New Cruz Ad – Video Inside Hillary’s War Room

From:,  by Ben Marquis,  on Apr 22, 2016,  see the article HERE.

WATCH: Cruz Releases “Inside Look” at Hillary’s War Room… Clinton Furious


As the presidential primary season draws nearer to its end, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is making a major push to overtake billionaire businessman Donald Trump to be the nominee for the Republican Party.

In furtherance of that effort, the Cruz campaign just released a new hard-hitting ad that fired off shot after shot at both Trump and the GOP nominee’s likely rival, Democrat front-runner and presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

The ad is set in the “war room” of Hillary’s campaign and featured a silent and angry-looking Hillary look-alike along with a nervously pacing Huma Abedin look-alike and a handful of other campaign staffers.

Assuming that they would be facing Trump in the general election, the staffers run through their opposition research on the celebrity real estate mogul, listing off a number of ways in which they could damage him, particularly with the media’s help, thus paving the way for a Hillary presidency.

There is just one problem though, which the staffers are reluctant to bring up. Their own internal polling has revealed that Trump may not be the nominee after all, as voters were looking for someone else.

The staffers describe how voters are looking for someone “they can trust” who isn’t a “liar,” a comment that drew a sharp glare from Hillary.

They continue to describe “someone who respects the Constitution and the rights it protects,” someone with a track record of taking on the D.C. establishment, and a “real leader” — which prompted Huma to demand to know who they were talking about.


Without another word, a staffer simply slides a file over towards Hillary, which when opened revealed a picture of Ted Cruz.

Huma twice demanded to know how they planned to stop Cruz, but received no answer from the staffers other than, “I don’t think we can.”

This ad is pretty darn funny, and is probably not too far off from a real staff meeting inside Hillary’s campaign headquarters.

H/T The Right Scoop.


KUDOS TO THE CRUZ CAMPAIGN!!!  Speaking only for myself, this is the best campaign ad I’ve seen on Ted Cruz’s behalf. Great stuff!  Now they need to run the hell out of it!




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7 replies

  1. This is all over twitter. Loved it! It’s a great one. The greatest. Needs to be on TV! BTW, Cruz was at the high school I graduated from this morning. 😀


  2. Ditto what Curt said – that is a good two-fer!


  3. Agreed! They killed two birds with one stone in this ad! Trump will be buried in scandalmongering headlines. That’s simply a fact. He is an opportunity rich zone for oppo research. The Cruz campaign is based on integrity, so the won’t go there. But the Clinton campaign will be merciless!

    Clinton is rightfully played as unlikeable, devious, vindictive, unprofessional, etc. She’s shown as being easily able to beat Trump, but rightfully afraid of Ted, whose integrity stands in such sharp contrast. This is especially important in THIS cycle, where folks on both sides are decrying the dishonesty and duplicitousness of our current elected officials!

    This ad needs to be run broadly NOW!!


    • I think you’re spot on Curtis – Trump is indeed an “opportunity rich zone” and you can bet that the media and Hillary’s cronies will dig up stuff that his Republican opponents didn’t find. I loved the video!


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