At rallies last week, Donald Trump attacked popular Republican governors Nikki Haley and Susanna Martinez, and Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.  He even took a shot at former Texas Gov. Rick Perry – for endorsing him.

Isn’t this odd behavior for a GOP presidential nominee allegedly striving to unify his party?  Isn’t it more like what a Democrat mole intent on sabotage might do? . . . . . . . .

I’m amazed by how many normally sensible people refuse to see The Donald for who he is. . . . You may reasonably conclude Trump is sufficiently lesser an evil to justify casting a ballot for him in November.  Dennis Prager has made what I think is the best argument for why conservatives should support Trump:

If Hillary is elected, it’s 100 percent certain she’ll pick a left winger to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.  Trump has released a list of 11 jurists he said he’d consider nominating.  Any one of them would be an excellent choice.

I doubt Trump is familiar with any of the names on “his” list.  And – because he has broken it so often – I have little confidence he would keep his word.

But the Donald is smart enough to know betraying supporters on the issue they consider most important would get his presidency off to a bad start. I put the odds Trump actually would appoint a judge from his list at 50-50, maybe a little better.

A 50 percent chance the next president will make the right choice on the most important decision he or she is likely to make sure beats no chance at all.  I’ll criticize no conservative who casts a ballot for Trump for that reason.

I won’t be joining them, both because I’m not certain Trump is the lesser of evils, and because I am sure the lesser evil is evil.

We know a Hillary presidency would be utterly awful.  We can’t know for certain what a Trump presidency would be like.  It’s reasonable to hope it wouldn’t be as bad. But thoughtful conservatives . . .  think Trump would be worse.

I’m not sure they’re right, and even if they are, I don’t think that justifies a vote for Hillary. . . .

I want to assure (folks) that if Hillary is elected in November, . . . it won’t be because I didn’t vote for The Donald.  We #NeverTrumpers are noble fellows all, but there are too few of us to make much difference in a national election.

Trump would get trounced in a head-to-head race with Hillary because of the millions of other people he’s disgusted, frightened or offended. I noted last week an astounding 65 percent of respondents in an NBC poll said they “dislike” or “hate” Donald Trump. According to a Bloomberg poll in April, 70 percent of married women oppose Trump.  In the past, married women have been the most reliable component of GOP coalitions. In a poll conducted in April by Latino Decisions, only 11 percent of Hispanics said they’d support The Donald against Hillary. Also in April, a poll conducted by the Harvard Institute of Politics indicated Millennials support Hillary over Trump, 61 percent to 25 percent.

By attacking Susanna Martinez, re-elected by a landslide in Democrat-leaning New Mexico, The Donald compounded his problems with women and Hispanics.

This makes no sense…unless Trump is trying to throw the election.  He may have entered the race at the suggestion of Bill Clinton.

If The Donald is trying to lose, Trumpkins can’t stop him no matter how pathetically eager they are to believe the nonsense he spouts.

More likely, Trump attacked Ms. Martinez and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley because he can’t control his misogynist and racist impulses.  But that too should be troubling.

Trump figures to get a smaller percentage of votes from nonwhites than any other GOP candidate ever. That spells doom, big time doom.  . . .

The white proportion of the electorate will be smaller still this year. Especially given the millions of illegals the Dems are enabling to vote in November.  Don’t forget that – the Dems have baked it in the cake. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Trump trails Hillary in every state Obama carried in 2012, could lose North Carolina and Arizona.  Georgia may be in play.

In the NBC poll mentioned above, 58 percent said they disliked or hated Hillary.

If Hillary wins, the people she has most to thank are those who voted for Trump in the primaries, for nominating the only candidate more unpopular than she is.

That I think Hillary will win doesn’t mean I want her to win.  Trumpkins seem confused about that.

I could be mistaken. . . . But I’m pretty sure the only way Trump could become competitive is if Bernie Sanders decides to accept the Green Party nomination and runs in the fall.

There’s a fair possibility this will happen.  Sanders is no more a Democrat than Trump is a Republican.

He seems genuinely outraged that Hillary is in the pocket of crony capitalists.  And Bernie’s having the time of his life.  Heretofore a little noticed crank from a small state, he’s now a national figure.  He may not want to step out of the limelight just because Hillary wants him to.

But if Bernie runs in the fall, and can get near 10 percent of the vote, an independent conservative candidate like the “impressive one with a strong team and a real chance” Bill Kristol promised ereyesterday (5/29) would go from longshot to maybe being the favorite.

America is doomed if either Hillary or Trump wins.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if it were Bernie Sanders who, inadvertently, saved the country?

Jack Kelly is a former Marine and Green Beret, and was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force during the Reagan Administration.  He is the national security writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


The impressive mystery candidate is apparently, David French.

If you asked, “David who?” there lies the problem!
Still the prospect of a Green Party run by Bernie does open possibilities, if we could get a strong constitutionalist as the fourth hand in the game!

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  1. Trump’s ONLY saving grace is that we have a 50-50 shot of getting a conservative on the Supreme Court, but can that be enough to justify voting for him?

    The Green Party’s invitation to Sanders tells you how left they are and how desperate they must be. His SCOTUS pick could be worse than Hillary’s would be.


  2. The only thing for sure in this election is that we’re in for a wild ride.

    Although anything’s possible at this point, if I were a betting person I’d have to disagree with Mr. Kelly’s prediction that Hillary will beat Trump. Trump has been underestimated at every step in this campaign, starting with when other candidates and pundits confidently declared he would never be the nominee. People always undervalue the impact of those final presidential debates when it comes down to just the last two candidates. They have far more impact than people expect simply because these are the rare times when voters, who often confine themselves to hearing only what they want to hear, will be hearing out both sides. This time, unlike in prior R vs. D debates where the R’s inevitably make the fatal mistake of not calling the D’s out for the lying thieves they are, Donald Trump won’t hold anything back. He’s going to go for the jugular and call Hillary a “crooked” enabler of a rapist husband who was lousy at her job. If he’s smart he’ll demand to know why she isn’t in jail for her intentional mismanagement of sensitive classified information and blatant attempt to circumvent the FOIA. There’s nothing Hillary can sling at Donald that he can’t sling back twice as hard, and let’s face it – for better or worse coming out on top in these types of slugfests tends to command a certain amount of respect. Sadly, watching Trump pummel Hillary is going to be bittersweet for those of us who see this as a lose-lose proposition.

    As for Bernie, switching to the Green Party is certainly an interesting prospect, but except for being a bit more honest about his plan for the country the “democratic socialist” (read: thief) is just as evil as Hillary, so if he pulls off a miracle we still lose.


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