I Regret Voting For Donald Trump

From: thefederalist.com,  by Grant Stinchfield,  on Apr 19, 2016,  see the article HERE.


Donald Trump is off the rails. He is a train wreck. It’s not just his antics and childish behavior that has me so put off, it’s his failure to improve as a candidate.

After nine months on the campaign trail, I expected Trump to fully grasp the issues and have in-depth policy solutions to our problems. Yet he still is “winging it.” He has failed to surround himself with top-notch, respected experts to craft a legitimate conservative platform. The reality is now clear: Trump has no depth, and he fails to grasp even the most basic conservative principles.

I fell victim to my own hatred. Donald Trump offered me a vehicle to stick it to the bloviating bureaucrats I despise. I dedicated my life to exposing self-promoting career politicians and their love of big government programs. Trump was the guy who was going to scare the hell out of the “establishment,” the guy who was going to turn Washington on its head. So I voted with anger in my heart. I gave my vote to Trump with expectation he would find his way by putting smart constitutional conservatives by his side. Trump didn’t find his way; he got lost.

Sadly, I did exactly what my mother always warned me not to do. I made an important decision while in an emotionally fragile state of anger and despair. My vote for Trump amounted to a vendetta against the ruling class of DC career politicians. I made a mistake.

It’s why I am publicly apologizing to governors Rick Perry and Scott Walker. I abandoned them way too early. I now realize their level-headed grasp on conservative values and principles would have made them the perfect candidates to carry a torch of limited government straight into the White House.

Governor Perry, Governor Walker: I am sorry. The worst part  I fear it’s too late. Can anyone save the Republican Party? Can Donald Trump save himself? I can only say I hope so, but there are no guarantees.

Make no mistake; I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is. I hope other conservatives follow my lead. Even a maniacal Trump would be better than a criminally charged Hillary Clinton. I have always said that the only way we lose to Hillary is if we sabotage ourselves. It’s amazing to me that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Grant Stinchfield is the evening drive time conservative talk show host in Dallas, Texas, on 570 KLIF, a Cumulus Station. Grant is also a business owner, operating both a large auto care business and trucking company that contracts with Fortune 500 companies.


Now, here is an honest man. He is admitting that he made a mistake, kudos to him for doing that. It is unfortunately becoming uncommon for people to admit to mistakes – many (like Donald Trump) view admitting a mistake as a sign of weakness. But when you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and not admitting it just shows your inability to deal honestly with circumstances as they are.

Mr. Stinchfield has identified the way that lots of people feel. They may have been enamored of Trump at first, but as he exposed more of himself, we could see that he was a sham, a facade. Not only has he not grown, he’s doubled-down on his antics and childish behavior apparently thinking that is what his supporters want – and maybe that IS what they want. But any thinking conservative knows that Trump is not a conservative (he can’t even define the word as used in a political context).

All of what Mr. Stinchfield said is great and he deserves credit for saying it, but it does beg the question: what about Ted Cruz? He never mentioned Ted Cruz?




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  1. Trump has never claimed to be a conservative. That’s an assumption many folks made because he’s running as a Republican, and since he’s campaigned as anti-establishment, they took it to mean conservative.

    Admitting when you’re wrong is the better part of valor. I’d bet there’s a lot of people in the same mindset as Stinchfield except they’re not willing to admit it. At least not yet.


    • Actually, he has, to wit: “You’ve probably heard from these not really smart people, ‘Donald Trump is not a conservative. He’s not a conservative!” Trump said in his impersonation of a Donald-hating conservative pundit. “I’m very conservative.” He hasn’t made it a point to tout himself as a conservative and there is that time when he was asked to define a conservative (in the political sense) and he proceeded to talk about conserving things.

      Nevertheless, we conservatives have never thought of him as a conservative and you’re right, some just assumed that he thought himself to be a conservative – but he’s a country mile from being a conservative.

      You’re right about admitting when you’re wrong – too many people don’t have the internal fortitude to admit an error. I’m glad he did it though.


      • Ah! Thanks for the correction – so he’s claimed to be one, but he isn’t really, unless it’s convenient and gets votes. Sure sounds like a politician to me!


  2. With regard to Garnet92’s question “what about Cruz?’ I think the Media has written him off. Granted, he has a lot of self-inflicted wounds, exhausterated by his being the last conservative standing. Of course, Sanders and Clinton are perfect, which is why the Media only focuses on the benefits of their socialist espousals. But I degress..

    Cruz is doing exactly what he has to and certainly without the Media’s help – fighting and clawing state by state and delegate by delegate to reach the convention with a chance.


    • “Fighting and clawing” is a good description of Cruz’s campaign. He has no other option. He’s fighting against the media, the networks, the talking heads, and the Trumpazoids all at once. It takes a man of determination and courage to do that.


  3. He lost me at “make no mistake I will vote for whoever the republican nominee is”… I will never vote for Donald Trump. That’s always Satan’s ace in the hole, telling you you have no choice, you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Well I’m here to tell ya, Donald Trump is NO better than Hillary Clinton, in fact it can be argued because of his off the wall unstable temperament, that he’s even more dangerous than Hillary. So while I applaud Mr. Stinchfield for his honesty, I cannot say the same for his assessment of which candidate would be better or worse. Evil is evil.


    • If there is an evil here, it is “the establishment.” And like Evil, the establishment is not going away. The trick, as it has always been, is to get a conservative candidate who can drag the establishment along while keeping it in check. This has not been done in over a generation.

      Trump has never offered conservatism. He offers to wield the tools of bloated Washington such that, if you squint a certain amount, his ends may resemble a platform of the Right. But it is all a hoax, with Trump now embodying the Republican strawman the Left, led by Obama, has been indoctrinating America with for seven years.


    • It’s interesting that you make that comment Aftershock. I said the same thing a couple of months ago and was crucified for it. I’m not going to say that I’ll NEVER vote for Trump, let’s wait and see who he’s running against. If it’s Hillary, it’ll be a tough choice for me. I do want it known that my problem with Trump is not just a blind hatred for the man, it’s that I’ve done so much research on him and found so much EVIDENCE (not some blogger’s hearsay), that I am REALLY concerned about what a Trump administration would do to the country.


      • I cannot vote for Trump without defying God’s will. I just won’t do it. I am far from perfect, but I will not support or vote for any man that tells us he is so good he doesn’t need God’s forgiveness… combine that with the fact that everything he says on the trail, as well as having his surrogates admit he’s playing a part, aka lying to get elected. and my conscience tells me there is no way a Christian can vote for that man, unless it can be proven he has repented of his sin, asked the Lord’s forgiveness and can be seen to have been changed from within. That’s it for me. I’m more concerned now with being consistent with God’s plan than our own plans.


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