The Ghosts of Things He’s Said Will Haunt Him (and US)

Trump - my brain is this big

My brain is YUGE – it’s THIS big.

In case you’re not sure who the He is, he’s our old nemesis Donald Trump. He hasn’t even crossed the goal line yet, and he’s already ready to trade in some of his “conservative” supporters for more left-leaning ones, poaching from ideological chum, Bernie Sanders. He’s learning that he may need them. His assumption that the entire conservative voting block would rush to his side has turned out to be faulty.

He’s beginning to get push-back from conservatives that he thought he could win over by the sheer force of his awesome personality. But no, that’s not going to be so easy. He’s had such an easy time of it during the Republican Primaries, he thought that even his opponent’s supporters would jump onto the Trump bandwagon as soon as it was rolling towards Cleveland. Unification would be easy, he thought. He was a winner and everybody loves a winner, right?

Well, everybody loves a winner who won fair and square – playing by the rules and being a good sport. At least, that’s what we were taught years ago.

But that was then and this is now. Now, we’re playing according to Trump and that means that he makes the rules (and the rules are subject to change, without notice). Has anyone noticed that he’s already transmigrated from a faux conservative into a faux progressive? He’ll always be a “faux” something because he has no real inner soul. And he’s decided that to fit better into the faux progressive label, he needs to modify a few of his previous positions (surprise, surprise).

He’s decided that “people have to have something that they can live on” thus, he is now embracing the $15 minimum wage. He also realizes that he doesn’t want to personally foot the bill for a general election campaign, so he’ll “give in” and accept contributions. I can hear him now, “Damn, I did so want to spend up to a billion dollars of my own money.” Yeah right. So now, all that talk about how people who take donations are being bribed to shill for donors – yeah, all that was patented Trump garbage. And to that end, what does he do? He hires a former Goldman Sachs partner to head up his fundraising team. Did you get that? A GOLDMAN SACHS PARTNER who also worked for GEORGE SOROS. Remember that time that Trump suggested that Ted Cruz was in the pocket of Goldman Sachs (“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs, they have total, total control over him”)? Does his hypocrisy know any bounds?

And to round out his foursome of reneged lies, he has dumped his “Greatest, most awesomely amazing tax plan” in favor of “something better” (he’ll tell us about it later).

I sincerely hope that all of you Trumpaholics who voted for this sorry excuse for a man are watching closely as he transforms (before your very eyes) into an unrecognizable chameleon of a candidate. So this is the new general election Trump. He looks just as dishonest and scheming as the old Trump, just with a fresh leftist taste sure to please the most ardent Bernie Sanders supporters.

Conservative Trump voters – this is your hero, your champion, your soulmate. I know that it was a whirlwind romance, but he enjoyed it and got what he wanted. Was it good for you?

NOTE: Some of the following was excerpted from

But all is not well in Trumpville. The Donald is apparently finding that the highly qualified people that a president needs in top positions aren’t standing in line, salivating at the thought of working for the him. Politico interviewed nearly five dozen Republicans over the past two weeks — people with experience working in government and who understand how Congress can help or hinder, a new president’s agenda — and heard sentiments like these expressed repeatedly:  “I would never serve in a Trump administration.” “The person at the top is unfit for the presidency. He’s made that very clear with his behavior,” “I wouldn’t vote for Trump, much less work for him. I don’t agree with half his ideas, and the other half I don’t really believe what he said.”

But egotist that he is, Trump can’t be bothered about mere details – he don’ need no stinkin’ staff – himself is all he needs. He’s smart, he talks, he can learn anything he needs to know by reading the New York Times. “He doesn’t want to waste time on policy and thinks it would make him less effective on the stump,” a Trump source said. “It won’t be until after he is elected but before he’s inaugurated that he will figure out exactly what he is going to do and who he is going to try to hire.” Trump said as much in a recent interview with The New York Times, telling the newspaper he is thinking about his potential appointments to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and secretaries of Defense and Treasury. “But I think more about winning first,” he said.

Isn’t that what it’s been about all along? Winning? I wonder how much actual thought Donald has given to governance? From all appearances, damn little.

Trump’s biggest challenge in attracting talent, however, is Trump himself. The real estate billionaire has run a presidential campaign heavy on insults and devoid of substantive policy.

I think it would be very hard to help him,” said presidential historian Stephen Hess, a former aide to Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon. “He of all the candidates I have ever known is the most profoundly ignorant of the presidency. I don’t know quite how you deal with that once you get to the point when you are supposed to be advising him.”

Building an administration from scratch requires filling more than 3,000 high-level federal jobs, starting with a Cabinet and trickling down to the scores of deputies, undersecretaries and assistant administrators who actually make the U.S. government tick. It’s a herculean task for any new president, but would, perhaps, especially be so for Trump, who has taken anti-Washington campaigning to new heights.

The lack of interest in serving Trump extends from the energy and financial services sectors to defense and foreign policy. And while the reluctance of former officials to join a Trump administration may spark a good-riddance response from the candidate himself, the absence of experienced professionals at the assistant-secretary level could have profound consequences on the government.

The bottom line is Trump will be able to fill these jobs because there is a whole class of people who want these titles so badly it doesn’t matter who is president,” said a former senior George W. Bush administration official. “But these are B- or C-level people. They are honorable, but not very good. The A-level people, and there are not that many of them to begin with, mostly don’t want to work for Trump. He will cut the A-level bench of available policy talent at least in half, if not more.”

So, in the end, Trump won’t be hiring the best and the brightest, ’cause they don’t want to work for him – apparently they’ve seen something that you Trumpaholics missed, and so he’ll be left with getting B- and C-level people. Bet he didn’t see that coming.

Yet one more statement that Trumpaholics depended on to offset the fact that Donald is basically incompetent at everything except convincing people to pay him to put “Trump” on their building. It’s really the only thing at which he’s been successful. The Trumpaholics said it doesn’t matter that he’s incompetent, he’ll surround himself with great AWESOME people. Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll hand pick every one – just like he promised to do for Trump University (we should all feel so much better knowing that).

Just remember that YOU Trump voters helped to put this arrogant, egotistic, narcissist in place as the Republican nominee. It’s just unfortunate that YOU won’t be the only ones to pay the price, we all will.





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  1. Interesting news that the ‘A’ talent have no interest in working for him. And that from W. Woe is us.

    Read another interesting point yesterday:
    Trump has won about 10 million votes.
    There are over 300 million people in the US…


  2. His “new” tax plan?

    Well, according to an interview last weekend, it’s the standard Dem/socialist “tax the “rich” scheme.

    I guess another example of his “evolving”.


  3. In the interests of full disclosure, I assume candidate Trump will post the “access” levels for his White House. This is how the system works, after all, according to him, so he will be well-suited to now be on the receiving end.


    • I suspect access to the Trump White House (almost upchucked just writing that), will be easy for the big money people (bankers, Wall Street, etc.), those that can help him elevate the Trump brand to something akin to a major religion. I think that’s his real goal.

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  4. Yes, we’ll all pay the price, just like we’ve all paid the price for the Dem’s choice of O, not once but twice.

    Early on in his campaign we talked about the difference in running the government and running a private business. The two aren’t even remotely the same and he’s far from being qualified for the job. He wanted to win the race, but he didn’t, and still doesn’t really want the job.

    People may not have liked everything about Cruz, but we knew what we were getting; Trump is flip-flopping and gasping for air like a freshly caught fish out of water. His leftyism is showing and it’s doubtful the Trumpbots will even notice.


    • Well put, Kathy. From all reports, I don’t believe that Donald has a clue about what’s he’s let himself in for. I think he honestly believes that, for him, it’ll be easy. Just hire good managers and let them run the show while he reaps the accolades – just like running Trump University or Trump Airlines or Trump Taj Mahal, etc. Nothing to it for an amazing intellect like The Donald’s.


  5. The statist bureaucracy is what the government is really. It is unelected, and unaccountable other than to the Civil Service Law. That too needs to be reformed. But with B & C quality people interfacing between the Executive and the bureaucracy, how can reform actually occur. They can’t even fire the employees that do nothing other than show up and watch porn!

    No, Trump is a disaster in motion. It is imperative that conservatives NOT be seen as being close to the reason he became the GOP nominee.


  6. >>”Was it good for you?”

    I love that line, Garnet. A serial hypocrite is really nothing more than a plain, old liar.

    I don’t worry nearly as much about inexperience in a Trump administration as I do the absence of conservative philosophy as a guiding force. Note that Obama didn’t concern himself with experience. He just made sure that his administration was filled with like-minded minions who would instinctively use (or abuse) their offices to turn the whole government leftward. Trump can’t possibly be expected to reverse the philosophical corruption that Obama has so masterfully put in place, because he’s shown us no evidence that he thinks this way.


    • That’s part of the problem. Trump will be slow to hire good people (for a myriad of reasons) thereby leaving Obama minions in place longer that necessary and contributing to the lack of any real progress away from progressiveism. Trump’s got no real plans for anything real, just Utopian talking points.


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