Trump’s vet fundraiser is becoming a nuisance (to him)


I find it difficult to believe that if I was a wealthy friend of The Donald and he called to solicit a meager $500,000 to $1 million or so (for an eminently worthy cause) that I would refuse him. And knowing Donald, I would know that he wouldn’t take it kindly if I committed and then didn’t follow through.

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski is now trying to walk back Trump’s statements that he raised over $6 million dollars for the veteran’s charities. Trump said it, and more than once – I posted a video of him saying those words in my previous post on the subject. I heard him say it, believe me.

Was that just another Trump exaggeration – or just one more in an unending procession of intentional lies? Does it matter?

He was depending on free publicity to keep the Trump name in the media spotlight.  What better way to accomplish that than to refuse to do a Fox News debate and on the same night, raise $6 million dollars for veteran’s charities? A double-whammy for The Donald; exactly what he sought.

But it’s my contention that when Trump accomplished his goal of effectively overshadowing the January 28th debate, his task was complete and the matter was no longer important to him.

He could have, via verbal command or scribbled memo, instructed a staff member to catalog the major contributors and how much they volunteered to contribute. That staff member would have had the responsibility to assure that the commitments were satisfied – and to follow up and tell him if anyone didn’t pony up.

If any Trump friend was found to be tardy on his/her contribution, Trump himself should have immediately called and reminded the deadbeat that the check hadn’t been received. He is, remember, the best negotiator on the planet – and if asked, he’d probably quickly volunteer that he’s the best debt collector as well.

Checks to the already identified (and vetted) veteran groups should have been written within a matter of days later with Trump temporarily covering any funds that were not yet received from his buddies. With a self-described fortune of $10 billion, the temporary funding of a million or two shouldn’t have been a problem.

Ideally, the full $6 million would have been distributed to the 22 charities within 30 days, yet here we are almost four months later and it still hasn’t been fully disbursed.

Just imagine the optics if the Trump campaign had released a list of the charities and how much each received (adding up to the full $6 million) within 30 days of the fundraiser. Trump could have maintained that his actions showed how efficiently he would run the government – and that would have been impressive.

That public disclosure would have bought Trump another news cycle of publicity – great publicity – and cemented Donald Trump as a hero to all veterans – and negated some of the accusations of lies and exaggerations that still plague him.

Instead, The Washington Post recently reported that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says the fundraiser only raised $4.5 million and that still isn’t even accounted for and most of it hasn’t found its way to the veteran’s groups yet.

And surprise, surprise, Donald Trump is angry with the media for questioning him about both the amount raised and why it hasn’t been disbursed yet. We’re supposed to take what he says as gospel; we must not question his veracity.

Is there any wonder that we “Un-Trumps” are once again found to be justified in our condemnation of his propensity to say things that aren’t true.

The following exchange is between a Washington Post reporter and Trump where the reporter is asking about the $3 million that is supposedly still undistributed after Trump’s fundraiser for the vets on the evening of January 28, 2016.

It’s pretty plain that Trump isn’t interested in giving the reporter any details that might confirm any donations to any veteran’s group. And he wonders why his statements are treated with such skepticism.


Trump and reporter on vet funds

An article in Forbes, stated that the Donald J. Trump Foundation has donated $5.5 million to 298 charities between 2009 and 2013 (the most recent year available), according to the non-profit’s 990 tax forms from those years. Of that, only $57,000 has been donated to seven organizations that directly benefit military veterans or their families, Forbes found. If you’ll note in the previous exchange with the WP reporter, Trump said specifically that “I’ve given millions of dollars away to the vets.” More Trump lies.

The following commentary is from, they’re commenting on the exchange between the Washington Post reporter and The Donald:

They asked and they asked and they asked and Trump refused to give them any information to substantiate his claims of the money he’s raised and paid out. He just wants them to take his word for it.

Why? Well he suggests they would attack him with it, but it looks more to me like he has something to hide. I mean why stonewall like this on giving to charity? If he wanted to keep it private, then he shouldn’t have made such a huge freaking deal about it in the first place. But he did! He’s the one who touted the 6 million over and over and over to show how much he loved the vets and just how awesome he is or something at raising money.

For crying out loud, he’s running for president and he did this to boost his campaign. Do we not have a right to know about this?

I understand that a certain amount of paranoia is warranted with the media, but this level of paranoia over something he did as a campaign event really makes it look like he is hiding something, like he is lying about not raising the full 6 million.

And yet he just wants us to trust him?


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  1. We’ve suffered through almost eight years of a president who lies constantly and it’s become predictable and expected. Trump is just the non-muslim version of the same thing.

    You make a good point that this could have been a hero moment for him, as were the moments leading up to it. Remember how Huckabee and Santorum joined him on stage basically cheering him on? But his ‘best and brightest people’ didn’t play it that way. Apparently dodging the debate was the main goal and they failed to see beyond that.


    • I’m glad you caught that point, Kathy. I should have concentrated on it more. It illustrates the dumb-ass thinking that controls Trump. He apparently continues to think that he can just “wing it” and no matter how it turns out, there won’t be any consequences. I truly believe that statement and that is precisely why a President Trump scares the hell out of me.

      Here’s the example (and one which is unarguable by the Trump faithful): Trump used extensive TV exposure to tout the successful fundraiser hat he hosted for the veterans on Jan. 28, 2016. He noted that they crossed over the $6 million dollar threshold for donations that evening. He was lauded for raising over $6 million for 22 veteran’s groups and he took full advantage of that over the next several days. That was a good thing and he was properly credited for staging the event. That $6 million included $1 million of his own money.

      That was a good decision, certainly from a political point of view. He substituted raising $6 million for veterans for his appearance at the Republican debate that evening, and he benefited greatly from it.

      But, it goes downhill from there and that’s what illustrates the lack of foresight on Trump’s part.

      If he had immediately (within 30 days or so), disbursed the full $6 million to those 22 pre-screened veteran’s groups that they publicized beforehand. There was another opportunity for excellent media coverage and all of it positive. That would have been the smart thing to do. Not only from a political perspective, but the vets need the money, it would have been put to good use right away and it would have eliminated the possibility of any negative repercussions stemming from the fundraiser. That was a win-win situation where he couldn’t lose.

      But instead, here we are, some 4 months later and we’re told by Corey Lewandowski that the amount raised was $4.5 million, not $6 million because some of the donors had not yet sent a check. And worse, only $3 million has been sent to the veteran’s groups (if you believe the campaign). I maintain that Trump could have funded the full disbursement of $6 million dollars out of his own (deep) pockets and repaid himself when the funds come in. Instead, from all appearances, the vets disappeared from his radar and were forgotten about until people started asking about the vet’s group receiving the money.

      This was a bone-headed move by Trump (and his staff of experts) and he is (justifiably) being criticized for the way that the vet’s funds have been handled. This is but one more illustration that Donald Trump is a phony, snake-oil selling con-man and has no business being anywhere near the White House.


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