Is Ted Cruz too good for some Americans?

From:,  by Lloyd Marcus,  on Apr 30, 2016,  see the article HERE.

Ted in Indiana

Senator Ted Cruz rallies supporters at the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, Ind.

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team has campaigned boots-on-the-ground for Ted Cruz in ten states thus far.  We attended the taping of the Fox News Ted Cruz/Carly Fiorina town hall in Indianapolis, Indiana, hosted by Sean Hannity.  The crowd was electric, overwhelmingly supportive of Cruz.

Hannity created an extremely relaxed and upbeat mood, telling the crowd that there were no rules; feel free to cheer and whatever.  Enthusiastic Indianans for Cruz appreciated it.

During a break, several people in good spirits yelled to the stage, urging Hannity to push Trump to debate Cruz.  The audience chanted, “Debate!  Debate!  Debate!”  Hannity laughed, saying he was powerless in making it happen.

I was seated in the front row, close to the stage.  During a break, I overheard a private conversation between Hannity and Cruz.  Sean asked Ted how was he able to deal with the pressure and grueling pace of campaigning.  Ted said, look at these people – they energize and inspire me.  It was honest and sincere, folks.  I saw it in his eyes.  Keep in mind that we have been observing Ted, his wife Heidi, and recently Carly up close, off camera, and behind the scenes through several states.

At a rally in South Bend, Indiana the other day, Ted was on stage addressing the enthusiastic crowd.  My wife Mary and I were positioned at the front of the hall holding our “Ted Cruz: Conservative Hero” banner.  From our vantage point, I could see Heidi behind the curtain backstage, a big smile on her face as she directed staffers.  Heidi appeared pleasant, laid back, and easygoing – truly a class act, folks.  Heidi has consistently displayed the same pleasant calm and cool demeanor every time I have seen her.

Watching Ted at several events, I have noticed that he is so secure in who he is that he does not have to dominate the stage.  At the Women for Cruz panel discussion in Wisconsin, Ted seemed very comfortable allowing the women to carry the conversation, only speaking when asked a question or when he had a substantive point to add to the discussion.

During the taping of the Fox News town hall, Cruz allowed Carly to shine on and off camera as she answered questions from the audience even during the breaks.  Ted and Carly make a great team.

The point that I am making is that these are really good, honest, and sincere people (Ted, Heidi and Carly).

As I said, you see many unreported things when you are boots on the ground.  Our CCC team has done countless sign waves for Cruz in ten states, with the number of motorists honking their horns in favor of Cruz far out numbering those against him.  However, the minority against Cruz are over-the-top vitriolic, passionately giving us their middle finger or screaming, “F*** Cruz” from their cars.

Since I know who Ted, Carly, and Heidi are and how wonderful they will be for America, the vitriolic responses seem quite bizarre.  Cruz is the only candidate who is the total package.  Despite the cost, Cruz has a proven record of staying true to promises he made to voters who sent him to Washington – honest, trustworthy, and character-driven.  Those who dislike Cruz don’t know Cruz.  Those who think he is too good have serious issues.

I caught a local Indiana “conservative” radio host basically say Cruz is so wholesome that he is creepy.  I thought, dear Lord, have we grown so cynical, callous, and morally bankrupt that some Americans find a good man distasteful?  Lord help us.

I knew women in my youth who only dated jerks who battered them.  They found good guys too boring.

Are some Americans too sick, too tainted for Cruz?

Healthy Americans, please: let’s put this brilliant, trustworthy, good man into our Oval Office.


I don’t know about you, but I really appreciate getting information from someone who has no direct connection with the candidate. Obviously, he is a Cruz supporter, but I’m referring to the more or less ordinary person’s perspective of the candid moments he illustrates of Cruz himself or Heidi as they went about the business of campaigning. I understand that Mr. Marcus isn’t exactly a disinterested party, but he does describe how he watched Cruz, Heidi, and Carly Fiorina through ten states and came away with the feeling that these were good, honest, and sincere people.

Let me ask you, with all that you know about him, could you describe Donald Trump as honest, trustworthy, and character-driven?

There’s your difference.



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  1. A key phrase that caught my attention – “Despite the cost, Cruz has a proven record of staying true to promises he made to voters..”

    When elected to the Senate, Ted Cruz could have done like Rubio and become ‘washingtonized’ and been part of the crowd of good ol’ boys. All he had to do was continue to get reelected and he would have been set for life like so many of the others that have been there far too long.

    But he didn’t, and it cost him plenty. He only has a handful of people in DC that he can call friends, and most all the establishment guys don’t like him. He’s always said, this isn’t a popularity contest, I’m here to do a job for the people I represent. He stuck to his guns and that’s something that all real conservatives should appreciate – I know I do.


    • Building off of your comment Kathy, a thought came to me that our own Senators illustrate the misguided notion that some have of Ted Cruz – that is, that he did nothing in his short time in the Senate.

      It ought to be evident to his detractors that he was sent to the Senate to STOP the Obama agenda, and he had some success. Cruz didn’t have the power, longevity, or peer support to get new legislation passed, so all he could was play defense. And those of us Texans who sent him to D.C. knew that and expected no less.

      Suppose we compare Senator Cruz with our other Texas Senator, John Cornyn. Cornyn has the power of the Majority Whip, 14 years of longevity, and the ear of Mitch McConnell. He has the power and support to get legislation through the Senate. What did he do? I challenge anyone to name significant legislation that Cornyn was instrumental in passing during the period when Cruz was in the Senate. Which guy did what the voters of Texas wanted and which one ignored the promises made to voters?

      The vote on Obamacare was the shining example of Cruz doing exactly as he promised. Cruz stood almost alone while attempting to stop full funding of Obamacare. It was for naught. But, people lose sight of the fact that if his fellow Republican Senators had supported him, they could have stopped the funding, but they chose to follow Mitch McConnell’s lead and ridicule him instead.

      Republicans had promised to stop Obamacare if they were given a majority in the Senate. The voters gave them that and when the opportunity came to keep their promise, only Ted Cruz stood tall, and for that, he was rewarded with sanctions from McConnell and his establishment cronies. When Republicans in Congress reneged on their campaign promises, that was the final straw that pushed Republican voters to rebel against the “establishment,” a sentiment that well may result in Donald Trump being elected POTUS.

      That brave stance, as well as others (like amnesty) cost Cruz politically, as he was blamed for the government shutdown. That was wrong of course, but that’s the meme that was sold to the American public, and that cost Cruz dearly in his presidential campaign.

      Cruz showed that he wasn’t in Washington to “go along to get along,” that would have been easy. Instead, he confronted his RINO peers and showed them for what they are, establishment lackeys. Ted stood tall.


      • You make good points, Garnet. The ONLY good thing Cornyn ever did was find Eric Holder in contempt, although it carried no real weight. Then to heap on more insult, Cornyn supported Trump instead of his fellow Texan senator. What a putz. I voted against him in 2014, but our other Texans weren’t paying attention.


      • I voted against Cornyn too! The problem with him is the same one we see across the country. Their constituent are too lazy and engaged to do a little research into what their Senator has been doing – they just recognize the name and vote by reflex action – no questions asked.


  2. Interesting observations by an individual observing the Cruz campaign.


  3. I read that right before dinner, and love Lloyd. I met him back in the TEA days!

    Something I read in my ramblings today intimated that the TEA forces had stealthily infiltrated the Party infrastructure at the local level nationally, and were now preparing to enact a coup of the GOPe.

    Well, it hasn’t been stealthy, but they are correct that there has been an ongoing movement, not just TEA, but Numbers USA, and other GOTV projects, to take control of the GOP from the grassroots up. I participated in it the first cycle, and even went to State Convention, but simply put, it required a greater dedication of time & money than this patriot could expend. I’m a small business man scratching out a living in my late 60s. So I left the effort to younger folks with greater flexibility in life.

    That said, I’m WELL aware of the movement, and progress that was made. Whether it has matured to the extent that a takeover, or stymying of Trump, at the Convention remains to be seen. But I’m certain that he needs to be shown the curb, for the sake of the constitutional conservative movement, much less the survival of the GOP, of which I am a dues paid Life Member!


    • I don’t have your contacts with those groups, but I was unaware that there is currently a covert “takeover” in the offing. I just haven’t seen or heard anything about it (of course covert implies secrecy), so I’m oblivious to any plans. If you hear anything, let us know – I’d love to have some justification for a more positive outlook on the nomination process.


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