Clinton Campaign Made Payments to Hard Drive and Document Destruction Company

From:,  by Joe Schoffstall,  on May 3, 2016,  see the article HERE.


Hillary thought, “Let’s see the FBI reconstruct THAT.”

The Hillary Clinton campaign made multiple payments to a company that specializes in hard drive and document destruction, campaign finance records show.

The payments, which were recorded in February and March of 2016, went to the Nevada-based American Document Destruction, Inc., which claims expertise in destroying hard drives or “anything else that a hard drive can come from.”

“Our hard drive destruction procedures take place either at your site or at our secure facility in Sparks, NV,” the company’s website states. “This decision is yours to decide based on cost and convenience to you. In either situation, the hard drive will be destroyed by a shredding.”

“We have a dedicated machine for hard drive destruction,” the website continues. “We will also record the serial numbers of all drives to be destroyed to be kept in our records. A copy of this log can be provided to you as well.”

The routine services section of the site says that the company operates in 26 areas in Nevada and California, including Reno, Virginia City, Sparks, Tahoe City, and Carson City.

“Our equipment is powerful. Whether you require ON SITE or OFF SITE service, performed at our Sparks facility, large volumes can be quickly destroyed regardless of staples, clips or fasteners,” the site says. “Office paper, folders, binders and computer media can be destroyed in just minutes. As a result, we pass the savings on to you! A new service we also offer is computer hard drive destruction, either ON-SITE or OFF-SITE.”

“ADDNV, Inc. ensures that even small amounts are economical to have destroyed. ADDNV, Inc. encourages our clients to visit the Sparks facility to observe the shredding of your documents. The added bonus with ADDNV, Inc. is that we offer personal service whenever you need it. We can be reached locally and our customers are more than just account numbers in a large franchise.”

Transactions from Hillary for America to American Document Destruction, Inc. were made to the Sparks, Nevada location.

The first payment from the campaign to the destruction company came on Feb. 3 in the amount of $43, Federal Election Commission filings shows.

Two additional payments of $43 and $58 were made on Feb. 21. A fourth payment of $43 was made on March 26, bringing the amount paid to the destruction company to $187.

The Washington Free Beacon contacted American Document Destruction, Inc. to inquire about its rates.

An employee for the company said that it charges $10 per hard drive and $5 per cubic foot of paper. The Clinton campaign could have destroyed 14 hard drives or shredded 37.4 cubic feet of paper at those rates.

The Clinton campaign did not return a request for comment about what documents it paid to have destroyed.


Inquiring minds want to know: why Hillary’s campaign needed to destroy some hard drives? Or were part of those payments earmarked for destruction of the documents culled from Hillary’s secret stash of incriminating emails? Remember that after-hours, weekend session of document “separation”? To remind you, here’s a brief recounting of that episode:

Raymond Maxwell says the weekend document session was held in the basement of the State Department’s Foggy Bottom headquarters in a room underneath the “jogger’s entrance.” He describes it as a large space, outfitted with computers and big screen monitors, intended for emergency planning, and with small offices on the periphery.

When he arrived, Maxwell says he observed boxes and stacks of documents. He says a State Department office director, whom Maxwell described as close to Clinton’s top advisers, was there. Though the office director technically worked for him, Maxwell says he wasn’t consulted about her weekend assignment.

“She told me, ‘Ray, we are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the [Near Eastern Affairs] front office or the seventh floor in a bad light,’” says Maxwell. He says “seventh floor” was State Department shorthand for then-Secretary of State Clinton and her principal advisers.

“I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’ ” 

A few minutes after he arrived, Maxwell says, in walked two high-ranking State Department officials. One was Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff and a former White House counsel who defended President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. The other was Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan, who previously worked on Hillary Clinton’s and then Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. “When Cheryl saw me, she snapped, ‘Who are you?’” Maxwell says. “Jake explained, ‘That’s Ray Maxwell, an NEA deputy assistant secretary.’ She conceded, ‘Well, OK.’”

Could there have been an innocent reason for that weekend document separation session? It’s unlikely. Just as it is unlikely that anything that has Hillary’s hoof-prints on it is innocent. That woman is the personification of evil; intentional evil, done to gain power, money or both. She shouldn’t be allowed to run free.


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  1. Not to worry, Garnet. I’m sure those destroyed hard drives only contained information about Hillary’s yoga program (which, btw, is doing wonderful things for her phisique!).


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