Target CEO: Climate Change Caused Downturn in Sales

From Breitbart:


Notice anything missing??

As retailer Target sees its stock plummeting and sales dropping in the midst of a boycott over its recently announced pro-transgender bathroom policy, the company’s CEO is insisting the weather is the cause of falling sales, not the company’s bathroom policy.

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Target CEO Brian Cornell pegged the downturn in the company’s fortunes to the cold weather as opposed to anything the company itself is doing or not doing.

“It’s been a very wet and cold start to the year and it’s reflected in our sales,” Cornell told the paper. “We haven’t seen anything from a structural standpoint that gives us pause.”

In other words, the weather is responsible for the downturn, not Target’s  “structural” transgender bathroom policy.

Indeed, a month after the initial announcement, the Target CEO came out to double down on the transgender agenda, so it appears the company is digging in heels instead of looking for ways at appeal to customers.

Still, Cornell’s weather assessment does not quite tally with other reports stating Target has taken a major hit since it announced its transgender policy.

transgender-bathroomGranted, most retailers have been down over the first quarter and the start of the second quarter this year. But Target has been on a downward trend exceeding the fall of its competitors. In the months prior to the bathroom policy announcement, 42 percent of consumers said they would shop at the department store chain. But in the month following the bathroom policy announcement, the number dropped to 36 percent.

The reports also found that consumer perception of the Target brand is at its lowest in two years.


Blaming the bad weather and the typical low first quarter sales simply doesn’t wash, when you consider that Target made their bathroom policy announcement in mid-April. By then the weather is warming up and shoppers are bouncing back after the Christmas holidays. That means in as few as 3o days, Target has lost nearly $6 billion in stock values.

Brian Cornell and the other CEOs at Target, who are so stuck in denial of facts, are also ignoring the domino effect of the petition that approximately 1.2 million people signed. When Mom signs the petition then tells Dad her feelings toward the store’s policy, he’s not going there either. Multiply that out, then add in the other family members of the same opinion and it’s easy to see that Target’s sales are affected by a lot more than just the people who signed it.

It’s hard to say how long Target’s exceedingly stubborn management will continue to dig in their heels, but I’d expect their stockholders will have something to say about it, and probably fairly soon.


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  1. I went to the American Family web site to sign my name to the list boycotting Target. They said it’s up to 1.2 million signers. The Daily Beast article said the platform used for the signatures can’t be sure all the names are real. But from my vantage point, mostly Christian based people are doing the signing. We don’t lie or cheat as a rule. Maybe the Daily Beast readers do…

    Target stock has not only gone down. It has precipitously plummeted. I looked at the graphs of the other same store stocks ie, Penney, Kohls, K mart and they have all gone down. But NOTHING LIKE TARGET! Here’s their actual graph. Down a whopping 20%!


  2. Realistically, we are experiencing a cyclical downturn in the entire retail sector. So Target should be off along with everyone else.

    But their decline is outsized for a reason. Their public policy statement is a major part of that outsized decline. Like Garnet, we have shopped and like Target for convenience, product, and affordability. But we have other choices, so they genuinely removed themselves from our preferred shopping list. Sprouts likewise removed themselves from my list by banning concealed carry from their stores. Starbucks has done so as well. Cumulatively, these self-created boycotts will take a toll on those asserting such policies.

    BTW, transgenders are not really the threat. They are emotionally disturbed, but not a threat to little girls. They want to BE a woman, not have sex with them!

    What is the potential problem are those who claim identification as female to gain access to areas of female undress, like the young man taking pictures over bathroom stall walls, or the man choking the little girl recently in the news. You can imagine the scene in girls’ locker rooms and showers if men were allowed.

    The assault on female modesty has been ongoing since the advent of the new woman, “Hear me roar!” in the 60s. Liberation, my ass! Being taken off the pedestal and used for mere gratification isn’t liberating, even if is is mutual at times. Mandatory sex education in schools, free condoms, etc., tied to promotion of abortion, all for the ostensibly reasonable goal of lowering teen pregnancy, has actually led to a continued increase, to a general coarsening of society, and the ongoing downward spiral of the culture.


    • Great factual reply, Curtis. In particular, I liked the way you ended your comment with two things that really bother me: a general coarsening of society, and the ongoing downward spiral of the culture – and this is supposed to be “progress”?


  3. I’ve never cared too much for Target so I rarely go there but now I wish I was a regular customer so I could stop going. It’s time to push back hard against those who pander to every stupid, liberal idea that comes up.


  4. By now they KNOW the damage that their ill-conceived policy has/is causing, it’s there in their stock price. They are so deeply invested in the original decision – and now by doubling-down, that they’ll look ridiculous if they rescind the policy. It would be an admission that they were wrong, and God knows that the executives of major corporations are NEVER wrong. it HAS to be something else: Climate Change, Guns on the Streets, George Bush, take your pick, but the LAST thing that’ll be blamed is the dumbassery of the executives. This is the bizarro world in which we live today – and look at who we have to choose from to be our next president, need I say more?

    I suspect that a lot of people are like me in that I always liked Target and occasionally shopped there. But no more, they can cross me (and my immediate family) off of their list of prospective customers – it’ll be a cold day in hell before I go back to Target. I remember when they wouldn’t allow Salvation Army Santas to collect donations there around Christmas. That caused me to shop elsewhere that Christmas. They seem to have a death wish relative to other-than-liberal customers. So be it.


    • You’re right, Garnet, they do know their policy is killing their stock, but rather than change it, in true lib style, they place the blame on something or someone else rather than admit they screwed up.

      I was a bit put off by their Christmas commercials featuring homosexual couples, but it was tolerable. They’re free to advertise in any manner they choose, and so long as it doesn’t affect me personally, it wasn’t a problem. Men in the restrooms and the dressing rooms is another matter entirely.


  5. Well, the Church of Glowbull Warming has blamed nearly everything else – including erectile dysfunction – on climate change. So why not business failure?


    • Exactly. It’s been the go-to answer for just about everything. Since these people are so adamant in their stance, one can only think they’re liberals, and they’re also homosexuals – a double whammy. What other reason could they have for killing a decent business?


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