Personal Donald: All Things to All People


I just read an article that blamed Obama’s un-American activities on the people who elected him, rather than directly on B. Hussein himself. It’s not the first time that the idea has been floated and there is some truth to it.

But, we can’t blame all of Obama’s actions on his supporters. For instance, circumventing the Constitution or ignoring that pesky oath he took to preserve, protect, and defend that same Constitution can’t be blamed on the voters – that’s entirely on Barack, those who voted for him shared no part in that.

But their votes enabled him and put him in power. They knew, or should have known, that he wouldn’t abide by the Constitution; all the signs were there. They should have known that he’d lie to us; he’d hide things from us, he’d make promises he never intended to keep. There were signs suggesting all of those things, but they weren’t voting for the Obama that had been exposed in so many stories of his associations with unseemly characters, his travels, his parentage, his church attendance and more.

No, they were voting for a fictional character, one who existed entirely in each voter’s mind, their own “Personal Obama,” and I’ll bet that those millions of personal visions of Barack Obama bore little resemblance to one another. Obama’s followers each formed their own internal Obama image that spoke to them and promised to fulfill all of their desires and allay their fears.

And so it came to be with Donald Trump. The Donald saw how Obama shucked and jived his way into the White House and felt he could do the same. All he had to do was to influence voters to create a delusional personal image of Donald Trump in the voter’s own mind – an individual Personal Donald.

Each voter’s Personal Donald would interpret the real Donald’s statements and carefully fit them into a pattern of the voter’s inner wants and desires; no matter what the real Donald said, it would satisfy a need on the part of the voter. They’d learn to view the world through Trump-colored lenses and perceive activities as if they were the coifed one himself; a true Trumpian; part of the Trump family.

Of course, the creation of each voter’s delusional internal Trump would require a suspension of disbelief in order to create their own Personal Donald.

Experiments by the crack researchers at Trump University had discovered that some individuals were easily influenced by certain “code words.” Using subliminal techniques, they embedded these code words in a number of Trump’s early speeches – especially in the larger rallies. In this way, Trump was able to suspend disbelief in thousands of eager followers and allow the implantation of the Personal Donald initiative.

Each Personal Donald is unique. Each fits the individual’s mental image of what a superhero would look like. Regardless of whether that Personal Donald is costumed as Trump the Avenger, Trump the Invincible, or Trump the Magnificent, he’ll fit seamlessly within each affected voter’s desires for an optimum presidential candidate.

That magical, fictional Personal Donald can do wonders; “the wall” for example: he can build a wall and it’ll be as high and thick as is necessary to prevent uninvited entry, and best yet – it’ll be economical since he’ll make “Mexico” pay for it. Sheer genius! Making Mexico pay for it – no one else had the balls chutzpah to make Mexico pay for it. That clinched the sale – they were his.

How he’s going to do that will take a bit of slight-of-hand though. Think about it, he’s vowed to deport all of the 11 million illegals who don’t belong here, yet he’s going to assess fees on the money they send back to Mexico.

Riddle me this: if he deports those 11 million illegals, who is left to send money back to Mexico? Sounds like he’s deporting his funding source, no?

But the real Donald Trump isn’t worried about pesky little things like that; he knows that all of his Personal Donalds will resolve the problem easily and quickly, at least in their own minds. For the most part, they’ll just ignore anything that’s negative to their Personal Donald’s persona.

The most important thing for Trump is that with his followers under control this way, there is no need for him to ever be more specific about anything – thereby giving him complete freedom to do whatever he desires without fear of being labeled a “flip-flopper” or being wrong in their eyes. He will be infallible and omniscient, flawless and faultless (as he already thinks himself to be).

It’ll be good to be the king.


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  1. PERSONAL Donald?




    • Brian, hadn’t had your morning shot of coffee yet? You forgot the R-uh (as they say in the hood). Of course, it’s your choice, but “Revengeful” might make a good candidate! Or maybe “Repugnant,” or “Rancorous.”

      Otherwise, you’ve nailed him to a tee (and he needs to be driven into the ground like one).


      • DAMMit!

        Yeah, it was only 6:47 out here in Commiefornia, and the caffeine was still in my stomach.

        “Repugnant” was actually the word I’d chosen, and managed to leave out, thereby negating all the brilliance of my satire.


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  2. There is so much to be said about this! Great catch, Garnet, on Donald’s funding source! But as you surmise, it doesn’t matter. Trump supporters just don’t think very well. And I think you’ve hit the nail on the head as to why. Personal Trump.

    You know of course, he said today or last night that the ‘wall’ was just a suggestion? Just words…
    And the Muslim thing, he changed his mind on stopping their importation.
    And the taxes, they’re agonna go up! Not down!

    He’s moving very fast to the left.

    I just wonder when that personal Donald will go POOF!


    • Even though the piece has a satirical edge to it, I believe that there is a lot of truth in it. We’ve seen how Obama’s followers have steadfastly remained true to him even though everything that he touches turns brown and smells bad. Trump’s people are the same. They refuse to accept anything that paints their hero in a bad light. Even now, with Trump backtracking on so many of his pledges and promises, he will be given a pass by his Trumpeteers. It reminds me of that old saying, “don’t confuse me with facts, my mind’s made up.” They may be loyal and proud right now, but as his positions change and they find him in opposition to what they wanted, they’ll be forced to admit that he is a lying con-man.


  3. Since he’s already back-peddling, I’m thinking his tough talk about the wall and the muslims was all we’re going to get. From here on out it will be that endless stream of gibberish that means nothing, but it’s enough to get the Trumpbots in the stadium up on their feet doing the wave. All hail the vanilla king.


    • Isn’t that something? He’s not even the nominee yet and he’s already taking new positions, many of which are reversals of his previous positions – in other words, he’s in flux, he’s flexible, he’s malleable – all different ways of saying that he has no inner set of beliefs, he’ll bend with the wind. That should make some of his most strident followers uneasy; they thought they were backing a granite boulder of a candidate and now they’re finding he has a foundation of Jello (orange Jello with pineapple chunks).


  4. LOL!!! Deporting his funding source! ANOTHER great catch!!! Way to go, Garnet!!!


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