Trump’s ‘voterless’ election myth

From:,  by Marc A. Thiessen,  on Apr 18, 2016,  see the article HERE. Emphasis is Garnet92’s.

Trump angry with hand up

Donald Trump is complaining that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is racking up “voterless” victories in states such as Colorado and Wyoming, where delegates are chosen by a “small handful of elites” who are “sidelining” Republican voters.

This is dead wrong. In both Colorado and Wyoming, all registered Republican voters in the state had the chance to vote and participate in the delegate selection process.

The Wyoming Republican Party website explains the process clearly: “Delegates to the state convention are elected by the county conventions. Delegates to the county convention are elected by precinct caucuses in their respective counties. Any person registered to vote Republican as of the call for precinct caucuses in a given precinct may vote in that precinct’s caucus” (emphasis added).

In other words, there is a whole lot of voting going on. All Republicans in Wyoming had the chance to go to their precinct and vote for delegates who support their preferred candidate. And they did so in record numbers. In Laramie County, for example, the lines ran out the door on Super Tuesday, and turnout was up almost 400 percent compared with 2012. “The lines outside, they are amazing,” said Glen Chavez, a first-time caucus-goer. “If you’ve never taken part in something like this, get involved. If you want to make the difference, you make the change.”

The same was true for Colorado. Under Article XII of the Colorado Republican Party’s bylaws, any person who is a resident of a precinct for 30 days and is a registered voter “affiliated with the Republican Party” for at least two months can vote in a precinct caucus. Any such person can also run for delegate. Like Wyoming, voters at the precinct caucuses elect delegates to county conventions who, in turn, elect delegates to the congressional district and state conventions, which then elect national convention delegates. The process is completely open and fully democratic.

These rules were not set by national party elites or big-money donors trying to rig the delegate selection process. They were decided by state and local leaders — soccer moms and teachers, ranchers and Rotarians, pastors and community leaders, small-business owners and elected officials — all of whom participate in local Republican Party politics.

This is as it should be. As a matter of philosophy, conservatives believe that the most democratic system is one that leaves as many decisions as possible at the state and local level. What would be undemocratic would be for a bunch of Washington insiders to set the rules for local and state parties, instead of letting them decide how to choose their own delegates. Some choose to have primaries. Others have statewide caucuses. Others, like Colorado and Wyoming, have conventions with delegates elected at precinct and county caucuses.

It is true that a system built around precinct caucuses gives disproportionate influence to those who are motivated to show up and participate. But this is true of statewide caucuses as well. In Iowa, there are about 612,000 registered Republicans but only about 182,000 — or 29.7 percent — participated in the Iowa caucuses in February. No one calls that process illegitimate.

Trump also rails against what he calls “double-agent” delegates who, while committed to voting for him on the first ballot, may switch their allegiance on subsequent ballots. Well, if no one wins a majority on the first ballot, what are delegates supposed to do? Keep voting for the same candidate? If they did, the convention would be permanently deadlocked.

If Trump fails to wins a majority, then of course some delegates will have to switch their votes since the nominee must win a majority of delegates. Would Trump consider it unfair if Cruz or John Kasich delegates switched their allegiance to him on the second ballot in order to give him that majority? Of course not.

Delegates are not robots. Like congressmen and state legislators, they are elected to represent their state and to use their judgment at the national convention to ensure that the party unites behind a candidate who can win in November.

Speaking on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus explained that “if Donald Trump . . . was winning the majority of votes, he’d likely have the majority of delegates. But that’s not actually what’s happening. He’s winning a plurality of votes, and he has a plurality of delegates. And under the rules . . . a majority rules on everything.”

 The rules for delegate selection in the states have been known since October. Trump has not mastered them, while Cruz has.

The truth is, there are no voterless elections — there are only hapless campaigns.

Big time H/T to Crawfish for this one!


BS meter pegged 01As usual, Donald Trump is once again whining about something that something that his incompetence contributed to, but to remain omniscient, he can’t admit faulty judgement or ignorance. Instead, he whines – and I was going to say “mischaracterizes,” but that’s too benign a word – he lies. It is his M.O. (modus operandi, or method of operation). He knows, with the willing assistance of the major media networks, that his words will be distributed far and wide and be accepted as truth by the unengaged public.

But have no fear, the Trumpophobes will stay true-to-form and accuse anyone who exposes a Trump lie (and there have been many) to be a liar. It’s their only defense. If they were REALLY concerned about the truth, they wouldn’t (couldn’t) be tied to Donald Trump. Trump’s ratings on the two primary fact-checking entities are even worse than BARACK OBAMA’s. And the Trumpanzees want HAIRBOY (Thanks BrianR) to be our president? That is the very definition of B.S. (Male Bovine Fecal Matter).






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  1. ‘Trump attracts idiots. No other reason for this.’
    A RedState article on why Trump lost his delegates in MO for the second ballot. His thug campaign manager who worked with the Russian mob, and other unsavory characters, may not be the best hire. I fear there will be violence. They are both bullies and thugs of the worst kind. I thought about running for delegate in PA but ot sure I want the danger at my age…still thinking.


    • I’ve seen several responses to the theory offered by Rush Limbaugh and Joseph Farah that the Trump campaign intentionally “threw” the Colorado convention in order to capitalize on the “unfairness” to the voters issue. So far, no one else is siding with them. The majority opinion is that the Trump campaign REALLY IS THAT IGNORANT! So, they attribute the loss to stupidity and not strategy!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was just thinking about that. With charges of massive voter fraud circulating in NY I think it well within the realm of possibility that Colorado was sacrificed to make his charges of fraud, in order to insulate his campaign for fraud in NY. You’ve got to remember, he’s a lifelong Democrat, voter fraud schemes are second nature to them.


  2. Never, Garnet92, has the righteous path been more starkly contrasted from the road to Hell. I used to think this election was for all the marbles politically, that it was about the future of our Republic. But it’s not about that at all. This election is simply a means to an end, it’s about us, as human beings and whether we will make the right choice for our eternal existence. No, I’m not saying any of the candidates is either the anti-Christ or our Savior, I’m saying that no choice has ever been more obvious and clear, yet so difficult.

    Making the right choice means ridicule, even persecution and threats of violence against those of us who reject the “popular” choice. The fact that Donald Trump can behave so outrageously, so over-the-top-un-Presidential, and yet have the media in his pocket, have a full-blown cult following like Charlie Manson and be the leader in delegates going into the Convention tells us a lot more about us, than it does Trump or his followers.

    We all love to talk about the fact that 2/3 of the primary electorate are rejecting Trump, but the really inexplicable take-away from that fact is that 2/3 of the electorate isn’t supporting Cruz. There should be no state that Donald Trump can win left, not even NY, not even Delaware, not even Pennsylvania… But he’s a strong contender if not the presumed winner in most of those states. Why is that? Especially since the right road is shining so brightly — ???

    Trump’s candidacy has done far more than destroy the establishment hold on the Republican Party, it has laid bare our individual flaws, our character as human beings, our lack of moral clarity. But excuse me, or us, if we fail to thank Donald Trump for any of that… He’s laughing at how easy it has been for him to deceive us, control our choices and cause anarchy. He’s shaking his head in astonishment while the enemies of our liberty are watching and learning, seeing just how far a man like Trump can go and is willing to go and still be viable in this race. And, as if that weren’t bad enough, God is watching.

    For some of us, the right path will never be more clear, for the majority however, it remains either the wrong choice, Donald Trump, or it’s muddled, hazy, unclear. The fact Trump is one of the two left standing, is more than shameful it’s a sign that this election has implications no matter who wins far beyond the day, it ‘s a sign that America is losing its’ soul.


    • Wonderful assessment of our circumstances. We are witnessing perhaps the limits the Republic can withstand protecting Freedom.

      But no matter the outcome of this current political theater, remember that Freedom is still a gift from God and cannot be taken away by Man, unless done so willingly.


      • Thanks for your comment on my comment LOK! I dare say mankind has been giving away our liberty in favor of tyranny for most of our lives. It’s a war of attrition and the balance isn’t tipping in our favor. Be it the Marxist Democrats, the scheming GOP establishment, or the likes of Donald J. Trump. I for one do not relish the thought of saying to myself, I didn’t give up my liberty and freedom — they took it from me by force… The ensuing tyranny will be just as deadly. But like you, I have no intention of giving up or going quietly.

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      • A big Pesky Truth AMEN to that Level One, and thanks for your comment.


    • Aftershock, Very well said, and, yes, our nation is being weighed in the balance as we speak. Whether it will still be found wanting is a question still in the air. But, as you said, that the question still IS a questions says too much about our nation.

      I know I have been profoundly disappointed in the level of discourse, and the acceptance of venality by those who claim to be of a spiritual nature. I can only shake my head in bemusement.

      Those only in it for power politics I can understand selecting based on apparent momentum, popularity, etc. But those who claim that character, conservatism, or constitutionalism are the key simply have no excuse.

      This will be a sad day, as expected, even by Cruz, Native Son Trump should romp in New York. How many delegates are bled away will tell a story for the remainder of the primary campaign.


    • I wish I could disagree with the statement, “a sign that America is losing its’ soul,” but I can’t. We are, in my opinion, gradually ceding control to those who would tear down all vestiges of America being a Christian country. When we watch prayer removed from “everything,” we see lies and deceit popularized, and even refuse that there are only two God-created entities, man and woman, we are indeed in deep doo-doo.


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