Border Patrol Agents on Overload with 18,000 Crossings in 5 Months

From Breitbart:

border patrol laredo_coin

Nearly 18,000 illegal aliens were apprehended by Border Patrol agents in just one sector of the Texas/Mexico border, the Laredo Sector.

Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo Sector had an impressive first five months of the current fiscal year which began in October 2015. 17,945 apprehensions were made of illegal aliens who had crossed the border from Mexico, Border Patrol officials wrote in a statement released late Friday afternoon. In addition, large quantities of drugs were seized and 33 bodies of illegal immigrants were found.

BPsectormapThe Laredo Sector covers 101 counties in Texas. This area represents 86,793 square miles of the Lone Star State. It covers a distance of 171 miles of the Rio Grande River border with Mexico and runs northward from Laredo through Dallas to the Oklahoma border on the Red River.

Highlighting the accomplishments of the sector during that period, Border Patrol officials reported the seizure of 41,188 pounds of marijuana, 341.17 pounds of cocaine, and 863.17 pounds of heroin. Unfortunately, 33 bodies of illegal immigrants who died while entering the U.S. were found by these agents. Additionally, 184 rescues were carried out.

Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza, in his capacity as president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 agreed with the chief’s comments about the agents he represents. “Our men and women put their lives at risk to do the job day in and day out,” Garza told Breitbart Texas in an interview Friday evening. “They do their jobs even with aging equipment and lack of support from executive level Border Patrol officials and political appointees.”

“We are very proud of our Border Patrol agents and grateful for the hard work these numbers represent,” Garza continued. “Unfortunately, what we do not know is how many people successfully crossed the border undetected because of large gaps in coverage along the border.” Garza said that number might equal or exceed the number of actual apprehensions.

The report was sent out by officials late Friday afternoon, the time used by government agencies to send out information they want to see get the least amount of coverage possible. The report does not disclose how many of the 17,945 people apprehended were returned to their country of origin or how many of those people were released into the US, with or without a notice to appear for an immigration hearing.


The information published on Friday is basically a stats report, so it leaves out other pertinent information such as the old equipment and the lack of sufficient personnel the BP is forced to deal with when trying to do their job. As you can see, most of those 20 sectors are huge. Late last year the BP union chief said they need at least 5,000 more agents.

Their report also omits data on the existing rape trees that are scattered across Texas and the other border states. Many of the females are often raped immediately upon making it to their first stop once they arrive in a Mexican stash house from Guatemala. Then they are usually shipped to Reynosa, Mexico, just south of McAllen, Texas. In the process of making it from the first stash house to the second, the women and young girls are repeatedly sexually assaulted or raped again by the smugglers taking them between the two locations.

rape tree

A rape tree discovered on the Vicker’s ranch near Falfurrias, Texas. (File Photo Courtesy of Linda Vickers)

Several of the cartels operating in Central America and Mexico make an estimated one-third or more of their profits from illegal immigration. Specifically, two groups just south of  Texas, the Gulf and Los Zetas cartels, are largely funded by the trafficking and smuggling of human beings.

The brutality of these groups, from rapes to incinerating innocents in a network of ovens and to their near complete control of state and local governments, is largely paid for by funds generated from illegal immigration–a shadowy economic engine that is only possible because O’s admin refuses to properly secure our border with Mexico. Essentially the females are paying to be raped. Apparently that’s acceptable collateral damage to him.


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  1. The prospect of a Trump or Cruz presidency is probably motivating more illegals to try and get here before 2017. The border is completely out of control and will remain so unless and until we have a Republican POTUS (NOT Kasich and preferably not Trump unless you want some action on the border but big government to continue to spiral out of control).

    Americans are going to have to find ways to cure this problem themselves, but in spite of all the talk and anger I don’t see the will there to make it happen. We need to go out of our way to avoid hiring illegals, even indirectly, by not shopping or eating where illegals routinely work. When we hire companies to do work in our homes we need to specify that we don’t want non-English-speaking workers in our homes. The almighty pocketbook is the only way to change things when gov’t is in collusion with the illegals.


  2. It is really hard to wrap one’s mind around a PRESIDENT of our United States not only turning a blind eye to these illegal border crossings, but actually helping the illegals by his orders to border control agents to look the other way and coddling the illegal aliens they do arrest. To say that he’s a disappointment is a major understatement. Many of us were convinced that he would be bad for the U.S. (and we were right), but we didn’t really think that he’d be THIS bad. The wheels that Obama has set in motion will continue to undermine our way of life for decades.


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