The GOP Nomination Contest Is Rigged!

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  1. I’ve tweeted with followup abuse by trumpets: perhaps if we put the Constitution in the National Enquirer, Trump & Trumpbots would read it.


  2. >>”The party has every right—every responsibility—to exert institutional influence, which is merely a gentler word for what it ought to have been exercising all along: leadership.”

    Exactly, Mr. Weiner. Furthermore that influence/leadership should be used to assist candidates who best reflect the actual, stated mission of the Party (a novel idea, I know). It’s looking like they’ll never get it right.


  3. Trump is accustomed to having more flexibility and being the one to make up the rules. Plus the fact that he didn’t do his homework and Cruz did, it angers him that someone’s outfoxing him.

    I’d agree that the Trumpbots have lost sight of the Constitution. I’ve said it before, but they sacrificed their conservative values for what they saw as a sure winner, who hasn’t a clue what’s in it.


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