A Young Woman’s Dear Hillary Letter (this is GOOD)

Donald Trump might want to consider hiring this young woman, she’s even more acid-tongued than he is! But then again, her train of thought doesn’t leave the tracks (as his so often does), so maybe he couldn’t appreciate that fact that she actually makes sense.

If you plan to vote for Hillary Clinton, perhaps you’d be better off trimming your toenails rather than watching this video, it might give you pause to reconsider …

A big-time Pesky Truth Hat Tip to my friend Harry R. who sent this to me.

Apparently, her name is Emily Longworth and she’s produced several political videos. I’ve never seen nor heard of her or her work before, but she certainly got my attention with this one.

So, I think that it’s also appropriate to issue an honorary Pesky Truth Hat Tip to this young lady for doing such a masterful job of gathering a dossier on Hillary, editing it into a logical composition and, last but certainly not least, presenting it in an trophy-worthy performance. She has me convinced that she really means it! She could teach Donald Trump a bunch about presentation, style and communication. Kudos to her.





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  1. She makes one critical error, though, in questioning Clinton’s intelligence. She, and Obama, and Trump, and anyone who rises to prominence in national politics, knows what they are doing. Most times, yes, they sound like idiots, because they are speaking to their audience. Smarts in politics usually manifest in perverted ways.

    If you don’t believe me, look at the converse, how a guy like Cruz, who speaks like he respects his audience and assumes he is not talking to a stadium of chimpanzees, is received overall.


    • An astute observation LOK and so true. The problem is in the way that their intelligence is used. I’m also guilty of branding both Obama and Trump as not being intelligent because of some of the political decisions they make don’t comport with my logic, so to me, they’re not very smart, but their intelligence is better determined by weighing it against their goals and how the results of their actions achieve their goals (or screw everything up). Obama has achieved a lot towards his apparent goal of a one-world, European-style government, and in that he seems to be proficient.

      But so far, I won’t be that kind to Trump’s activities. Yes, he does say what he believes his supporters want to hear, but his handling of his opponents and their supporters doesn’t look very smart to me. He’s burned bridges that will come back to haunt him – not very smart.


  2. Boom. That young lady doesn’t mince words. It’s obvious she knows more about Hillary than her supporters do. It’s too bad most of them have already made up their minds and don’t listen.


  3. A bit Trumpian in its coarseness, but spot on in its thrust!


  4. Ouch! Now there’s some righteous anger!

    Kudos to you, Ms. Longworth. You are a credit to your gender and your generation.

    Thanks for sharing this one. Garnet.



  1. A Young Woman’s Dear Hillary Letter (this is GOOD) — Pesky Truth | Arlin Report

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