Violence at the Nevada Democratic Convention Should Surprise NO ONE

From Fox News:

The Nevada State Democratic Party warned the Democratic National Committee Monday that supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have displayed a “penchant for … actual violence’ and could disrupt this summer’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The allegation is the latest fallout from a divisive Nevada Democratic convention that had to be shut down Saturday night because security at the Paris Las Vegas hotel could no longer ensure order. The gathering closed with some Sanders supporters throwing chairs; later, some made death threats against state party chairwoman Roberta Lange.

Sanders’ backers had been protesting convention rules that ultimately led to Hillary Clinton winning more pledged delegates. Clinton won the state’s caucuses in February, 53-47, but Sanders backers hoped to pick up extra delegates by packing county and state party gatherings.

Sanders had released a statement Friday night asking supporters to work “together respectfully and constructively” at the convention. But the state party alleged in its letter to the co-chairs of the DNC Rules and By-laws committee, “The explosive situation arose in large part because a portion of the community of Sanders delegates arrived at the Nevada Democratic State Convention believing itself to be a vanguard intent upon sparking a street-fight rather than attending an orderly political party process.”

Michael Briggs, a Sanders campaign spokesman, said, “We do not condone violence or encourage violence or even threats of violence.” He added that the campaign “had no role in encouraging the activity that the party is complaining about. We have a First Amendment and respect the rights of the people to make their voices heard.”

On Saturday, Sanders backers shouted down the keynote speaker, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and others they thought were tilting the rules in Clinton’s favor. Protesters shouted obscenities and rushed the dais to protest rulings.

“We believe, unfortunately, that the tactics and behavior on display here in Nevada are harbingers of things to come as Democrats gather in Philadelphia in July for our National Convention,” the state party’s general counsel, Bradley S. Schrager wrote in a letter to the DNC. “We write to alert you to what we perceive as the Sanders campaign’s penchant for extra-parliamentary behavior — indeed, actual violence — in place of democratic conduct in a convention setting, and furthermore what we can only describe as their encouragement of, and complicity in, a very dangerous atmosphere that ended in chaos and physical threats to fellow Democrats.”

Several Sanders backers have condemned some of the threats against Lange and other actions Saturday. Former state assemblywoman Lucy Flores, a current congressional candidate, said in a statement: “There were actions over the weekend and at the Democratic convention that very clearly crossed the line. Progressives need to speak out against those: Making threats against someone’s life, defacing private property, and hurling vulgar language at our female leaders.”

State party offices remained closed Monday for security reasons after Sanders supporters posted Lange’s home and business addresses, email and cell phone number online. Copies of angry and threatening texts to Lange were included with the letter.

Lange said she’d been receiving hundreds of profanity-laced calls and texts from inside and outside of the U.S., threatening her life and her family. Lange said the restaurant where she works has received so many calls it had to unplug the phone.
“It is endless, and the longer it goes the worse it gets,” Lange said in an interview. “I feel threatened everywhere I go.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
Why should anyone be surprised that Sander’s supporters would be violent? After all, “democratic socialism” is theft and it isn’t at all unusual for thieves to be violent when they go about taking what they want, like “free” healthcare, “free” education, “free” daycare, and “free” forced increases to their wages. I placed the word “free” in quotation marks because none of these things are actually free according to the real definition of free. The socialist’s definition of “free” is when someone else is forced to pay for it, which is why socialism, democratic or otherwise, is just a fancy word for theft. Leftists have fancy words for a lot of things. It helps them feel better about the sleazy things they do. And don’t let Bernie Sander’s little homage to the First Amendment fool you. The Constitution is the enemy of “democratic socialism,” so it will have to be destroyed. Oh, they’ll pretend that it still exists. We all will. But it will be dead nonetheless.

Anyways, as scary as the Sanders crowd is we can still enjoy the battle going on between those who openly admit to being “democratic socialists,” i.e. thieves and those who are thieves as well but who prefer to pretend they’re just “democrats,” i.e. Hillary supporters. They all want the same things they just have different strategies for taking it. That makes their fighting immensely enjoyable to me.


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  1. The only people who aren’t violent are the ones who ought to be.


  2. I’m thinking that the increasing violence is part of our society “evolving” now. And I don’t mean that in a good way. Our society is self-destructing before our very eyes in so many ways and violence is just one part of that. Now that we have so many groups who embrace violence as a tool, I don’t see it waning, only increasing. In one respect, we dodged a bullet when Trump won the nomination. Just imagine how the Trumpanzees would have reacted if Ted had won Indiana and California and prevented Trump from reaching the 1.237 magic number. If Cruz had prevailed on a second or third ballot, there would have been riots on the streets by the Trump loyalists – and I believe that they were primed for it. We Cruz supporters are too civilized to riot, Trump’s crowd, not so much.

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    • Societies seem to go through cycles where the adult children (mentally speaking) among us test us to see if and where we will draw the line. Historically it quiets down after a while, but the bar for the standard of civilized behavior gets notched down each time. I think you’re definitely right about Trump loyalists being ready to riot if they didn’t get their way. There’s a bully element to that crowd. I can’t imagine why.


  3. I’m so fed up with all of this! They’re bringing the violence, and they’ll reap what they sow. The problem is, we’ll all have to suffer it so it’s time to prepare for the worst… From where I sit, what we’ve seen up to this point has been only the peak of an Everest-size mountain.


  4. Gee, this election is bringing out the best in everyone, isn’t it? Don’t you know Ms Boxer was freaking out, since she’s not accustomed to dealing with real people. lol

    Violence at Trump events, violence at Sanders events, then of course, Hillary has hers locked down extra tight because she can’t handle anything but approval. She couldn’t even handle one objectionable coal miner.


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