And the WORST veterans charity is …

From:,  by Douglas Ernst,  on May 16, 2016,  see the article HERE.


Note the personalized plate “My Rolls.” I’d love to see graffiti painted on the side saying, “paid for by veterans.”

The nation’s lowest-rated veterans charity is run by a lawyer at the Department of Veterans Affairs with a six-figure income.

The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation gave just $122,000 in cash donations to veterans in 2014 despite pulling in $8.5 million, tax records obtained by CNN show.

J. Thomas Burch, the CEO and founder of the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, sped off in a Rolls Royce when confronted by the network on Monday.

Mr. Burch! Mr Burch! Mr Burch!” a reporter implored as the vehicle took off down a suburban street in Washington, D.C. The network wanted to know how just 2 percent of all donations to NVVF were funneled to actual Vietnam veterans.


Mr. Burch, the “charity’s” CEO, who manages to drive a Rolls Royce. I wonder how he does it? He must be really frugal.

Charity Navigator, one of the most influential charity watchdog organizations in the U.S., gave Mr. Burch’s organization a zero-star rating on a four-star scale.

“You can’t go lower than that,” says Michael Thatcher, Charity Navigator’s CEO. “They don’t have an independent board of directors, they actually don’t even have a comprehensive board of directors — only three members on the board at this point in time and some of them are family. So one can say, is this representative of an independent board? It’s not.”

Mr. Burch, who is also a veteran, even designated an $11,128 “emergency” infusion of cash to his brother as one of the group’s donations.

Some of the other expenses listed on the group’s 2014 tax returns include:

  • Travel: $133,000
  • Parking: $8,000
  • Unnamed “awards”: $21,000
  • Other expense: $70,000

Mr. Burch refused to respond to CNN’s requests for comment, although David Kauffman, NVVF’s vice president, defended the organization in an email.

He said NVVF fed “homeless and unemployed veterans by donating to food banks, sent personal care kits to hospitalized veterans and donated blankets, hats and gloves to homeless centers.”

Drew Griffin, CNN’s senior investigative correspondent, told Jake Tapper that Mr. Burch’s position in the VA is now being reviewed by the agency’s Office of Inspector General.

“We have an open invitation to Mr. Burch. If he wants to defend his zero-star rated charity, we are happy to sit down and listen,” Mr. Griffin said.


In a world that seems to be going wrong in so many ways, we now have a “charity” that is supposed to be helping Vietnam Veterans exposed as being just another scam. 

Out of $8.5 million dollars received in contributions in 2014, the “charity” dispensed only $122,000 in cash donations to veterans. 1.4 PERCENT! They’ve raised $24 million over the past four years. Both the President (Mr. Burch) and his Vice President are paid a salary of $65,000 to handle the charity’s business affairs – and that’s on top of Mr. Burch’s six-figure salary as a lawyer at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. One can only imagine how much of the travel and other expenses and awards also found their way into Mr. Burch’s pocket.

This operation is the lowest of the low. Think of how much the veterans who need help could have done with even $1 million. How can this man (and his staff) sleep at night or look at themselves in a mirror?

Here is a CNN video report of the same NVVF charity and Mr. Burch – I couldn’t embed the video in this post, but you can view it HERE if you’re interested.





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  1. Sheesh, what a low-life piece of scum – he’s even worse than the CEOs at Wounded Warriors. It shows how trusting people can be when a few guys can amass that kind of money and nobody ever questioned where it was going. Everyone that donated to this charity ought to be lined up at the door demanding a refund.


    • This guy pulled a “hat trick” of sleeze. He is a veteran himself and he’s screwing fellow vets, he is an attorney for the VA, and he’s bought himself a Rolls Royce from contributions made to a veteran’s charity.I’m glad to see the VA’s IG looking into it. If there’s any justice, he’ll be indicted on some crime and not just be allowed to resign.


  2. I’m very glad you’re helping to spread the word about this charity scam, Garnet. It figures he works for the gov’t. What better place to learn how to lie and steal? If I had the wherewithal I’d print out this post and place a copy in the mailboxes of all of Burch’s neighbors.


    • He was undergoing on-the-job training to become a cabinet member or congressman. I like your idea of exposing his scumminess to his neighbors – maybe the IG investigating his case can influence a judge to sentence him to wear a sandwich board around D.C. publicizing his activities taking advantage of veterans.


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