Social Justice Warriors Get Owned by Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder along with Milo Yiannopolous, and Christina Hoff Sommers were at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on Monday for a presentation. Anybody who follows Milo or Christina knows that their presence at universities often causes the lefty students to lose their  minds.

During their introductory remarks, the SJWs attempted to crash the presentation and no-platform Milo and Christina. This resulted in Crowder changing up what he was going to say, and instead of giving opening remarks, he blasted them for about 4 minutes.

Warning – language!!

I’d say that’s nothing short of magnificent.


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  1. Way to go, Steven Crowder! There’s nothing the Left fears more than free speech and the freedom to listen. Now all the SJW’s need is a good, old-fashioned, PHYSICAL beat down, like any bratty kid who’s completely out of control. Then a looooong time out.


    • Crowder is really good at quick thinking and the comebacks, although he can be longwinded at times. That’s why I’ve only listened to him a few times, but his live-on-the-streets stuff is usually pretty entertaining.

      If those kids had gotten a few butt whippings as kids, they’d have a different attitude today, but that’s a whole other ball of wax.


  2. Those disruptive assholes need to have more beat-downs like Crowder delivered to force them to alter their tactics. They’ve been allowed to rant and rave and disrupt too many other events, especially on college campuses. He put them in their place and the crowd loved it. If he does another couple like this, there won’t be any more SJWs showing up at his events.


  3. LOVED IT!! Crowder has an edge to him, is funny, and is a surprisingly good interviewer.

    If CNN really want to make a run at FOX and add entertaining conservative value to its roster, Crowder might be the guy to do a talking heads show in prime time, with a humorous cant to it!


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