Governor Abbott Deflects Cowardly Attacks

From IJ Review:

Many Americans know that Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is outspoken about being a Christian, especially on social media. On Monday, he posted a meme of “Uncle Sam” praying on Twitter:

Screenshot (188)


Screenshot (189)


Screenshot (190)

Having been in the public eye for so many years, remarks like these probably aren’t new to Governor Abbott, and he’s used to brushing them off. He is a taller man than some who can walk and his response was perfect. 

As for the heathen – she might want to watch her backside – things like this have a way of biting one in the butt. Karma can be a real bitch.


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  1. I’m proud to have Abbott as my Governor and Cruz as my Senator. Cornyn? Not so much.


  2. Governor Abbott stands tall.

    He has the inner conviction of a strong man who is ready to fight for his country, a country that was founded on a belief in God and he is accustomed to the slings and arrows flung at him by lesser souls. They are empty, their souls are empty and they derive comfort in making fun of others who are at peace with God while they fight demons within themselves. Without God, what resides in their souls? Anger, frustration, upheaval? None of things are conducive to a happy, peaceful and productive life. Governor Abbott has consistently shown himself to be a tireless and courageous fighter for American and Texas values and I applaud him for it.


  3. I’m guessing Halley the Heathan is a Sanders or Clinton supporter. Not because she’s an atheist but because she’s a nasty person who takes offense at references to God that should be no skin off of her nose. Governor Abbott is a good man. Kudos to him for taking the high road.


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