Richards views as success, and goodness.

I wish I was being hyperbolic when I say that this woman is the modern day representation of pure evil, but I’m not sure I’m properly conveying the full extent of how awful she is.


A good rant, Brandon, really good. We’ve talked for years about PP and the other government-funded women’s health care facilities that provide all the same services except abortion, yet they’re still in business.

As of January 2016 Congress has voted 8 times to defund PP and the Dems keep fussing at the Rs to move on to higher priorities, and O continues to veto the bills. Considering the choices, it’s doubtful that whoever is the next president will change that cycle one iota.

I have to agree with Brandon that Cecile is vile. In fact, what she does, and the attitude she has about it, makes Hillary look near saint-like. At least Hillary waits until people are grown before she kills them.


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10 replies

  1. The arrogance of this woman staggers, I’m no saint, I’m a sinner, and so I can only pray I never see her on the afterlife’s permanent resident list… If I do, I’ll definitely have gone to the wrong place.


  2. If she was honest she would have answered the question “What do you think is your greatest accomplishment?” by saying, “Having three children and killing a fourth one are the best things I’ve ever done in my life.”

    Vile and evil are both appropriate descriptions of a woman whose livelihood depends on killing babies and selling their parts like a butcher packages cuts of meat. Her mom, “Ma Richards” was an awful Governor and vile in her own right, but nothing like being a purveyor of baby parts.


  3. Brandon Morse said it well. Cecile Richards is your typical lying leftist with no conscience.


  4. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Her mom, former Governor of Texas Ann Richards was as vile an extremist as you can name. She did have a wit about her, and a dramatic hairstyle, but that vote I gave GWB (for the only time) to oust her was one of the most satisfying ones of my life!


    • Same here, Curtis, I couldn’t wait to get rid of Richards. She brought the lottery to Texas and promised it would benefit our schools. Right…everybody that believed that, raise your hand.


  5. Cecile Richards’ clone is one Deborah Ross, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, running against Republican incumbent Richard Burr. Ross is a longtime ACLU leader and lobbyist. She is smart, and charming, and evil to the core. She is the most dangerous politician in North Carolina. She’s apparently never met a baby who she didn’t want to abort. She’s definitely never met a Christian whose rights she didn’t want to trample.

    Burr is in trouble, which ought to scare you to death.


    • I’m not familiar with Ms. Ross, so I’ll take your word for it. There’s not a democrat alive today that hasn’t reached some level of evil; some like Richards, and apparently Ross, have exceeded all expectations.


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