Trump failed to raise $6M at January veterans fundraiser, campaign manager says

From:,  by staff,  on May 21, 2016,  see the article HERE.


The campaign manager for Donald Trump said the presumptive Republican presidential nominee didn’t raise the $6 million he said he did in January when he decided to host a fundraiser event and skip a Fox News debate.

Corey Lewandowski told The Washington Post Friday that the televised fundraiser for veterans only netted about $4.5 million. Lewandowski said the event fell short of the $6 million mark because some of Trump’s wealthy friends promised big donations, but backed out last minute.

“There were some individuals who he’d spoken to, who were going to write large checks, (who) for whatever reason … didn’t do it,” Lewandowski told The Post by telephone. “I can’t tell you who.”

He also said that he wasn’t sure whether Trump’s own $1 million donation was counted toward the total.

Is Lewandowski saying that Donald Trump, the consummate negotiator, the best there ever was, couldn’t get his millionaire/billionaire buddies to live up to their pledges? Say it ain’t so. If he can’t get his wealthy friends to write the checks they promised, how’s he going to convince Iran to give up their nuclear ambitions or get North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to slow down on his war preparations? At least he should recognize the bad light that shines on him over this debacle and make up the difference out of his own pocket – why hasn’t he done that?

The comments from Lewandowski are the first mention that Trump’s fundraiser netted less than he had touted. Lewandowski’s acknowledgement also comes over a month after The Wall Street Journal reported that most of the organizations targeted to receive the money have gotten less than half of that amount.

The Wall Street Journal, citing a survey of the 22 groups listed by Trump’s campaign as prospective recipients for the money, reported in April that 19 organizations had obtained a total of $2.4 million from Trump’s foundation or associates.

Of the three other charities, one declined to disclose how much it had received, another said it needed to submit more paperwork before receiving any money, and the third didn’t respond to questions by the Journal.

Fox Business Network first reported in late February that only a fraction of the pledged donations had made their way to the veterans groups.

At the time, FBN reported, several groups said they had not received any money. And seven of the 22 told Fox Business Network they had received a total of $650,000. Other groups did not respond to inquiries at the time.

Trump held the Jan. 29 benefit in lieu of attending a GOP debate hosted by Fox News. The real estate mogul had declined to appear at the debate, claiming that he had not been treated fairly by the network.

Lewandowski told The Post that Trump has decided on about two dozen groups that will get the remainder of the money. He urged the paper that Trump shouldn’t be blamed for falling short of the goal, despite touting the number in the weeks after the event.

“What he said was, ‘We hope to get $6 million.’ He said this at an event where we were trying to get money. It was a best guess,” Lewandowski said. “That was his goal. His goal was to get somewhere around $6 million.”

Here’s The Donald, in his own words, boasting that they “just cracked $6 million” dollars. Of course, we should know by now that Lewandowski is just as big a liar as Trump, so when he says that Trump said that he “hoped” to get $6 million, he’s just trying to revise reality and “modify” the truth. That is the M.O. (modus operandi) for the whole Trump operation.

The Post reported that seven of the nine groups that Trump said donated money to the fundraiser had given the money as promised. The money added up to $3.78 million. Small donors added to the total to bring the number up to $4.45 million.

Out of 22 veterans groups that received the donations supposedly from the Trump fundraiser all told the paper that Trump didn’t personally donate to any of the charities.

Lewandowski said Trump made good on his promise to personally donate to veteran charities, but declined to reveal who he gave the money to and how much he gave.


And if you believe Lewandowski, you probably believe Trump as well. They are two peas in a pod – one lies and the other backs him up.

It should be obvious by now to anyone with a functioning brain that Trump’s fundraiser for the veterans was a staged event. It was to draw viewers away from the debate and to focus publicity on him. After all, he was doing this “for the veterans.” Now, we find that now only was there NOT $6 million dollars raised, but only $650,000 had been distributed by late February. I have to say that anyone who takes advantage of veterans for his own personal gain is lower than snake shit in my book and that properly describes Donald Trump.




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  1. Yep. And the great wall is going to be half as big and cost ten times as much as promised. Wait for it…..


  2. There’s been some noise on twitter that the military are all in for Trump. From what I’ve seen, that’s not quite true. And this won’t endear them to him.


  3. He’s not getting off to a very good start with our veterans, who won’t appreciate being used as a side show. How many lies are we up to now? We haven’t even gotten to the convention or to the ballot box in November, so I can only imagine the lies yet to come.

    First it was O and his many fabrications and now the vanilla version. Way to go ‘Merica, you really know how to pick ’em.


    • I was reading another story about this issue and the commenters all gave Trump a pass – all Trumpbots, no doubt. They said “who else got even $4.5 million donated for the vets?”

      My point is, that there is no way that he should have dropped the ball on this. Once he said that they’d raised over $6 million, he should have been committed to it and either leaned on his deadbeat friends to ante up or made up the difference himself – what’s a couple of million to a man with (he says) $10 billion? It’s pretty plain that once the publicity of the fundraiser had produced the results he wanted (a lot of exposure for him) he forgot about it. It’s no longer important that the veterans get the $6 million he promised.

      He doesn’t get a pass in my book – it just further proves that he’s a con-man.


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