Obama Hit Us With Another Transgender Nugget on Friday

From Breitbart:


Now that O has put transgenders in the spotlight, there is some focus on a rule that was buried in the massive ACA bill. In addition to his bathroom edict, his anti-Constitutional O’care is forcing doctors and hospitals to treat transgenders or have their Medicare and/or Medicaid reimbursements eliminated.

The Obama administration is capping off a week of forcing Americans to accept gender ideology as normal with a final rule on Obamacare’s nondiscrimination policies in healthcare.

The rule will require physicians, hospitals, insurers, and other healthcare entities that receive federal funds — such as Medicare and Medicaid — to include gender transition treatments and even abortion among their services for the alleged sake of “equity.”

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the final rule on Obamacare’s (Affordable Care Act’s) Section 1557 Friday, stating it will “help to advance equity and reduce health disparities by protecting some of the populations that have been most vulnerable to discrimination in the health care context.”

HHS states the rule covers:

  • Any health program or activity, any part of which receives funding from HHS (such as hospitals that accept Medicare or doctors who accept Medicaid);
  • Any health program that HHS itself administers;
  • Health Insurance Marketplaces and issuers that participate in those Marketplaces.

The Obama administration claims its new rule “builds on” prior federal civil rights laws to prohibit sex discrimination in health care.

HHS continues:

The final rule requires that women be treated equally with men in the health care they receive and also prohibits the denial of health care or health coverage based on an individual’s sex, including discrimination based on pregnancy, gender identity, and sex stereotyping. The final rule also requires covered health programs and activities to treat individuals consistent with their gender identity.

For individuals with disabilities, the final rule requires covered entities to make all programs and activities provided through electronic and information technology accessible; to ensure the physical accessibility of newly constructed or altered facilities; and to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities. Covered entities are also prohibited from using marketing practices or benefit designs that discriminate on the basis of disability and other prohibited bases.

Covered entities must take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to each individual with limited English proficiency eligible to be served or likely to be encountered in their health programs and activities. In addition, covered entities are encouraged to develop and implement a language access plan.

The final rule on Section 1557 does not include a religious exemption; however, the final rule does not displace existing protections for religious freedom and conscience.

“As bad as the ACA is, it’s laughable to suggest that when Congress referred to ‘sex’ in Section 1557 it was referring to anything other than biological sex,” says Breitbart News Legal Editor Ken Klukowski, adding:

This is Orwellian. But beyond that, it is an unconstitutional assault on the First Amendment that the Obama administration is forcing their rejection of biological fact onto people whose faith teaches that ‘man’ and ‘woman’ refer to what they have meant for thousands of years, and that God purposefully created them that way.

Family Research Council (FRC) voiced its opposition to the new rule: “Family Research Council is strongly opposed to the new Obamacare final rule mandating federally funded health care providers offer services that include gender transition and even abortion,” said FRC Vice President of Government Affairs David Christensen on Friday. “HHS’s final rule concocts out of thin air a redefinition of sex discrimination to include both gender identity and abortion.”


O’care is the gift that just keeps on giving. Every year since the creation of this abomination we learn of new ‘rules’ in it that must be followed. It’s not enough that O tells us who we have to share bathrooms with, now he’s forcing physicians to follow bureaucratic guidelines instead of the Hippocratic oath.

Doctors and hospitals now have to make a choice to either reject all Medicare and Medicaid patients, which some doctors have already done, or they can keep the government money coming in if they perform treatments and surgeries that go against their ethics. That means the other patients dependent on Medicare or Medicaid won’t get the treatment they need or they will have to go elsewhere, which isn’t always possible.

It’s bad enough that Congress doesn’t actually read the bills they pass, but worse is the Supreme Court judges didn’t read it either  when they declared this atrocity as Constitutional. Every time I read something new about O’care it makes me want to go kick John Roberts’ butt.


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6 replies

  1. I think your hammer and sickle visual sums the situation up pretty well, Kathy.

    Now you know at least one of the reasons that your simple outpatient surgery costs $62,000 nowadays. This is what happens when a country allows the federal government to get its tentacles into every aspect of our lives. They use our own money as a weapon to force us to bow to every whim the leftist brain can think up. THIS is why it is so imperative that we elect a POTUS who respects the Constitution and wants to restore us to the Founders’ vision. Thanks to the democrats and Trump supporters there’s zero hope of that now.


  2. What was the ACA, something like 2,000 pages? I just don’t believe that anyone ever read the entire bill before it became law. Now, it’s turning into the progressive version of our Constitution. They are finding ways to justify all sorts of mischief hidden away in the deep, dark recesses of it’s totality. The problem is, especially with a couple more liberal SCJs in place, there’s no telling what else is lurking in there, just waiting for the right moment to rise up and grab us by the crotch.

    One question regarding a biological male who “identifies” as a female. Unless he/she/it is truly a pervert, why on earth would he/she/it WANT to use the women’s bathroom? The urinals are handy for a guy, but if he just wants to “go” sitting down, he/she/it could do that in a men’s room just as easily. I must be confused????


  3. “The final rule requires that women be treated equally with men in the health care they receive…”
    It’s not equality the leftists want. They want and have always wanted men to be women (and women to be men). This is the end point of all their rules. Just think about it. Feminists never wanted to be different than men. They didn’t want to be TREATED like men. They wanted to BE MEN.

    Oh are they the most mentally deficient human beings that ever lived.

    And this isn’t the end…


  4. “The final rule also requires covered health programs and activities to treat individuals consistent with their gender identity.”

    So… if some dude goes to an OB-GYN claiming that his “gender identity” is that of a pregnant female, the doctor’s required to take him seriously, and “treat” his imaginary pregnancy?

    If not, why not, leftist cretins?


    • Apparently so, Brian, we’re at a point where anything goes and all the general rules of society are a thing of the past.

      One of the things that amazes me is that any kind of treatment or surgery done in regard to changing genders should be considered elective and not covered by insurance. It’s like any kind of cosmetic surgery, face lifts, etc – all those processes are choices, not a medical necessity. So, why the heck are we covering it in the first place, and then threatening doctors if they don’t comply?? Plain and simple, we shouldn’t be.


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