Noo Yawk Values??  Trump Scammed 9/11 Funds, and We’re Not Surprised!!

By Jen Kuznicki

Trump has been smearing Ted Cruz for a while now, about what Cruz meant by “New York values.”

The back story, very quickly, is that after months of Trump telling his supporters that, “Not a lot of Evangelicals come out of Cuba,” Cruz came back during the South Carolina debate and said that, “Not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan.” And pointed out that Trump had talked about his “New York values in an interview with Tim Russert, which of course, were very liberal values.

Trump twisted Cruz’s meaning and invoked the memory of 9/11 and how the people of New York dealt with the horrible terrorist attack.

Now that Trump is on his home turf, and just a week away from the New York primary, he is using the memory of 9/11 once again against Cruz, but he is also claiming that Cruz doesn’t care about the people of New York because he voted against the bill for Hurricane Sandy relief. That bill was filled with pork and was a mockery of an aid package, which would encourage fraud and allow money to go into the wrong hands.

Speaking of the wrong hands, Donald Trump, according to The Weekly Standard, took taxpayer funds that were supposed to be available to small businesses, in the aftermath of 9/11.

Not long after 9/11, the World Trade Center Business Recovery Grant program was established to help small businesses recover and rebuild. The program disbursed hundreds of millions of dollars through a New York state development corporation in the years following the attacks. But there were problems early on. In 2003, the New York Times reported the development corporation admitted to overpaying some firms and took back $1.2 million. A federal audit, the Times added, suggested at least $5 million had been overpaid by the end of 2003.

And in 2006,the New York Daily News ran an investigative pieceabout how the program had awarded grants to companies and subsidiaries that hardly seemed like “small businesses.” Among them were Dell, Morgan Stanley, and, yes, Donald Trump. Here’s the Daily News:

One couldn’t tell from ESDC records, for example, that “40 Wall Street LLC” is owned by Trump. The Donald bills himself as the “largest real estate developer in New York,” Last week, Trump sued a New York Times reporter for concluding in a book that the host of “The Apprentice” isn’t a billionaire. But the ESDC’s rules transformed Trump into a small-business man. His company collected a $150,000 grant for losses at 40 Wall St. The grant application describes the corporation through which Trump owns that building as having 28 employees and $26.8 million in annual revenues. That passed the ESDC’s small business test of less than 500 employees. But the revenue amount would put the single Trump property over the federal definition of a small business – which is $6 million annually for lessors of nonresidential buildings. A Trump spokeswoman did not respond to a call and e-mail message seeking comment.

In 2005,Trump valued 40 Wall Street at $400 million, and the Trump Organizationdescribes the buildingas an “impressive, landmark property.” Andas Trump said immediately following 9/11, none of his properties were directly damaged by the attack on the World Trade Center. But through a loophole in the rules, Trump was able to squeeze $150,000 of money from taxpayers for his valuable landmark property.

Trump took the money even though the revenues were over 4 times what was considered by the federal government a “small business,” and then told everyone his properties were never damaged to begin with.

Regular Americans don’t try to figure out every day what they can get from their fellow taxpayers, but apparently Trump does, because his values are devious.

Today, the Los Angeles Times reported that Trump donated $100,000 to the 9/11 museum. Where’s the rest of the $150,000 Donald?

Trump has been getting “goodies” from taxpayers throughout his career. The marriage between big business and big government kills small business, and is why conservatives rail against corporate welfare like this. But it is pretty heinous to be claiming you are all about the values that brought New Yorkers together after 9/11, when you were the guy scamming taxpayers as a benefit of the post-attack spending package.

Just like his hero, Barry Soetoro, Trump is a government leech and con artist.  The rules simply do not apply.  Now if a competitor did the same thing, Trump would be screaming in the media about how this is a “disgrace” and that the system is “rigged”.


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  1. Craw, while taking a short dump over at the “old” place, I saw that you also posted this piece there. The interesting thing was that the Trumpanzees (one, in particular) was giving Trump a pass on this. He was making excuses for why it was acceptable for Trump to have done this. “A good businessman would never pass up a chance to get free money” or something close to that. It’s true, they are in such a “bromance” with him, they’ll forgive him ANYTHING.


  2. One more example of Trump’s Noo Yawk values. Any “normal” American, especially a New Yorker, would be ashamed to have taken funds earmarked for those who suffered from the effects of 9/11. Yet here is Trump, a billionaire, grabbing (more like stealing) a paltry $150,000 from a business recovery grant. Did he NEED that $150,000? I’ll bet that there were other small businesses that could have used that $150,000. Trump probably considers that an accomplishment – getting $150,000 for doing nothing!


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