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While doing my morning chores (reading political articles), I’ve noticed a gradual increase in the number of Republicans (primarily self-identified conservatives) who are finding themselves in a quandary about whether to vote for Donald Trump or not. Some are even considering voting for Hillary Clinton or perhaps casting a third-party or write-in vote. While I’m not among Hillary’s followers, there are many of them and they are firmly committed to voting for “the first American woman president.” Most Republicans would rather have a colonoscopy than vote for Hillary, but in recent months, some have formed an intense dislike for Donald Trump that begins to challenge the decades-long dislike for Hillary Clinton.

For those of us who are vehemently anti-Hillary, a vote for Trump would seem to be a logical default. He would naturally be considered the lesser of the two evils and that “lesser of two evils” thing has become all too familiar for conservatives. It’s been a recurring theme each recent presidential election when we had to “hold our nose” to vote.

In the early days of the nomination process, Trump seemed worth considering. Here was a successful businessman running for president – that’s an option that we really haven’t had before. As a retired businessman myself, the idea intrigued me. It would be nice to have a president that understood that when expenses constantly exceed income, the entity won’t survive. So, Trump showed promise; maybe he’d succeed in reigning in out-of-control federal expenditures.

Fast forward to today: after many months of researching Trump’s business dealings, I found that he really hasn’t been as successful as he’d have us believe. In fact, one would be well served by taking anything he says with a truckload of salt as he is prone to exaggeration and prevarication.

He benefited greatly by having a very successful father who built the Trump name into a marketable brand. Trump’s dad vouched for him, co-signed for him, loaned him money, and eventually left him a small fortune when he died. Trump was born with a silver hard hat on his head. Yet, even with that jump-start, he’s managed to kill a dozen businesses and taken bankruptcy four times.

Not only that, but his personality and temperament aren’t appropriate for a president either. As much as I hate Hillary Clinton, I’m not so sure that Trump would be any better.

Here are two problems that are part of the unsatisfactory baggage that accompanies a vote for The Donald:

One, Trump has stated that he views a vote for him as a mandate to continue to be provocative and unorthodox. Pardon me, but those two terms are not ones I want attributed to my president. Provocative and unorthodox are not adjectives that inspire confidence in a Commander-in-Chief and he just doesn’t radiate the confident stability I want to see in my president.

And secondly, a vote for Trump implies support and approval for every slur, every insult, and every outrage committed by him. By voting for him, I would become part of an enabling collective that gave him the power and I become at least somewhat responsible for any and all decisions he makes.

I confess that I wish I could support him, but I don’t like the man. He is, from what I’ve seen, a serial liar and exaggerator, a con-man, a crude and vulgar bully who constantly boasts about himself, has an over-sized ego and is most certainly suffering from a full-blown case of NPD (narcissistic personality disorder). Other than that, I’m sure he’s a nice man.

To vote for him, one must either ignore or dispute all of those derogatory things that I just attributed to him. No one, in their right mind, would vote for someone who is a serial liar, a con-man, a crude and vulgar bully who constantly boasts about himself, has an over-sized ego and is most certainly suffering from a full-blown narcissistic personality disorder to be President of the United States.

So, if you choose to vote for Donald Trump, which is it? Will you dispute those labels because you believe that he’s NOT a serial liar? Or he’s NOT crude and vulgar? Or he’s NOT a con-man? If you can’t effectively prove that those descriptions are false, you must be ignoring them. Why would any reasonably intelligent citizen intentionally ignore those traits of a presidential candidate?

I can come up with only one logical answer. It came to me while composing a reply to a reader’s comment the other day.

Trump has political Kavorka (“the lure of the animal”) remember when Kramer had it in Seinfeld?

Under the circumstances, maybe we’d better ease up on buying ammunition and stock up on garlic and vinegar instead. We just might need it.


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  1. For the sake of argument I’ll give Trump the benefit of the doubt and say he’s a good businessman, but so are George Soros, Ted Turner and Nancy Pelosi’s husband, and I wouldn’t want any of them to be POTUS. Being good at business might mean you have business smarts but it says nothing about your principles and morals, and those qualities are even more important.

    I think Trump would make a better POTUS than Hillary, but if elected he becomes the face of the Republican Party. I don’t want to help him do that, nor do I want to reward those who betrayed conservatives by throwing away a conservative candidate in favor of The Jerk. I also agree with Level One Kenobi that Trump will back pedal on his tough stance against illegals once he’s in office. Wait for it…..


    • Your first paragraph was spot on. There was a time when I thought that a businessperson might be a better president than the politicians we’re usually offered, but one day I had an epiphany; what good is a good “mechanic” or “technician” when it comes to handling the mechanism of government if the leader doesn’t have the character and commitment to govern according to our Constitution? For that reason, I’ll take a true conservative (like Cruz) over a “businessman” like Trump any day. Trump has no inner soul, his commitment is to himself and the Trump brand and I have serious doubts about how much loyalty and patriotism reside under that blonde rug he combs over the bald spot. Barely a smidgen, I’ll guess.


  2. I don’t like him, don’t want him as my president, don’t trust him, don’t think he has a clue what he’s doing, and I’ve said all along that he is the vanilla version of O. For the first time ever, I’ve been thinking about sitting this one out, but one thing stops me…

    There is no way in hell I’ll be a party to electing Hillary Clinton as president. Perhaps if she weren’t the opponent, I could sit this one out and not feel the guilt, but she is and I can’t. Meanwhile, I keep praying for some divine intervention that saves us from both of them.


    • Your comment is an easy one to reply to — just agree with everything you just said (that was easy!).

      I am glad that I don’t have to make that decision today. Never know what will happen during the next six months that may change the equation.


    • I’m still looking for a federal criminal indictment. And the more I hear about what the FBI is doing, the more likely it becomes.


      • I’ll have to disagree with you on that, Brian. The DOJ seems to be ignoring this and putting all their focus on school bathrooms. Talk about some screwed up priorities!


      • He did say the “FBI” and that’s what I’ve been seeing too. The DOJ is another issue. If the FBI doesn’t recommend indictment, then she’ll walk. It they DO recommend indictment, that ought to kill her election chances regardless of what DOJ does and that could go either way. If DOJ does go the indictment route, there’ll be hell to pay with democrats since that will kill her chances at POTUS, even if Obama pardons her. She’s in deep chit with the FBI and they say that they’ll “leak” damaging details if they recommend indictment and DOJ refuses. Better get more popcorn.


  3. While I agree 100% with your assessment of Smart Aleck Donald Trump, I will probably vote for him if he’s the only choice we have outside Hillary, the criminal, Clinton. While I don’t trust Trump any further than I can throw the Empire State Building, MAYBE we have a chance that he will keep SOME of his promises, if for no other reason than to polish his image and say “I told you so”. One of the promises he’s made is that he has become pro-life. If so, MAYBE he can be persuaded to actually be pro-life and do something to stem the tide of abortion in America as well as to end promoting and funding it over seas. Having claimed to be a Christian, MAYBE he can be persuaded to be pro-Israel. Claiming he loves America, Maybe he will nominate a conservative constitutional Supreme Court Justice or two. Or even three.. With Hillary none of these things are even a remote possibility. The Donald is indeed a full blown Narcissist and as such he is all about himself. If enough people are smart enough to use that very weakness to get him to do what glorifies his own image, MAYBE we can win some battles in spite of him. At least that gives us a small chance. With Hillary, we don’t have any at all.


    • I understand Bobbie. Trump is going to be counting a lot of votes that are for him ONLY because Hillary is the repugnant alternative. If Uncle Joe Biden was running in place of Hillary, i might vote for him – but Hillary is another matter. And you’re right, he just might surprise us and actually do some things right – like name one (or more) qualified conservative SC Justices. And as you say, we know what we can expect in the way of SC Justices if Hillary is doing the picking (wonder if she’d name Bill as one?). In summary, you’re right that there is at least a chance that Trump will do something good and worthwhile and to some, that is enough to swing the decision to him.

      Glad that you stopped by, it’s good to see you here!


  4. Well, I never even had the initial approval thing. I’ve always despised him as being an obnoxious gasbag, and couldn’t stand his TV appearances and shows. About as appealing as oral surgery without anesthetic.

    But I get what you’re saying, and think you said it well.


    • No, that’s for sure Brian. You were against Trump since before the beginning. In fact, you’re both the first and most vehement Trump-basher in the country (as far as I know). You were an “early adopter,” but finally convinced many of us to look past the “build the wall” rhetoric and unearth what was inside (it was rotten, putrid, smelly and maggot ridden). For that, we thank you.


  5. Extremely well written piece. You captured a key aspect of Trump’s original appeal – a successful businessman who may be the remedy Washington desperately needs. Only now, nearly a year later, do we realize the con he is.

    The other key for his rise was that he hit a nerve, big time, with his stance on illegal immigration. Kudos to him for capitalizing on it, but shame on all the other candidates for missing a golden chance to stand out first. Remember that non-mainstream news outlets were covering our hemorrhaging Southern border almost daily, with the White House all but ignoring stories of US citizens being murdered by illegal aliens.

    But about that wall…Flip Flopin’ Don will be back peddling on that too faster than Obama can apologize to Japan for The Bomb.


    • Thank you, LOK. In my opinion, Trump capitalized early on with his immigration/build-the-wall talking points and his self-funding stance. Those two items caught on with the masses and elevated Trump to the top of the 17 candidate field early. Immigration was at a particularly sensitive point when he began to concentrate on it and he also convinced many that he was beholden to no one since he wasn’t taking money from the puppeteers who controlled the other candidates. He played the cards right and sold his followers that he was their champion and would fulfill his promises.

      FWIW, he’s already backtracking on many of those promises and he’ll disappoint many of his sycophants before November gets here.


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