Greg Gutfeld Shoots Down Katie Couric’s Gun Documentary


The biggest lie I ever told

For anyone who may not be aware of this, dear Katie asked a key question during an interview of members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League.  She (her editors) then intentionally removed their answers and spliced in nine seconds of some prior video of the men sitting quietly and not responding, so that the viewers are left with the impression that the members had no answer to her question. She later apologized, stating that she never intended to make anyone look bad.

Gutfeld’s rant focused on Couric’s admission of deceptive editing of the documentary “Under the Gun,” which was produced in partnership with several pro-gun control groups. Couric was the executive producer and would have had a say in the final cut of the video.

Not a fan of “The Five” but Greg absolutely got this one right. If Couric hadn’t been caught editing her anti-gun video, she would never have ‘fessed up. He played the edited clip — then the raw audio of the segment as it occurred.

This is dishonest and intentionally deceptive politics masked as journalism and she should be fired, but like most situations today, the subsequent apology negates all the lies and they all go about business as usual.

But liberal deception aside, the men participating in the discussion didn’t catch the falsehood in Couric’s question –

“If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

Background checks are indeed being done for every gun purchased through a dealer, and they should have called her out on that before answering anything. Wake up guys – when the libs are on a mission, every word matters.


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  1. I saw the portion of that documentary with the silence following her question – and I couldn’t believe what I wasn’t hearing – I couldn’t believe that they weren’t responding to her question – now we know why. They actually did respond immediately, she just “without malice aforethought” edited the video so that they appeared unable to answer her “probing” question. I’ll bet that she and her cronies were elated at how dumbstruck the gun owners appeared to be when edited that way – I can just see the “high fives” all around. Whatever happened to honest reporting? God knows that we can’t depend on any reporting any more.


    • Exactly. Like Gutfeld said – it was worded and edited to make her look smart and to make them look dumb. Couric apologized for making them look bad, but she didn’t apologize for the nasty editing job.


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