Charles Krauthammer Takes on the Impossible Task of Educating Bill O’Reilly

I found this exchange between the ever insightful Dr. Charles Krauthammer and the arrogant dimwit, Bill O’Reilly, to be fairly representative of the feud between those who have caved to the Trump movement and those who don’t know if their principles and standards will ever allow them to do so (and just as a side note it’s a great reminder of why I stopped voluntarily watching O’Reilly years ago.  It makes me ill to think that anyone sees him as a conservative).

In response to Krauthammer’s statement that he doesn’t yet know if he can bring himself to vote for Trump, O’Reilly asks, “[Why not], if he presents himself as a practical populist conservative?”

Krauthammer then patiently points out that “populist conservative is a contradiction,” a correction that ought to embarrass O’Reilly except that he lacks the ability (and the humility) to realize this.

I find O’Reilly to be somewhat indicative of the mindset we’ve been up against in the principled fight against Trump.  Just listen to the way O’Reilly phrases his question:  “If [Trump] presents himself….”

So I guess if the king, clad only in his underwear, presented himself as being dressed in the finest clothing, this would be good enough for Bill.

Poor Charles is wasting his time trying to get through the denseness as O’Reilly, like so many others, seems determined to rationalize on behalf of Trump.



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  1. I, too, have never understood how anyone could ever have thought that O’Reilly was a “conservative”. He’s not. If anything, he’s a subscriber to the same brand of populist blowhardism as Hairboy.


  2. O’Reilly’s opinion on Trump’s behavior as ok to ‘blow things up’ because it works for him is nuts.
    But then O’Reilly is simply an entertainer. Nothing more.

    OH, so is Trump.


  3. For the life of me, I can’t understand why ANY one, especially those of Krauthammer’s intelligence, appears on his show subjecting themselves to O”Reilly’s constant over-talking and interruptions.

    You’re absolutely correct when you say that Charles is wasting his time, but I had to chuckle when Charles told Bill ‘nice try’ in his attempts to force Charles to compare Trump’s temperament to Hillary’s.

    This isn’t a movie with actors portraying fictitious people; this is real life and no president should ‘present’ himself as something he’s not. People only have to present themselves as something else when they’re phonies.


    • The only reason I can see is that it does get him exposure, otherwise subjecting himself to the constant interruptions and bloviating by O’Reilly wouldn’t be worth it. It’s obvious that O’Reilly is friendly with Trump and wants to continue to have him on his show and the price for that is subservience to Trump. Really, the most important part of your comment is the last word: phonies. That says it all. Trump is a phony. Period.


    • Charles has to make a living, and he does so by being a commentator.

      That his somewhat coherent views are even allowed on FOX makes it worth the evangelical effort to spread truth to his viewers, rather than merely O’Reilly’s bloviations unopposed.


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