Once a thug, always a thug: Donald Trump will never (ever) be presidential

From: salon.com,  by Eric Boehlert,  on Apr 22, 2016,  see the article HERE.  Emphasis is Garnet92’s.


The Republican frontrunner is now getting credit for not insulting his opponents. Has our press been lobotomized?

Donald Trump 20

If you noticed that the last two Sunday mornings were slightly less chaotic on the talk show circuit, that’s because Donald Trump broke with his longstanding TV tradition and did not appear. (He didn’t even call in.) For five months running, Trump had been a fixture on the Sunday shows (he’s made 70 appearances since the beginning of 2015), spouting off endlessly and often creating controversy as producers watched their Trump-fueled ratings climb.

It’s been a win-win for Trump and the press.

The blueprint looked like this: Trump played the role of reality TV star turned-carnival barker while the press cheered him on, feasting off the clicks and audience surges he constantly delivered.

Missing for too long from the equation? In-depth reporting and holding the blustery candidate responsible for his often fact-free statements. “I don’t think he’s been held accountable by the broadcast media for his erroneous statements and repeated lies,” Trump biographer Tim O’Brien tells me.

The author of TrumpNation: The Art of Being Donald, O’Brien gives the press a D- grade for its covering of Trump as a presidential hopeful. He’s especially critical of cable news’ open-door policy of Trump coverage, such as live, unfiltered broadcasts of his rallies. “They give him the backyard to run around and then train their cameras on him to see what happens,” says O’Brien.

But now, Trump is taking a step back and turning down media invitations. He’s also supposedly trying to roll out a new, more “presidential” image.

Will the press take the bait?

There’s no question that there’s been a makeover attempt within the Trump campaign in recent days. According to press reports, longtime political operative Paul Manafort has essentially taken over the campaign. The move has been widely seen as an effort to tighten up the operation. One key trait: pulling Trump out of the media spotlight where he’s been living for the last nine months.

The campaign staff shakeup and Trump’s absence from the Sunday shows “give the impression that campaign veteran Manafort has taken the reigns and directed Trump to scale back on some of the off-the-cuff behaviors that have gotten the campaign negative coverage in the past,” wrote conservative blogger Larry O’Connor.

The new-look Trump was unveiled Tuesday night after his New York primary victory when he gave an unusually succinct victory address and avoided his usual partisan insults.

Right on cue, political commentators swooned over the costume change from Trump, giving him credit for not insulting his opponents and (temporarily) dialing back the buffoonery.

“He actually called him Senator Cruz!” gushed ABC World News Tonight’s David Wright. “The consummate deal-maker changing his sales pitch to close the deal. The tone, more presidential.” (Old habits apparently die hard — within a day, Trump was back to calling Cruz “Lyin’ Ted.”)


Many of us have noticed that Donald Trump’s follower’s convictions are very similar to those held by the followers of Barack Obama in the 2008 election. Their followers are very much alike in the fanatical faith that they have in the statements of their chosen nominee.  Apparently, their beliefs require that they neither question nor verify anything uttered by their leader. I guess that they figure, why bother, since he is infallible. That’s the very definition of faith – a belief that is not based on proof.

Faith generally means that you assume things that have not been proven and nothing fits that definition better than the statements made both by Obama and by Trump during their respective campaigns. Now, we have solid, verifiable evidence of Obama’s lies since we’ve been exposed to them for almost eight years. Obama’s lies have enabled democrats to enact laws and directives that have directly harmed the American Way of Life. We wouldn’t have Obamacare today were it not for a multitude of intentional bald-faced lies told to the American people by Barack Obama and other top democrats. We have been saddled with an Imperial President for almost eight years because his supporters faithfully believed everything he said – and that mistake has cost the U.S. dearly.

I know that it’s a futile endeavor, but if just a few of Trump’s faithful would bother to dig past his orange facade and attempt to verify his truthfulness, their reward would be to learn that he lies to them without remorse and how can you worship a leader who constantly lies to you?




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  1. I’m at my computer writing this as the reports are coming in from the states. To no one’s surprise, Trump is winning – and, it looks like he’s winning big. Cruz is running poorly. I know that this Northeast is a natural section for Trump, but I had hoped that Cruz would do better. Exit polls in PA showed that a large percentage of the voters would be scared or concerned if Cruz was elected – more than twice as many as with Trump. What a disgusting situation.


    • Cruz made only a tepid pass at PA, and fully wrote off the rest at the start. His is a grassroots campaign, and those foot soldiers are there, or they’re not! In those areas, he has focused his limited firepower to delegate selection, and to good effect, rather than the popular vote. I think he targeted some specific Congressional districts, but statewide was never truly an option.

      Given the microphone to make his case nationally, Cruz could have turned the tide against a harpy like Hillary. But it is looking more & more that this isn’t his year. Sadly!

      Now is he better served, and is the nation likewise better served, by Cruz being in the Senate? Or serving as the Trump VP??


    • When people are brainwashed by media, whether it be a so called “fair and balanced” cable news stations what can we expect from a nation full of people that want to be “entertained! Trump thus far has gotten 2.2 billion dollars of free advertisement while the next closet is 500 thousand. It is so bad, that people would bully people to vote for there choice by viciously with hatred attack anyone that supported another candidate. Trump to me is a very evil person. Cruz is a purest to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, he is a genius, but people would rather have someone they can identify with, how sad! That says a lot about the American people!


      • Thanks for visiting Pesky Truth, Nanette. We couldn’t agree more. We are staunch Cruz supporters here. Ted did his best to bring the country back to Constitutional governance, but (so far) it was not to be.

        The inert voters of the country have chosen the liar Donald Trump (who lies 76% of the time according to PolitiFact) over Ted Cruz and they think that they’ve done something good – they haven’t a clue, and already he’s changing his tune on many of the promises he made. He cannot be trusted. We worry about what will happen to our beloved United States regardless of whether Trump or Hillary wins the election. We are in deep doo-doo. Thanks again for visiting and commenting.


  2. At this point, it may be too late! The aura of inevitability may descend after tonight.

    Then we must circle the wagons and try to salvage what can be reclaimed from the wreckage of either presidencies.


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